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  7. (TX) FC Deets x FC Bess
  8. (IN) GRHRCH UH Misty Morning Got The Itch MH x HR Dixie River Edge
  9. (IL) fc afc contempt of court x prairie state windfalls last echo
  10. (CAN) FC AFC Tiger McBunn x AJTop Cruises Pride GMH MH (FC AFC Land Ahoy)
  11. (TX) SH x MH
  12. (IA) Repeat.... 2016 NFC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse x Grady Daughter
  13. (NC) FC HRCH SRS Howdy MH X HRCH River
  14. (NY) New York -- FC Swift River's No Problem X Bashakill's Premium Grade Primer
  15. (WI) Repeat breeding
  16. (MS) FC sire X QAA Cosmo dam pups ready to go
  17. (SC) Drake's Bay Inka Dinka QA2 X Ajtop Montreal Express
  18. (TX) NAFC FC Texas Troubador puppies - Repeat Breeding
  19. (TX) Silvertip's Taylor Made X Twin Creeks Sweet Cheyenne MH
  20. (GA) 2016 NFC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse x Taylor Made for Blue QAA, MH
  21. (TX) Nfc watermark's running back x nafc fourleaf's ice breaker (daughter candlewood
  22. (MN) NAFC FC Tubb X HRCH Flake MH
  23. (MN) Chocolate Litter Boot X Elsie
  24. (MN) Rainmaker's Southern Gamble, MH/QA2 x Mark V.'s Renny Sassy Sage, MH yellows
  25. (MS) NAFC Coolwater?s Legend x FC AFC Rebel With A Cause Daughter
  26. (CA) FC Sweetie's Easy Rider "Ford" x Grady's Little Ms. Independence "Indy"
  27. (IL) Black & Yellow Litter Greater Milwaukee/chicago area
  28. (CAN) QAA Rugby (NFC Chopper x FC Sweetie) X AJTop Gaia SH (NAFC Grady)
  29. (TN) FC Moody's Nitz x Bear Country's High Flyer QA2
  30. (MS) NAFC-FC Coolwater's Hawkeye Legend X NFC-AFC Chopper daughter
  31. (CAN) Repeat Breeding....... Ford / Shaq
  32. (OK) QAA "Buddy" x HRCH "Katie" Performance Chocolate Litter
  33. (NE) FC AFC HRCH Downtown Dusty Brown MH X HRCH Scheu's Gap Shot Goddess SH
  34. (AL) MH x CH WC Black and Chocolates
  35. (MS) GRHRCH UH Ollie MH x HRCH Pepper
  36. (SD) FC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed X Arrowhead's First Migration MH
  37. (TX) $800 NFC BOO(SON)SIRE with CANDLEWOOD pedigree
  38. (MS) NAFC FC Coolwater's Hawkeye Legend X Marks-A-Lot Gun Runnin Elsie
  39. (SC) All Yellow litter whelped 3/26/17
  40. (CA) '16 NFC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse x Raney Black "Pearl"Griffin, MH, MNH, QAA
  41. (ME) NFC FC AFC Maxx's Surprise X HRCH Star Labs One Humdinger QAA
  42. (IL) Yellow Male Dual Purpose Pup Available
  43. (WI) HRCH "Buddy" MH/QAA X Storm MH Chocolate Litter
  44. (AR) FC/AFC Ali x Tori MH
  45. (KS) 4xgmpr hr sams creek high preist of israel sh x cpr sweet whislin hurrican isabe
  46. (AL) FC AFC Ali x HRCH Abbey MH
  47. (TX) FC-AFC Lane's Thrilla N Manilla x Topgun's Bewitched
  48. (TX) FC Bayou Teche Clouseau x Moonstone's Cool Beans MH
  49. (AR) NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador X HRCH My Pa Pa is General Patton MH
  51. (TX) FC AFC Rebel With A Cause X Caprocks Charlie's Angel
  52. (NE) HRCH x HRCH (All yellow litter due June 1st)
  53. (TX) NFC AFC Mickey X FC AFC Nike!!!
  54. (TX) FC/AFC Watermark's The Boss x Pure Pleasure's Kiss My Grits MH
  55. (TX) NAFC FC Texas Troubador x FC AFC Stepper daughter
  56. (TX) Fisher MH QAA X Mae JH
  57. (TX) FC Candlewoods Ebonstar AsGoodAsItGets x Topgun's Joie De Vivre(Derby pointed)
  58. (IN) FC AFC Contempt Of Court QAA X HRCH Big Bad Bailey
  59. (MS) HRCH Thunder MH x FC/AFC Cosmo Bitch
  60. (MS) Chlt Pups Coolwater's Bad Bad Leroy Brown QAA x FC AFC Baby Blue Daughter
  61. (NY) NFC Mickey x Trixie MH QA2
  62. (MO) FC Sweetie’s Easy Rider x Buck Creek’s Alberta Clipper NDL, SH
  63. (TX) REPEAT BREEDING WBF's Man On the Stand QA2 x Summit's Tangled Up In Blue MH QAA
  64. (KS) Puppies for sale
  65. (IA) NAFC, FC, AFC Texas Troubador x Red Rocks Margarita MH, QAA
  66. (LA) GRHRCH Tiger's Come on Home Boy MH x GRHRCH Aiming to Please MH (Ammo sister)
  67. (CAN) (VT) Top fox red litter QA2 (NAFC x NFC) x NMH (FC AFC CAFC x 2NMH 2GMH)
  68. (WI) YLF, 4 mos, FC AFC Mully x Dyna, MH/QA2
  69. (MN) Black Males & Yellow Females Ready 6/4
  70. (NY) FC AFC Fen Wizzard x Say Good Night Irene QAA
  71. (ME)CNFC CNAFC FC AFC Nightwings Marsh Leader x Blue Waters Cracklin Rose QAA
  72. (ME) FC AFC Esprit's Power Play x Rendezvous Sugar Britches MH (Grady Daughter)
  73. (Wi) Labrador Retriever Black and Yellow Puppies
  74. (MN) CLM, 3.5 mos, FC AFC Cool Fuel x Rebel Ridge Jamaican Me Crazy JH
  75. (SC) HRCH Rage MH QA2 x Powder JH
  76. (MN) 4xGMPR HR HRKs Brody Points For You SH sired pointing labs.
  77. (Tx) FC AFC Esprit's Power Play x Lottos Catagory V Hurricane Kate MH
  78. (WA) 4XGMPR Wandermer's Tazverniti MH QA2 X RattlinRidge Amazing Grace MH
  79. (TX) HR Holy Moly Kate Pack Lean X HR Kanatis Redneck Romeo $1000