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  7. (IA) AFC Meadow Woods Lawman x Shaq's Carbonated Delight (QAA)
  8. (WI) FC Sire x All Age Qualified Bitch - Snake Eyes, Lean Mac Line
  9. (AR) MH QA2 x SHR MH Litter (Sire is full brother to Ammo)
  10. (IA) MH HRCH CH Bally's Swinging For the Fence(Choc) X Big Woods Jet(Blk)
  11. (WI) FC Candlewoods Autumn Run Vince (Vince) X Hickory Stick's Rachel Alexandra
  12. (NC) NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade X HRCH Bird Dawg's Decoy MH
  13. (WA) FC Sweetie's Easy Rider X Check Out This Chic
  14. (ME) NFC FC AFC Maxx’s Surprise X HR Mill Pond’s Lady Liberty
  15. (ME) CNFC CNAFC FC AFC Nightwings Marsh Leader X Blue Waters Craclklin Rose QAA
  16. (ME) 2014 National Derby Champion Luke x HRCH out of FC AFC Ranger and Chavez MH
  17. (OK) Pirate Rambl'in Mouthed Captain MH X Mountain's Top Heidi
  18. (MO) FC AFC It's All Over Now Baby Blue / Ammo litter mate SCL's Sugar Magnolia
  19. (ID) Idaho FT/HT Litter
  20. (MS) GRHRCH Magnolia's Hammerin Hank MH MNH5 X Kadens Hidden Stash of Brandy
  21. (LA) FC AFC Ali X High Cotton's Big Bang
  22. (MN) Chip MH, QA2 X FGD Annie all CHOC (MN)
  23. (MO) CNFC CNAFC FC AFC "Guide" 4 clear/clear males
  24. (TX) FC AFC Choco Lickity-Split x Luna Marie Waterfowlers Wet Dream MH
  25. (MS) Coolwater's Bad Bad Leroy Brown x FC AFC Barracuda Blue Daughter
  26. (OK) Repeat breeding ollie x lulu oklahoma
  27. (TX) Futrell’s Bo (HRCH) X Full Choke Southern Dixie
  28. (UT) 4XGMPR HRCH KB's Hunter's Dream SH X Gracee in the Sky with Diamonds JH
  29. (NC) REPEAT All Yellow Labrador Litter CNM & EIC CLEAR! One Male Available
  30. (AL) Rip MNH4 X Minnie MH
  31. (LA) Fc/Afc Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble "ALI"x Hr Watermarks Princess Warrior xena
  33. (KY) UH GRHRCH GMPR Flame MH MNH QAA x HRCH Cross Creek Bella Bushka MH
  34. (TX) FC AFC Skyy x FC AFC Moxie
  35. (LA) Bayou Magic's Tough As A Boot QAA X HRCH Roux's Malik Ryder Fowl Play II
  36. (FL) FC-AFC Coolwater's Knockout ( PUNCH ) x Coolwater's Send Her Ella MH
  37. (MO) Repeat Breeding Chocolate- 4xGMPR MH QAA Sired
  38. (GA) NAFC AFC Grady Son X FC AFC Creek Robber Daughter
  39. (WI) FC Nodaway Valleys Stan The Man FT,HT GunDog Great Pedigree Priced to Sell
  40. (CAN) FC AFC Hawkeye's Candlewood Shadow Line breeding
  41. (MO) NFC FC AFC Maxx's Surprise x Westwoods Winning Colors
  42. (TX) yellows/yellow factored blacks-fc clue x beans mh
  43. (SD) FC AFC Slider x HRCH UH Ellie (FC AFC x QAA)
  44. (KS) Repeat Breeding of Outstanding Chocolate Pointing Labs
  45. (MN) Litter son of QAA SEASIDES'S HAKUNA MATATA X SH daughter of FC AFC COSMO
  47. (MN) Litter of NAFC FC AFC "Grady" x Boo's Watermark of Teal Pond MH MNH "Abby"
  48. (KS) SRS Redgates Five Star General MNH QAA X HRCH "Storm" MH19 MNH
  49. (MN)Three Rivers Set the Hook MH QAA – “Berkley” X Bella Mae XIV SH "Bella"
  50. (SC) FC Sweetie’s Easy Rider (Ford) x Nikki QAA NDL ** Derby/Field Trial CONTENDERS!
  51. (TX) NDC Abby's Physician of Antioch QAA "Luke" x DDK Ida Rather be Hunting SH "Ida"
  52. (UT) fc/afc cosmo x candy sh ***
  53. (MI) Kick'n Brass x CH Tabatha's
  54. (IL.) Yellow Male pups available soon.
  55. (WI) Black and Chocolate - Berkley MH QAA x Zoey SH
  56. (IL) Black Pointing Lab Pups From GMPR HRCH Scooter MH QA2 x CPR Mia
  57. (MN) Litter of FC Crow Rivers 'LUCKY' to the Max X 'GRADY' Daughter 'BELLA'
  58. (WI) Maverick MH X BrandyMH
  59. (ID) FC/AFC JJ of Redrock X Southfork's Irish Coffey MH QA2
  60. (GA) FC AFC Snapper Litter - Blacks and Yellows
  61. (FL) Jazz (NAFC Roxie x NAFC Grady daughter) x FC Low Tide's Pounder
  63. (TX) Blacks/Yellow HRCH Rudder MH X Shady
  64. (MS) FC Moody's Nitz x QAA/hrch cosmo bitch
  65. (IN) All black litter
  66. (TN) Troublesome Highseas Makin Htouse Calls MH,QAA x FC Punch Daughter
  67. (MS) GRHRCH Blaze MH x HRCH Belle - AKC Chocolate Lab Puppies
  68. (MN) Rainmaker's Southern Gamble, MH/QA2 x Mark V.'s Renny Sassy Sage, MH yellows
  69. (AL) FC Sweetie's Easy Rider X Shooting Straight With Kimber
  70. (AL) GRHRCH Juice QAA X Pistol (FC AFC X FC)
  71. (TX) FC AFC Choco x Grace MH - All Chocolate
  72. (WI) Chocolates-HRCH UH Duke of Holy Trinity MH X Harvest Moon’s Little Cream Puffin
  73. (WI) FC Road Warriors Dieter Brock X Harvest Moon's Beware The Ides Of March RHR MH
  74. (TX) Yellow NAFC FC AFC Paddle Creek's Pack Your Grip Puppies
  75. (OK) Five Star Patton's Attack MH, QAA x Docheno Tubb's Say Something Nice "Sarah" SR
  76. (KY) Drake's Bay Parting of the Sea(Moses) x Yogo's Hidden Treasure(Jewel)
  77. (TX) Abby's Physician of Antioch *** x Belmar's Poor Baby Zebra **
  78. (KY) Black Males
  79. (CO) AFC Tartan Checkmate x Fat Tire's Something to Talk About (Prime line breeding)
  80. (MS) NAFC-FC Coolwater's Hawkeye Legend X NFC-AFC Chopper daughter
  81. (WI) International FTCh Lesser Burdock Abbotstone/HRCH HLR Proud Mary Roln on a River
  82. (KY) FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime's Frequent Flyer (Trip) x NFC AFC Sibling (Bella)
  83. (KY) REPEAT BREEDING: GRHRCH/NMH Hammerin Hank x GRHRCH/MH Bourbon Belle II she
  84. (LA) FC HRCH SRS Watermark's Texas Welcome MH x 3xGHRCH Gump Daughter
  85. (MO) Superb Performance Puppies for Sale FC-AFC Coal X Rose MH
  86. (MS) GRHRCH UH Field of Dreams Ollie MH x HRCH Gp's Cut a Lean Grade of Pepper
  87. (NC) DucDogz Deuce Is Wild And Troublesome QAA x (FC AFC Pow daughter) Grace JH
  88. (SD) Yellow/Fox Reds! "Journey" MH (Snapper x MH) x "Oakley" SH (Grady x MH)
  89. ( AR) NFC Maxx's Surprise X HR DW's Wishes Do Come True
  90. (CAN) FC Sweeties Easy Rider " Ford " X Razor's Da Cuttin Edge SH QAA " Kate "