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  6. (LA) 3x GRHRCH UH Dakota's Cajun Roux MH X HRCH "Trudy" - Chocolate litter
  7. (WI) HRCH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH,CGC male pups
  8. (IA) FC-AFC Jazztime Hanging Chad x MHR OGF Lean Angus Patty MH *** pups.
  9. (IA) '14 NDC Abby's Physician Of Antioch x Steadfast's The Shadow Of Thy Wings MH pup
  10. (NC) 2014 NDC Abby's Physician of Antioch X Frinks Long Shot Belle of Brunswick MH
  11. (MS) GRHRCH Magnolia's Hammerin' Hank MH, Yellow Litter
  12. (MI) (TN) FC Devil x Rita QA2
  13. (SC) GRHRCH Copper's Top Gunner MH x Jackson's Fruity Pebbles Puppies born 6-4-15
  14. (LA) Fc Bond MH x HRCH Athena (chocolate factored black puppies)
  15. (IA) 4XGMPR MH Sired Black(chocolate factored)
  16. (GA) HRCH X HRCH all black litter
  17. (ID) FC Fox Haven's Born To Run MH X River Dog's Elite Vegas A Go Go JH Puppies
  18. (GA) Field Champion Sired Black and Yellow Pups
  19. (TX) GRHRCH UH MH MNH (Hall of Fame) x HRCH SH - Chocolate Litter
  20. (VA) 2 Blacks Males (Hunting/Hunt Test/Field Trial) (FC/AFC/GRHRCH/MH)
  21. (CAN) (BC) ..FC AFC CFC CAFC X CFC CAFC MH Breeding..
  22. (VA) Impressive Pedigrees AKC Labrador Litter Born 6/4/15
  23. (TX) FC/AFC SliderxNAFC Grady Daughter
  24. (CA) SH, Daughter of NFC AFC FC Five Star General Patton -X- Deep Run Vintage Jager
  25. (KS) WBF Man on the Stand QAA x daughter of FC AFC Wing Magics Lousiana Roux
  26. (SC) FC AFC Sired yellow Lab pups
  27. (KY) HRCH High Ground J.R.C. Three Amigos MH QAA x SHR Cunningham's One Hot Momma JH
  28. (LA) GRHRCH UH Gump MNH X HRCH UH Maggie SH- Black Chocolate factored
  29. (IL) ....fc afc krp's wet willie x nafc-fc traveler daughter
  30. (MS) GRHRCH Magnolia's Hammerin' Hank MH X HR Lily's Atomic Jill JH
  31. (TX) FC "HOWDY MH, HRCH X HRCH "River" blacks and chocolates May 29
  32. (MI) HRCH Kingseed's Secret Agent MH X HRCH MV Praire's Texas Belle SH
  33. (TX) HRCH Best Roux Got a Clue MH x Saltgrass's Chips Ahoy SH
  34. (SD) FC- AFC Hardscrabble’s Powder My Buns X Mossy Oak’s Icy Hot QAA & Derby List.
  35. (GA) Black Males
  36. (AR) WBF'S Man on a Stand QAA x HR GPR's Rollin on the River
  37. (MS) FC Moodys Nitz X HRCH MH female- Yellows and Blacks
  38. (MI) FC AFC Ali x QA2 Ellie
  39. (IA) One Black Male Puppy Left. MH Sire & MH Dam.
  40. (CO) CPR MH Boomer X Birdie (FC-AFC Mad Max X Bubba X FC Daughter)
  41. (MD) FC AFC Westwinds Bold Tiger MHR Semi line breeding
  42. (IA) FC AFC x SH chocolates and chocolate factored blacks
  43. (AL) Repeat: GRHRCH Juice QAA NDL (Shaq son) x HRCH Von D SH
  44. (MN) fc lucky to the max x granite ledge's little sister mh
  45. (NC) FC AFC Carolina's Half Moon x Harrison's Magical Maggie, MH
  46. (TX) FC AFC Holland x Ty QAA (Grady x Ranger daughter)
  47. (NC)Master Hunter QAA sired upcoming black & chocolate breeding!!
  48. (NC) Master Hunter sired x SH upcoming Black & Yellow breeding!! EIC & CNM CLEAR!!
  49. (NC) ALL CHOCOLATE Master Hunter Sired breeding! CNM & EIC CLEAR!
  50. (OR) OR/ID FC Utopian Sixteen Hands(Carbon son) X Ecstasy's Fancy Pants MH/AA pts
  51. (NE) HRCH Drake MH X HRCH Zipper
  52. (NC) Master Hunter QAA X Master Hunter yellow puppies
  53. (FL) Exceptional British Lab Pups
  54. (SC) All Yellow Litter Expected August 8th
  55. (CAN) 8 lab pups for sale
  56. (SD) FC AFC Jazztime's Northern Exposure X Arrowhead's First Migration MH
  58. (NE) HRCH Timber MH QAA x HRCH Sky -all yellow litter
  59. (MS) '11 NFC FC Watermark's Running Back litter
  60. (SD) HRCH UH Wally (GRHRCH UH x HRCH UH) x HRCH UH Ellie (FC-AFC x QAA)
  61. (AL) HRCH Elk Rivers Black Lace x MH Troublesome Highseas Makin House Calls
  62. (AL) FTCH x HRCH/JH British Lab Yellow and Black puppies
  63. (OH) REDUCED! AFC-FC Dare to Dream x HRCH Myakka's Blazing Red Freespirit SH
  64. (IL) NAFC FC Tubby X JJ's Candlewood Far To Go (Coda) QAA
  65. (AL) fc afc nick of time lone ranger x hrch windcrest's black beauty mh
  66. (TX) Repeat! Nfc fc watermarks running back x nafc fc afc cody cut a grade daughter
  68. (MD) Daddy’s High Tech LBD MH MNQ QAA X Blackwaters Red Neck Woman SH
  69. (TX) AFC Taco Sir Prize X NAFC FC Grady daughter
  70. (IL) HRCH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH, CGC x Prairie States Leave Em Wheeping Willow
  71. (ID) Yellow factored FC AFC Fen Wizzard pups due in August
  72. (PA) 2 Blk females Available
  73. (WI) Black and Yellow Males Available
  74. (ID) Cuda's Blue Olive MH x Wbf's Man On The Stand QAA - Chocolate and Black Pups
  75. (ME) Esprit Out of the Woods QAA (Tiger) x HRCH Star Labs One Humdinger QAA
  76. (WY) Fox Red litter FC AFC Snapper x Windriver's Rushing Brooks SH
  77. (WI) Special Agent M2 MH QAA X Rangerwoods Polly Wanna Pintail SH
  78. (WI) Locked n Loaded Down and Dirty MH X Reinitz Wild Child Maxxzyn
  79. (MI) HRCH x HRCH bred. $800 2 BLM left
  80. (IA) AFC Meadow Woods Lawman X Wingdingers Maggie May MH
  81. (KS) 1 Black Male Left - 1.5xGMPR x CTD Repeat Breeding (with video!)
  83. (IL) FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse [Mickey]...National AM Finalist [Chocolate Fact
  84. (IN) HRCH Maple Creeks Captain Morgan MH QAA X SHR Zamms Last Chance Molly (3JH Passe
  85. (MO)HRCH Buddy MH/QAA (TyRoux) x Bella SH (FC AFC Big Alfonse)
  86. (AL) BLM- Taxi MH x Sash SH (Master pass)
  87. (AL) GRHRCH Juice Qaa x FC AFC Esprit's Power Play daughter
  88. (NE) FC Crow Rivers Lucky To The Max x Wellers Allie(10 week old yellow female)
  89. (TN) - Excellent Yellow Litter - Outstanding Pedigree
  90. (PA) Excellent Cross of Field trial and show !!
  91. (LA) FC AFC Slider X HRCH Libby
  92. (TX) yellow male puppies - cosmo's son - vikings daughter
  93. (WY) Yellow pups MH Sire (Rebel) x Uinta's Sweetness (Crow River lines)
  94. (AR) NFC AFC Maxx's Surprise x Castile Creeks Tornado "Tori" MH
  95. (AR) FC AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble "Ali" x Honkey Tonk Woman SH
  96. (WA) FC-AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder x FC-AFC Way-Da-Go Call of the Wild QAA/MH Bitch
  97. (MN) Chocolate pups - hrch sh qaa x hr sh qaa
  98. (NC) FC AFC Snapper x Sugar CGC SH! 2 yellow males available! EIC & CNM CLEAR! !
  99. (WI) FC AFC KPR'S Wet Willie x HR Allen Creeks Amazing Grace
  100. (GA) SRSA GRHRCH UH "Ranger" MH QAA NDL x HRCH "Player" MH Repeat Breeding
  101. (WY) Dans L'esprit du Deux Paw (Tigger) X FC AFC Tartans Prime Time (Prime)
  102. (TX) Chocolate EIC Carriers $750.00 GRHRCH/UH/MH x HRCH UH
  103. (ID) Casey MH X Hershey
  104. (MI) FC AFC Westshore Buddy x Three Points This Is Michigan
  105. (TN) GRHRCH Blaze Pups Due September 24
  106. (WI) THE BLAST's King of the Ring MH x Castile Creeks Summer Breeze. Great Pedigree!
  108. (SC) MH QAA (derby list) X MH QAA: Blacks & Yellows Due Aug
  109. (SC) GRHRCH Copper's Top Gunner MH puppies
  110. (LA) 5 x GRHRCH UH Cuda MH** x HRCH Chloe - Champion Chocolates
  111. (TX) Yellows/Fox Reds - excellent HT prospects
  112. (IL) Black Male Pup From GMPR HRCH Scooter MH QA2 x CPR Bella
  113. (IA) FC AFC B Bumble x Absolutely Odessa MH Blacks and Yellows
  114. (ME) FC AFC Esprits Power Play X Grady Yellow Master Hunter
  115. (NC) AKC Yellow Female Labrador Retriever Puppies
  116. (OK) 2X SRSA HRCH Spring River's Yankee Captain MNH QAA X Mountain's Top Heidi