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  6. (ME) Esprit Out of the Woods QAA (Tiger) x Star Labs One Humdinger QAA
  7. (SC) GRHRCH Magnolias Hammerin Hank MH MNH X HRCH Sugarcane's Yellow River Rose JH
  8. (KS) Repeat Breeding GMPR Sired Blacks and Yellows
  9. (MN) FC Crow Rivers Lucky to the Max---Black and Yellow puppies
  10. (AL) GRHRCH Juice Qaa x FC AFC Esprit's Power Play daughter
  11. (AL) Taxi MH x Sash SH (Master pass)
  12. (MN) GMPR Highpoint's Dirty Harry MH X Buffalo Ridge's Huntin' Hemi JH
  13. (NY) FC-AFC Bluenorth's Rock Hard Ten MH x NAFC FC x FC AFC daughter
  14. (TX) FC/AFC Trumarcs Hollandaise X Tioga's Coastal Cousin MH -1 blk male left
  15. (WI) NAFC Buster son x NAFC Grady daughter
  16. (SD) FC AFC Holland x Peek
  17. (NH) NAFC FC Texas Troubador x NAFC FC Grady daughter
  18. (MS) FC Blackwater's Last Resort (Finn) X Legend's Ole Miss Hotty Toddy
  19. (MS) NFC Boo x HRCH Avery MH (Cosmo daughter)
  20. (IL) FC AFC Ruckus (Chopper Son) x FC AFC Stinger's Sister- Due May 29, 2015 Black/Ye
  21. (FL) 2 Black puppies (possibly chocolate-factored) available now HR/SH X HR/JH
  22. (TX) FC Merlyn IV x MV Prairie's Goodnight Gracie MH
  23. (TX) REDUCED 2XNFC NAGC Ebonstar Lean Mac line breeding
  24. (MI) FC AFC x MH Code Blue Line Breeding
  25. (CA) QAA Suncrest Winter Rye x Grouse Creek's Black Sand, MH
  26. (IA) NAFC FC AFC Paddle Creek's Pack Your Grip x Lone Willows Unshakable Faith QAA
  27. (OR) FC AFC Marauders Aviator x Nordahl's Dream in Extreme JH
  28. (CO) HRCH Hank x Brandy SH
  29. (GA) Loaded Pedigree (47 of 62 in 5 gen are at least a Field Champion- FC/AFC)
  30. (TX) FC AFC Tealcreek Patton's Saber X Revitt Up's Night Furry MH QA2
  31. (CA) FC-AFC Tru's Little Cruiser X Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet MH MNH
  32. (MN) Chocolate Pups - Ready approx. 9/1
  33. (CA) The best from the past and the promise of the future
  34. (MN) 4.0 GMPR Rooster Smasher yellow/red lab litter
  35. (WA) Exciting chocolate litter due July 12
  36. (TX) GRHRCH UH Scout Heinrich MH X HRCH UH No Limit's Camelopardalis
  37. (GA) Lab Puppies born 5/16
  38. (NC) FC-AFC Ten MH x Hallie QAA
  39. (CA) Outstanding yellow and fox red Labrador Retriever puppies
  40. (TN) - Outstanding Litter of Chocolate Puppies
  41. (TX) Chocolate Lab Litter Avail - Frankel's Running Storm X Frankel's Intense Rain
  42. (SC) FC/AFC HARDSCRABBLES POWDER MY BUNS sired pups - Yellow & Black Pups
  43. (TN) SRS GRHRCH Punch's Click Click Boom MNR "Trigger" pups on the ground
  44. (IL) GMPR HRCH Scooter MH QA2 and CPR Bella Pups Are Here!
  45. (TX) AKC Black Lab Pups (choc) Factored
  46. (TX) FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford X Patton's Ruff and Tuf Intruder MH
  47. (ID) Loaded Pedigree. 17 FC Titled dogs and 21 titled in 4 Gen. SHAQ X RAM Breeding.
  48. (SC) FC AFC "Snapper" X "Cappy" ( 2XNAFC FC "Ram" daughter)
  49. (KY) HRCH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH, CGC X Scarlet The Red Sahara
  50. (MI) (WI/MN) FC Free Spirit Par Shooter (blk) X She’s in Red Numbers (blk)
  51. (TX) HR Bond SH CGC x HRCH UH Grace SH CGC
  52. (MN) POW X Lassie (Lean Mac X Gracie)
  53. (LA) FC AFC "Ali" X HRCH "Babe" (daughter of Chopper)
  54. (TX) FC AFC Trumarc’s Hollandaise pups - close line breeding on great dams line
  55. (MO) NAFC-FC Texas Troubador x Westwoods Winning Colors
  56. (TX) Yellow/Fox Reds due 6/20
  57. (LA) 5 x GRHRCH UH Cuda MH** x HRCH Chloe - Champion Chocolates
  58. (TN) Troublesome Highseas Makin House Calls MH QAA X Russell's Five Star Abbie MH
  59. (WI) MH (QAA) sired yellows
  60. (PA) D & S Benelli’s Mae Dayz MH (Ellie) x QAA Troublesome Falsely Accused, MH (Yella
  61. (KS) KANSAS FC-AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready to Rumble x MH QAA Doubl'N Down
  62. (GA) FC AFC Indian Height's Get Away x HRCH Kerry Around a Duk Dawg MH
  63. (LA) FC AFC High Tech CEO x Ace Armor Finest's Black Jet SH
  65. (SC) FC/AFC Esprit’s Power Play x Drake’s Prima Donna MH QAA *FT Competitors*
  66. (NC) GRHRCH UH "Dooley" MH x HRCH "Fergie" MH
  67. (LA) 3x GRHRCH UH Dakota's Cajun Roux MH X HRCH "Trudy" - Chocolate litter
  68. (WI) HRCH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH,CGC male pups
  69. (IA) FC-AFC Jazztime Hanging Chad x MHR OGF Lean Angus Patty MH *** pups.
  70. (IA) '14 NDC Abby's Physician Of Antioch x Steadfast's The Shadow Of Thy Wings MH pup
  71. (NC) 2014 NDC Abby's Physician of Antioch X Frinks Long Shot Belle of Brunswick MH
  72. (MS) GRHRCH Magnolia's Hammerin' Hank MH, Yellow Litter
  73. (MI) (TN) FC Devil x Rita QA2
  74. (SC) GRHRCH Copper's Top Gunner MH x Jackson's Fruity Pebbles Puppies born 6-4-15
  75. (LA) Fc Bond MH x HRCH Athena (chocolate factored black puppies)
  76. (IA) 4XGMPR MH Sired Black(chocolate factored)
  77. (GA) HRCH X HRCH all black litter
  78. (ID) FC Fox Haven's Born To Run MH X River Dog's Elite Vegas A Go Go JH Puppies
  79. (GA) Field Champion Sired Black and Yellow Pups
  80. (TX) GRHRCH UH MH MNH (Hall of Fame) x HRCH SH - Chocolate Litter
  81. (VA) 2 Blacks Males (Hunting/Hunt Test/Field Trial) (FC/AFC/GRHRCH/MH)
  82. (CAN) (BC) ..FC AFC CFC CAFC X CFC CAFC MH Breeding..
  83. (VA) Impressive Pedigrees AKC Labrador Litter Born 6/4/15
  84. (TX) FC/AFC SliderxNAFC Grady Daughter
  85. (CA) SH, Daughter of NFC AFC FC Five Star General Patton -X- Deep Run Vintage Jager
  86. (KS) WBF Man on the Stand QAA x daughter of FC AFC Wing Magics Lousiana Roux
  87. (SC) FC AFC Sired yellow Lab pups
  88. (KY) HRCH High Ground J.R.C. Three Amigos MH QAA x SHR Cunningham's One Hot Momma JH
  89. (LA) GRHRCH UH Gump MNH X HRCH UH Maggie SH- Black Chocolate factored
  90. (IL) ....fc afc krp's wet willie x nafc-fc traveler daughter
  91. (MS) GRHRCH Magnolia's Hammerin' Hank MH X HR Lily's Atomic Jill JH
  92. (TX) FC "HOWDY MH, HRCH X HRCH "River" blacks and chocolates May 29
  93. (MI) HRCH Kingseed's Secret Agent MH X HRCH MV Praire's Texas Belle SH
  94. (TX) HRCH Best Roux Got a Clue MH x Saltgrass's Chips Ahoy SH
  95. (SD) FC- AFC Hardscrabble’s Powder My Buns X Mossy Oak’s Icy Hot QAA & Derby List.
  96. (GA) Black Males
  97. (AR) WBF'S Man on a Stand QAA x HR GPR's Rollin on the River
  98. (MS) FC Moodys Nitz X HRCH MH female- Yellows and Blacks
  99. (UT) FC-AFC Fen Wizzard x Amelia PF Flyer(FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford)
  100. (MI) FC AFC Ali x QA2 Ellie
  101. (IA) One Black Male Puppy Left. MH Sire & MH Dam.
  102. (CO) CPR MH Boomer X Birdie (FC-AFC Mad Max X Bubba X FC Daughter)
  103. (MD) FC AFC Westwinds Bold Tiger MHR Semi line breeding
  104. (IA) FC AFC x SH chocolates and chocolate factored blacks
  105. (AL) Repeat: GRHRCH Juice QAA NDL (Shaq son) x HRCH Von D SH
  106. (MN) fc lucky to the max x granite ledge's little sister mh
  107. (NC) FC AFC Carolina's Half Moon x Harrison's Magical Maggie, MH
  108. (TX) FC AFC Holland x Ty QAA (Grady x Ranger daughter)
  109. (NC)Master Hunter QAA sired upcoming black & chocolate breeding!!
  110. (NC) Master Hunter sired x SH upcoming Black & Yellow breeding!! EIC & CNM CLEAR!!
  111. (NC) ALL CHOCOLATE Master Hunter Sired breeding! CNM & EIC CLEAR!
  112. (OR) OR/ID FC Utopian Sixteen Hands(Carbon son) X Ecstasy's Fancy Pants MH/AA pts
  113. (NE) HRCH Drake MH X HRCH Zipper
  114. (NC) Master Hunter QAA X Master Hunter yellow puppies
  115. (FL) Exceptional British Lab Pups
  116. (SC) All Yellow Litter Expected August 8th
  117. (CAN) 8 lab pups for sale
  118. (SD) FC AFC Jazztime's Northern Exposure X Arrowhead's First Migration MH
  120. (NE) HRCH Timber MH QAA x HRCH Sky -all yellow litter
  121. (MS) '11 NFC FC Watermark's Running Back litter
  122. (SD) HRCH UH Wally (GRHRCH UH x HRCH UH) x HRCH UH Ellie (FC-AFC x QAA)
  123. (AL) HRCH Elk Rivers Black Lace x MH Troublesome Highseas Makin House Calls
  124. (AL) FTCH x HRCH/JH British Lab Yellow and Black puppies