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  6. (OR) FC AFC Tru's Little Cruiser X AFC Powderhorn Downtown Daisy Mae
  7. (IA)FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Jazztime's Frequent Flyer x Baypoints Leather N Lace ("Shaq" fem)
  8. (WI) Grhrch x hrch
  9. (NY) black and yellow pups planned for January Hunting and Conformation homes desired
  10. (MN) (IN)1 Black Male NAFC FC Grady x QAA MH Peach
  11. (TX) Chocolate pups HRCH Black Ices Carbon Copy of Ammo MH QAA x Jade MH
  12. (MN) FC AFC Snapper x FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC-MHR-GMPR Jazztime Last Chance Pekisko daughter
  13. (MN) GMPR/(MH) sired all yellow pointing litter, Raider lines
  14. (NY) FC AFC Rock Hard Ten MH x Huntman's Whole Lot Of Crazy Helen (FC Merlyn)
  15. (SC) GRHRCH UH SRS Tarbaby's Bobo MH X HRCH Aime's Southland Sophie
  16. (CAN) NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador x AJTop Prime (NAFC FC AFC Grady) Repeat
  17. (OH) FC AFC Bluenorth's Rock Hard Ten MH QA2 WCX CGC CC x UMJ Benelli Mazin Blue
  18. (AL) Black Lab Puppy out of National Champion and Grady female
  19. (OR) (ID)AFC Cosmic Blue Genes 05 Nat Am Finalist X FC AFC Gracie/Lean Mac Daughter
  20. (TX) 2014 NDC Abby's Physician of Antioch X Revitt Up's Night Furry MH QA2
  21. (NH) AFC Tucked Away At Rivers Edge x Apple QAA (FC-AFC Aran Islands Dougan daughter)
  22. (WI) Autties "Kree"Ation MH X Deuce On The Loose MH
  23. (SC) NFC AFC Keeno's Gizmo x Winter Storm Advisory MH pups
  24. (IL) FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Locked N Loaded X Flirt'n Lean Lex Of Babyduck SH
  25. (OH) All Yellow Bench Bred Performance litter ( Ohio)
  26. (IL) FC-AFC Aran Island's Finnegan x Worth-It's Pandimonium QAA
  27. (CAN) FTCH AFTCH NMH Gold Star Take'm Tex X AJTop Gaia SH (NAFC Grady)
  28. (MO) GMPR HRCH MH QAA2 x HR Yellow & Black Pointing Lab Pups EIC/CNM Clear
  29. (CAN) super yellow litter
  30. (SD) Yellow male pups. HRCH Pass the Ammo SH X HRCH Liz is All Biz
  31. (WI) Multi Sired Litter, Chocolate, Black, Trifactored puppies
  32. (KY) FC AFC Drake's Bay Parting of the Sea x Yogo's Hidden Treasure QA2 due 2/25
  33. (MO) Beautiful Black Betty is carrying your next SUPERSTAR
  34. (MS) FC-AFC Coolwater’s Knockout (Punch) X NFC-AFC Chopper Daughter (Diva)
  35. (MN) Choc Factored Black Pups - Chip MH QA2 x Blue (NAFC Grady x Flirt)
  36. (WI) FC AFC Contempt of Court x "Winnie MH" Blk and Ylw Males available!
  37. (NE) FC FTCH Westwood's Sunday Silence and HR Platte Valley's Play Girl SH
  38. (KY) GRHRCH Magnolias Hammerin Hank MH MNH6 X GRHRCH Hickory Hills Run N Gun Ellie MH
  39. (TN) GRHRCH Buddy’s Black Mountain Shooter MH X HRCH Big Pappy’s Super Sweet Dee MH
  40. (LA) GRHRCH UH "Gump" MH MNH4** x GRHRCH Mocha MH MNR
  41. (IA) Ylw Puppies -- 2x QAA Chuck x Relic, MH
  42. (MS) FC Smitty X Cosmo Bitch
  43. (TX) Blacks and Yellow lab pups
  44. (TX) FC AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise x Lottos Catagory V Hurricane Kate MH
  45. (IN) FC AFC Snapper x HRCH UH Tilly
  46. (WA) FC Tuck N Roll x Tiger Mtn's Ghost Rider One - QAA (black and yellow pups)
  47. (TN) 2014 NDC Luke Litter
  48. (IN) Outstanding pedigree for searious field trial or hunt test prospect.
  49. (TN) NFC FC AFC Hunter Runs BooBoo x HRCH Avery MH (Cosmo Daughter)
  50. (KY) FC Running With The Devil x Mad Dash To The Finish II (NAFC Grady x AFC Tart)
  51. (OH) Chocolate Labrador Litter due Feb 24th
  52. (ME) NFC FC AFC Maxx's Surprise X HRCH Star Labs One Humdinger QAA
  54. (TX) ford x lilly pups "wanna win ...run a ford"
  55. (CT) FC Swift Rivers No Problems X Vanryn's Black Magic Abbie Kadabie MH
  56. (WI) 2014 NAFC FC Texas Troubador X Shaq's Road Warrior born 1-25-2016
  57. (IN) GRHRCH UH Big Mamou’s Run Forest Run MH MNH x HRCH Hardy lake call of the wild J
  58. (TX) FC AFC Dare to Dream X MV Prairie's Goodnight MH
  59. (IL) FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse x Contenders Lil Ms Longsockings (FCxFC dtr)
  60. (IL) 4xGMPRHRCH Blackjack's Phog Allen MH x Prairie States Back Ice
  61. (LA) FC AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise x HR Darby Queen SH - 1 male left
  62. (SC) NFC/AFC Gizmo is Bred to an Excellent REPRODUCER(Nikki QAA NDL)Awesome Pedigree
  63. (WI) FC AFC Mickey (NAFC FC Carbon X FC AFC Cody) X Stella MH (NAFC FC Tubbs X QA2 Ch
  64. (MS) FC AFC Coolwater's Knockout "Punch" x FC AFC Rebel With Cause, Daughter
  65. (MS) GRHRCH "Blaze" x FC AFC Barrcuda Blue, Daughter
  66. (GA) Candlewood Atti's Sun DuBay MH X NFC Granddaughter Yellow pups
  67. (SD) GRHRCH Mississippi Mayhem MH "Moose x HRCH LanCin's Powerful Train Wreck SH "Cra
  68. (VA) NARC Qualifier x MH QAA pups
  69. (MD) ***HRCH UH MH x JH MHU *** 1 choc male still available. Going Home Feb 29th
  71. (IA) NFC Watermarks Running Back x (QAA) “Penny” daughter of NFC "Chopper"
  72. FC-AFC Hockley Creek's Big Hitter x GRHRCH Sur-SHot's Got To Have Faith MH
  73. (ME) Esprit's Out of the Woods QAA X Blue Water's Cracklin Rose QAA
  74. (LA) GHRCH WhiteOaks Bustin Loose Lucy X HR Downtown Datz Ma Boy
  75. (LA) 5xGRHRCH UH Cypress Brake's Tanker MH X HRCH Sadie's Delta Qeen MH