BWCA Labs Margo Penke's Album: Jolor's Rejuvenator MH "Sparkle"
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Jolor's Rejuvenator MH "Sparkle"

Jolor's Rejuvenator MH "SPARKLE": Became a Master Hunter at age 3. She went 4/4 JH, 4/4 SH AND 7/5 MH (trainer blamed himself). "SPARKLE" GOT GOOD SCORES & RAN W/STYLE, GOOD COMPLIMENTS FROM TRAINER ('great line manners'/'she is a team player'/'one of my all time favorite dogs'/'good marker'), also great compliments from JUDGES & GALLERY. "Sparkle" has a daughter who will soon be a MH - Jack's Valued Companion Kate SH) and Sparkle has a QAA half brother Red Cedar's Circuit Breaker*** "Sparks", (who titled in his 1st event). "SPARKLE" has not run since she entered her 1ST QAA: Where she went to the 3rd series. Plans are to have her with Chris Ledford when she is done with her 3rd litter. 1st litter: sire: 2010 NAFC Fourleaf's Ice Breaker "Buster" (litter's dob 7/13/2010). 2nd litter: sire: FC AFC Badger State Ram Kicker (litter's dob 12/2/2011) 3rd litter: 2010 NFC Hunter Runs Boo Boo (due 2/8/2013)
  1. Jolor's Rejuvenator MH "Sparkle"
  2. Jack Kline's Sparkle pup: "Kate", Jack is a longtime member of Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club, photo taken during 2012 training night.
  3. Picture of Jolor's Rejuvenator MH "Sparkle" offspring: yellow male pup with John Cin, lifetime member of MIRRC and "Drake" sired by FC AFC Badger...
  4. Jack Kline and his "Sparkle" pup: "Kate" (Jack's Valued Companion Kate SH, dob: 7/13/10, sired by 2010 NAFC FC AFC Fourleaf's Ice Breaker "Buster" ex...
  5. "Sparkle" photo By Cathy Kishel 2012
  6. Jolor's Rejuvenator MH "Sparkle"
  7. Jolor's Rejuvenator MH "Sparkle"
  8. Jolor's Rejuvenator MH "Sparkle" a picture of 'ribbons to date - 2009'
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