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  6. (IA) FC AFC HRCH Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown MH
  7. (MI) 4 x gmpr hrch "duke" x cpr “elle” - ylw, blk, chlt - go home end of aug
  8. (TX) YELLOW litter out of FC Blackwater's Last Resort
  9. (WI) NFC FC AFC PATTON X Watermarks Candlewood Dakota
  10. (NC) hrch mnh qa2 x mh qaa
  12. (WI) FC AFC Mulligan Off The Rainy "T" X NAFC Buster Daughter
  13. (WI) All black Labrador litter expected
  14. (CO) FC AFC Dare To Dream X Castile Creek Cool Beans MH CDX
  15. (MN) 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebon Star Lean Mac X MH Female -- Males Available
  16. (WI) FC AFC Mulligan Off The Rainy T X Queen Cartimandau SH (Mandi)
  17. (ID) Cosmic Cutthroat X Limit Out's Legendary Madness SH Litter
  18. (WI) 2014 NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador X Misty Morning's Shoot
  19. (WI) FC AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble X Shaq's Road Warrior
  20. (UT) FC AFC Dare to Dream " Cosmo" x NAFC Grady Daughter Black & Yellow litter
  21. (TX) Watermark's Flying Cloud MH X BWC's Me Oh Maya JH
  22. (WI) Ready To Go!! One Black Male and Yellow Female Puppies
  23. (IN) 2016 NAFC-FC Coolwater's Hawkeye Legend Pups
  24. (NE) FC-AFC Slider Pup
  25. (ID) MH QAA Sired Black/Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies
  26. (MI) FC AFC Jaybar American Idol X Ever-Ready's Red Water Skeeter MH
  27. (GA) QA2 Grady son X HRCH/MH Ford daughter
  28. (MS) Fox red labs ready to go Aug. 30 at 7 wks
  29. (WI) Fc afc b bumble + good idea's classy senorita mh
  30. (TX) 2X NAFC 2XCNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac X FC RMR Ebonstars Magic
  31. (CAN) Top yellow's from FC AFC Watermarks The Boss line breeding.
  32. (MO) Reasonably Priced Blacks and Yellows...sire has AM Win!!
  33. (PA) FC AFC Cropper's Get Sum "Getty" X Taylor of Sweetwater MH "Taylor"
  34. (MN) Chocolate & Black Pups expected early Sept.
  35. (NC) Field or Hunt Test Yellow female pups from repeat breeding
  36. (WA) FC Sweetie's Easy Rider X Check Out This Chic
  37. (TX) Super Black Lab Puppies for serious hunters and field trailers
  38. (LA) NAFC-FC-AFC Texas Troubador X NFC-FC-AFC Chopper daughter All black litter
  39. (CAN) FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Baydog of Allanport x MHR-I Dakota Creek's Royal Gem
  40. (AL) AFC Sidney Down the Bayou sired puppies
  41. (NC) Flawless Execution*** x NC Southern Belle Midnight Ruger, MH
  42. (FL) NAFC Grady son x FC AFC Ebonstar Gotta Zoom granddaughter (Blk/Ylw litter)
  43. (CA) CNFC CNAFC FC AFC "Guide" Pup Available
  44. (AL) Seaside's Boss Oyster MH NDL x HRCH UH Summers Gusty Breeze MH
  45. (CAN) Proven 3xpeat breeding NAFC Tubb x NAFC Grady daughter
  46. (CAN) FC AFC Tiger McBunn X GMH AJTop Cruises Pride MH (FC AFC Land Ahoy)
  47. (CA) - Black Pups MH sire x JH Dam
  48. (CA) Competitive breeding for Field Trial and Hunt test
  49. (MN) Black Lab Male puppies Sire: MPR,MH, Cashman's They Call Me Seeker
  51. (IL) fc afc contempt of court x hrch uh kelley's cane hollow alarm clock
  52. (GA) GRHRCH Magnolia's Hammerin Hank MH MNH5 X GRHRCH Burdog's Kess The Breeze
  53. (MS) NAFC FC Coolwaters Legend x NAFC FC Grady daughter
  54. (TX) GRHRCH Shaq’s Hard To Handle QA2 x SHR CCR Rev – Black and Yellow Litter
  55. (IL) 2 Yellow Females Remaining- GMPR HRCH Scooter MH QA2 x CPR Bella
  56. (SC) Y/M EIC Clear *FC/AFC Drake’s Bay Parting of the Sea (Moses) x Diva MH QAA
  57. (WI) FC Candlewoods Autumn Run Vince X Hickory Stick's Rachel Alexandra
  58. (IA) QA2 X MH Litter - 1 blk female left
  59. (MS) Coolwater's Bad Leroy Brown x FC AFC Baby Blue Daughter Chlt Pups
  61. (MN) All Chocolate litter of 8
  62. (MD) mh x jh
  63. (MN) AKC registered Chocolate Labs
  64. (OK) AFC Snake Charmer III x FC AFC Dance Hall Gal
  65. (NC) HRCH, GMPR, QAA MH x. FCAFC Rev Blu Genes/Good Ideas Holy Cow QAA MH Daughter
  66. (MI) FC AFC AFTCH Jaybar American Idol x Three Points All In For Michigan
  67. (IL) FC Low Tide's Pounder x NFC Hunter Runs Boo Boo Daughter
  68. (KY) GRHRCH Chief MH X HRCH Gracie
  69. (MS) HRCH Comets Rolling Thunder MH x FC/AFC Crow Rivers Mad Max (Bitch) Litter
  70. (MS) NAFC FC AFC Coolwater Hawkeye Legend x FC AFC Rebel With A Cause Daughter
  71. (NC) Fox Red FT Line Pups - Valor QAA X MPR Delta SH (3 MH passes)
  72. (MN) NAFC FC Hook x FC AFC Shadow female
  73. (UT) fc afc jj of red rock (#2 open dog) x fc afc forland's bored out ford daughter
  74. (IA) MH Sired Yellows Outstanding Pedigree
  75. (ME) FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse x Chavez MH
  76. (ME) NDC Luke x HRCH out of FC AFC Ranger and Chavez MH
  77. (UT) Dustbusters Travelen Man (SH) X Straight Shots Fortune Teller (MH) puppies
  78. (IA) Downtown’s Bringing Home the Bacon “Suey” MH X “Lucy” SH BN RN CGC Puppies here!
  79. ( ID) Quck Draw McGraw " Triiger " MH puppies
  80. (NE TX) Repeat Breeding..FC-AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise x Topgun's Willow
  81. (NC) 3XGRHRCH Breaker MNH QAA X SHR Prim JH
  82. (WI) FC AFC Mickey x Tori QAA - 2 female puppies available
  83. (TX) Outstanding Chocolate Puppies - Don't miss out before they are gone
  84. (NC) Grady Pups Repeat Breeding
  85. (AR) HRCH Breeze Hill's Dude X HRCH Breeze Hill's Ziva Got with a Legend
  86. (WI) Berkeley MH*** X Zoey SH - Chocolate and Black Litter