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  6. (OR) FC AFC CAFC TaylorsLab Magic Trick X Duckworths Kickin It Country black and yell
  7. (UT) fc- finn x weezer's fabulous ruby jh ( fc-afc weezer retreezer x 09'nfc flip)
  8. (ID) "Jack" MH x "Teagan" CDX JH - Due April 22. "English" Looks, Proven Performance.
  9. (MN) FC-AFC POW X LASSIE (Lean Mac X Gracie) All Yellow Litter
  10. (CA) SOCAL Black Lab's Pups
  11. (WI) FC AFC Jet Black Bustin Thru the Brush MH x Automatic Det-A-Nator MNH QAA
  12. (NE) HRCH "Jade" x HRCH "Hank"
  13. (NE) Sailor Grand Litter - AKC MH "Coal" HRC x JH "Rio" Tiger Mountain Pointing Lab
  14. (AL) Taxi MH x Sash SH (Master pass)
  15. (ND) FC-AFC Candlewoods Lotta Black Pepper, MH, QAA x CPR High Calibers Makin A Splas
  16. (MS) FC Blackwater's Last Resort (Finn) X Legend's Ole Miss Hotty Toddy
  17. (MS) (GA) HRCH Go Get Em Gator MNH7 x HRCH Double Dare Dara MNH6
  18. (OH) Good HT or FT prospects in OH
  19. (MN) FC AFC CFC CAFC MH X MHR MH Chocolate MALES available
  20. (MN) Black/Chocolate Litter Confirmed!!
  21. (TX) FC-AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise x Topgun's Bewitched
  22. (OH) Black Lab Pups with 19 of 62 Ancestors Hall Of Fame Retrievers
  23. (TN) Troublesome Highseas Making House Calls QAA MH X Jakes Troublesome Sky SH
  24. (MS) HRCH Thunder MH x FC/AFC Crow River Mad Max (Bitch)
  25. (NC) FC AFC Rev Blu Genes x Proven Producing Female
  26. (MO) FC Merlyn IV x Bella MH- all blacks
  27. (TX) FC AFC Tealcreek Patton's Saber X Revitt Up's Night Furry MH QA2
  28. (WI) FC AFC Contempt Of Court (Ruckus)X Wizardrheas' Roxtar MH (Roxie)
  29. (TX) HRCH Ariz Watermark’s Ramblin Richard MH & HRCH Ariz WolfCreek Hope & Liberty
  30. (MN) BLACK (FC Nan-dool Elwood Blues x FC/CFC/CAFC Taylorslab Magic Trick MH CD daugh
  31. (NC) FC AFC Snapper x Sugar CGC SH! ALL yellow upcoming breeding! EIC & CNM CLEAR! !
  32. (NC) Master Hunter sired upcoming all chocolate breeding!! EIC & CNM CLEAR!!
  33. (TX) FC AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise X OTT's Good Time Race Girl (Ford daughter)
  34. (SD) FC-AFC Fen Wizzard x Shaffer’s Montana Rose***
  35. (TN) SRS GRHRCH UH Punch's Click Click Boom MH MNR pups due May 14!!
  36. (IN) GRHRCH UH Big Mamou’s Run Forest Run MNH x HRCH Hardy Lake Call of the Wild Jewe
  37. (AL) FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Locked N Loaded x HR Dixie's Southern Comfort IV, MH
  38. (MN) MH QAA (NAFC FC Hook) X SH (littermate to FC AFC Snapper)
  39. (TX) FC AFC Watermark's the Boss x Watermark's Chorus Girl
  40. (TN) All chocolate litter..Coolwater's Bad Bad Leroy Brown x BK's One For The Ro
  41. (IL) GMPR HRCH Scooter MH QA2 x CPR Bella pups
  42. (MO) Ammo littermate litter sired by FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues whelped 3/11/2015
  43. (MO) FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision "Snapper" Pups
  44. (IN) GRHRCH Maple Creeks Calumet Coyote MH
  45. (LA) FC AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble X HRCH Pearl Rivers Choppers Babe
  46. (IL) Fc Afc Lanes Ready to rumble x Money Market Account "grace"
  47. (WI) FC AFC Mulligan Off The Rainy “T” X NAFC Buster Daughter
  48. (UT) FC AFC Fen Wizzard x Straightshots Fortune Teller MH (Gypsy) pups ready now!
  49. (CAN) ONT- FC AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise X Sunrise over Coletta Bay QAA(KeihlaXChopp
  50. (IA) 1 Black Female Left - NAFC Texas Troubador
  51. (WI) (MN) FC Free Spirit Par Shooter (blk) X She’s in Red Numbers (blk)
  52. (IA) All Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies
  53. (TX) Brookdales Bad to the Bone MH x Sweet Adeline's Mick MNH5 MH
  54. (MT) Fc Hilltop's Hayseed x Rockin Z's Rage SH
  55. (CAN) FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision & Razor's River City Gem SH
  56. (CAN) ON Ftch Aftch The Springwaters Rippin Reba X Ftch Aftch L And L's Cowboy Up
  57. (NE) bayou magic rouxster qaa (bleu) x tick and qaa daughter
  58. (SD) Black female pup available April 20.
  59. (TN) FC AFC Punch x HRCH Allie MH
  60. (LA) NAFC FC Tubb x HRCH Aesa MH (North LA)
  62. (MI) HRCH Perry MH X HRCH Jewel
  64. (FL) AFC Watermark's Pf Coal-fired and Cookin x Say Good Night Irene QAA
  65. (AR) Black Lab Puppies
  66. (AL) Repeat breeding: GRADY X BEEBE
  67. (NE) AKC Yellows ---FC AFC Rebel, Patton, Hilltop's Hayseed, Jazztime, Nitro pedigre
  68. (IA) FC-AFC Dare To Dream x Abercrombie And Fetch II MH puppies!!!
  69. (MD) FC AFC Bluenorth's Rock Hard Ten QA2 MH WCX X Blackfoot's Abra Cadabra MH
  70. (MN) Fc afc wet willie sired yellow male pup
  71. (WI) MH x SH - Yellows
  72. (NE) FC Blackwater's Last Resort(Finn) yellow female pup available!!
  73. (ID) Cottonwood's Magic Stick MH and Kum Bust em all Kate SH breeding
  74. (IL) HRCH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH, CGC x Prairie States Black Ice
  75. (SD) HRCH X HRCH Yellow Puppies
  76. (WI) FC AFC Jet Black Bustin Thru the Brush MH x Automatic Det-a-Nator 'Auttie" MH MN
  77. (WI) FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie x Rainmaker's Early Bird Special, SH
  78. (WI) Landry's Thunder & Glory X Choctaw's Sadie Mae (All Yellow)
  79. (KY) HRCH Ginger's Calumet Yellow Rose SH Puppies
  80. (SC) YLW&Red Repeat: HRCH UH MH with Q placements X SH(1MHpass) CD *No Lean Mac
  81. (TX) GRHRCH Scout Heinrich MH/SHR Gauge - All Chocolate Litter
  82. (GA) Proven Chocolates Ready To Go Now… check out pedigree
  83. (PA) yellow hunting/working labs due early june 2015
  84. (FL) 2014 High Point Derby Dog "Luke" X "Taylor" NDL, QAA
  85. (SC) FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision "Snapper" x HR Ravenwood’s Snowflake SH
  86. (AL) FC AFC Stinger x Quiz (National Derby List, Sired by 2NAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac)
  87. (IA) 1 black male left - FC Crow Rivers Lucky to the Max
  88. (MN) FC AFC Coolwater's Knockout x Backwater Poetry in Motion MH QAA
  89. (CAN) FTCH AFTCH NMH Gold Star Take'm Tex x AJTOP Cougar Kay (fox red)
  90. (UT) FC-AFC Fen Wizzard x Amelia PF Flyer(FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford)
  91. (KY) FC AFC Dare To Dream x Tiger's Obsidian Pearl
  92. (IA) FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse x Eno Run Wild Hare QAA
  93. (CA) Yellow Lab pups update
  94. (CO) All Yellow, CPR MH-Boomer(FC-AFC Ford x MH Soupy Daughter)xBirdie(FC-AFCXBabe)
  95. (IL) HRCHMaple Creek's Captain Morgan,MH, QAA X White Oak Rumor Has It
  96. (IL) All Yellow litter with An EXCEPTIONALLY good pedigree
  97. (PA) D & S Ziva the Total Diva, SH x HRCH River Bottom Riparian Backwater, MH
  98. (NE) grhrch riptides ragin red bullsprig x hrch war eagle's kom boss iggy
  99. (IA) 4xGMPR, MH X 4xGMPR, MHR, MH CHOCO male available
  100. (AR) FC AFC Holland X Harley (2014 Derby List)
  101. (MN) black berkley mh qaa litter
  102. (IL) HRCH UH Adonia's Power Thru Ezra x Prairie States Fourleaf's Taboo
  103. (IL) HRCH UH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra x Prairie States Leave Em Weeping Willow
  104. (TX) FC-AFC Trumarc’s Hollandaise x Summer (NAFC Grady x NFC Flipper daughter) Litter
  105. (PA) FC-AFC Tucquan's Ode to Sweetness & FC-AFC High Peak Rebel Ridge's Outlaw litter
  106. (MN) MH Sired AKC Black/Yellow Litter
  107. (IL) MH X JH (2/2 senior passes) Black Litter
  108. (ky) afc sired chocolate pups