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  6. (MS) (LA) FC-AFC Lane’s Let’s Get Ready to Rumble x HRCH Chloteal’s Magnolia Lady MH
  7. (MT) fc/afc ali x afc livvy
  8. (AR) FC/AFC Watermark’s The Boss X HRCH Dash’s Marie Laveau MH MNR
  9. (SD) Yellow Male puppies. HRCH Pass ther Ammo X HR LK's Blue Outlaw
  10. (MO) Future Superstar just became available due to late cancellation
  11. (MN) 4X GMPR HRCH Blackjack's Phog Allen MH X Buffalo Ridge's Huntin' Hemi JH
  12. (ME) FC AFC Esprit's Power Play x Yellow Grady MH, Repeat Code Blue Line Breeding
  13. (MN) FC AFC Snapper x FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC-MHR-GMPR Jazztime Last Chance Pekisko daughter
  14. (TX) Repeat breeding - FC AFC Pow sired blks and ylws
  15. (OR) (ID) Last Chance Don't Miss Out. Superior pedigree!
  16. (IA) FC AFC Landover's Right on Target (Aero) X NAFC-FC-AFC "Buster" MH Bitch
  17. (IA) MH Sired Yellow and Blacks with Outstanding Pedigree
  18. (OK) AFC Snake Charmer III X Mountain's Top Heidi
  19. (MN) GMPR Sired Yellow Lab Puppies
  20. (MS) FC Smitty x Jesse James' kissin' cousin (Cosmo bitch)
  21. (MS) FC AFC Lanes Let's Get Ready To Rumble Litter
  22. (OK) Downtown's Bringing Home The Bacon Suey MH X Sasha Bring Me Wings Of Teal JH
  23. (IN) FC AFC Snapper x HRCH UH Tilly ~ 2 pups available
  24. (TX) FC Sweetie's Easy Rider (Ford) x Pattons Ruff and Tuff Intruder MH (Trudy)
  25. (TX) Blacks and Yellows pups
  26. (MN) FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse X QAA Shaq female
  27. (MN) Blacks and Chocolates from Berkley MH QAA and Brooke JH
  28. (MI) Tabatha X Boradors
  29. (GA) FC Low Tide's Pounder X HRCH Addi's Big Deput
  30. (IA) 8 Black Females "Chopper" granddaughters puppies
  31. (NE) HRCH Timber MH QAA x HRCH Sky (all yellow litter)
  32. (IL) AFC Ten Bears Roadtrip.. PROVEN BREEDING
  33. (MN) Tubbs plus Shaq
  34. (WI) Chocolate & Black Berkley QAA MH x BB MH ( FC AFC It's All Over Now Baby Blue)
  36. (MN) AFC Shire X HR Daisy SH
  37. (GA) NFC Two Rivers Lucky Willie x Hope She’s A Duk Dawg NDL QAA
  38. (IL) fc afc windy city's mighty mouse...chocolate factored pups
  39. (MI) Tabatha Miguel x Calumets Bo
  40. (MN) 4 x GMPR Cashman's Risky Raider's in Vaider SH MH X 3.5 GMPR SH Female
  41. (CAN) AFC Good Idea's Have It Your Way X FC AFC Wood's River's Franchise Daughter
  42. (ME) NFC FC AFC Maxx's Surprise X HRCH Star Labs One Humdinger QAA
  43. (IA) All Chocolate Litter/FT HT Prospects...... Roux x Tick Progeny
  44. (TX) CNFC CAFC FC AFC sired yellows
  45. (MO) Yellow Rose of Tx pups sired by George Clooney: The NDC, Not the actor:)
  46. (TX) Repeat Breeding - All black FT/HT prospects
  47. (KS) Sweet Swingn' Freddie MH *** x Misty (FC FTCH Buck x FC Leica) pups!
  48. (LA) SRS GRHRCH Punch’s Click Click Boom MH X Nellie (FC AFC X HRCH)
  49. (TX) FC AFC Watermark's Coal Fired and CookinX Lil Huntin and Fishin Chic MH
  50. (CAN) ONT FC AFC B Bumble X Dana's Keena of Long Point QAA MH
  51. (AR) GRHRCH/MH Colby x HRCH/SH Diva
  52. (SD) 4xGMPR MH x CPR breeding
  53. (NE) NAFC FC Grady x Ruff Rivers Rudys Over N Under MH. REPEAT BREEDING
  54. (LA) Nafc fc texas troubador x shea ( ali daughter)
  55. (LA) FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse X Candlewood's Gotta Be A Ragin Cajun QA2 MH
  56. (FL) FC Low Tides Pounder (LB) X Ironwood Roseberry Inquisition (Quiz)
  57. (UT) FC Elmingo's Little Man x Western Sky's Mile High Club MH QAA
  58. (UT) 4XGMPR HRCH KB's Hunter Dream SH X Gracee in the Sky with Diamonds JH
  60. (OH) FC HRCH SRS Watermark’s Texas Welcome MH—Howdy x Faith MH31 (Ryder daughter)
  61. (MD) All Chocolate Litter Hatter MH MHU x Ellie JH
  62. (SC) NFC/AFC Gizmo x Nikki QAA NDL *** Derby/Field Trial Contenders
  63. (WA) FC Justin Time Mr. Moto X Hells Canyon Ghost River Jezebel (QAA)
  65. (AZ) FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime Skatch x MHR Rescue me I'm the One (FC AFC OATIE)
  66. (WI) FC AFC CJ's Mister t x Windy City Birdchaser QAA
  67. (TN) Code Blue Line Breeding-(NDC Abby's Physician of Antioch x A Whole Lotta Lean Gr
  68. (CA) Outstanding black field trial bred pups
  69. (CA) Outstanding Yellow Field Trial Bred Lab Pups
  70. (SC) GRHRCH Copper's Top Gunner MH x GRHRCH Southbound River Delta MH
  71. (MS) GRHRHC Bakers Sir Rocky Top MH X Elk View Ruby Red.
  72. (MN) FC-AFC Drake's Bay Parting of The Sea X Emmit bitch
  73. (TX) Blacks and Yellows Pups
  74. (OH) GRHRCH Mississippi Mayhem MH (x) HRCH Hattie's Bleu Belle
  75. (IN) GRHRCH Cash MH QAA x HRCH UH Ellie
  76. (IA) FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse x Grady Daughter
  77. (MN) FC AFC Saber X HRCH Flake MH
  78. (MN) Yellow Males - CNFC CAFC FC AFC Blue X HR CH Nilla
  79. (MS) GRHRCH (5x) UH “Blue” MH X HRCH “Gaby” MH (passed 2015 Master National)
  80. (IL) AFC Ten Bears Prime Time..FC AFC Nick OF Time Lone Ranger...Son..
  81. (SD) FC Cosmo's Raft Creek Storm "Brody" X HRCH Blackwater's Dream Catcher "Ell"
  82. (MS) GRHRCH Blaze x FC AFC Barracuda Blue Daughter
  83. (MO) AFC Scamp x Torri (National Derby List)
  84. (IN) HRCH/MH X HR/JH yellow male pup
  85. (GA) NFC AFC Keeno’s Gizmo x Hidden Acre’s On The Rocks
  86. (IA) Black Pointing Lab Litter
  87. Fox Red Puppies
  88. (TX) AFC TICK - Outstanding Chocolate Breeding
  89. (MO) Grady Black Male
  91. (WA) FC-AFC Tru's Little Cruiser x Long Hollows Chopper in the Distance
  92. (MO)FC Sweetie's Easy Rider x Suffield's Super Slam (NFC Prize x FC Rock River Leica)
  93. (SC) HRCH UH "TICKET" MH X "GRACE" Master DockDog
  94. (TX) FC Blackwater's last Resort x Carolines Hurricane Carla J.H.
  95. (SC) FC Swift River's No Problem x NFC Maxx's Surprise daughter
  96. (TN) GHRCH Magnolia's Hammerin Hank MH MNH5 x HRCH Hope males available
  97. (AR) HRCH Breeze Hill's Blazin' Blue Roux x HRCH Greenleafs Hagaman Hattie
  98. (alabama) fc huckleberry fen x castlebay's gift wish