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  7. (TX) yellows/yellow factored blacks-fc clue x beans mh
  8. (SD) FC AFC Slider x HRCH UH Ellie (FC AFC x QAA)
  9. (KS) Repeat Breeding of Outstanding Chocolate Pointing Labs
  10. (MN) Litter son of QAA SEASIDES'S HAKUNA MATATA X SH daughter of FC AFC COSMO
  12. (MN) Litter of NAFC FC AFC "Grady" x Boo's Watermark of Teal Pond MH MNH "Abby"
  13. (KS) SRS Redgates Five Star General MNH QAA X HRCH "Storm" MH19 MNH
  14. (MN)Three Rivers Set the Hook MH QAA – “Berkley” X Bella Mae XIV SH "Bella"
  15. (SC) FC Sweetie’s Easy Rider (Ford) x Nikki QAA NDL ** Derby/Field Trial CONTENDERS!
  16. (TX) NDC Abby's Physician of Antioch QAA "Luke" x DDK Ida Rather be Hunting SH "Ida"
  17. (UT) fc/afc cosmo x candy sh ***
  18. (MI) Kick'n Brass x CH Tabatha's
  19. (IL.) Yellow Male pups available soon.
  20. (WI) Black and Chocolate - Berkley MH QAA x Zoey SH
  21. (IL) Black Pointing Lab Pups From GMPR HRCH Scooter MH QA2 x CPR Mia
  22. (MN) Litter of FC Crow Rivers 'LUCKY' to the Max X 'GRADY' Daughter 'BELLA'
  23. (ID) FC/AFC JJ of Redrock X Southfork's Irish Coffey MH QA2
  24. (GA) FC AFC Snapper Litter - Blacks and Yellows
  25. (FL) Jazz (NAFC Roxie x NAFC Grady daughter) x FC Low Tide's Pounder
  27. (TX) Blacks/Yellow HRCH Rudder MH X Shady
  28. (MS) FC Moody's Nitz x QAA/hrch cosmo bitch
  29. (IN) All black litter
  30. (TN) Troublesome Highseas Makin Htouse Calls MH,QAA x FC Punch Daughter
  31. (MS) GRHRCH Blaze MH x HRCH Belle - AKC Chocolate Lab Puppies
  32. (MN) Rainmaker's Southern Gamble, MH/QA2 x Mark V.'s Renny Sassy Sage, MH yellows
  33. (AL) FC Sweetie's Easy Rider X Shooting Straight With Kimber
  34. (AL) GRHRCH Juice QAA X Pistol (FC AFC X FC)
  35. (TX) FC AFC Choco x Grace MH - All Chocolate
  36. (WI) FC Road Warriors Dieter Brock X Harvest Moon's Beware The Ides Of March RHR MH
  37. (TX) Yellow NAFC FC AFC Paddle Creek's Pack Your Grip Puppies
  38. (OK) Five Star Patton's Attack MH, QAA x Docheno Tubb's Say Something Nice "Sarah" SR
  39. (KY) Drake's Bay Parting of the Sea(Moses) x Yogo's Hidden Treasure(Jewel)
  40. (IL) Black Males
  41. (CO) AFC Tartan Checkmate x Fat Tire's Something to Talk About (Prime line breeding)
  42. (MS) NAFC-FC Coolwater's Hawkeye Legend X NFC-AFC Chopper daughter
  43. (WI) International FTCh Lesser Burdock Abbotstone/HRCH HLR Proud Mary Roln on a River
  44. (KY) FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime's Frequent Flyer (Trip) x NFC AFC Sibling (Bella)
  45. (KY) REPEAT BREEDING: GRHRCH/NMH Hammerin Hank x GRHRCH/MH Bourbon Belle II she
  46. (MO) Superb Performance Puppies for Sale FC-AFC Coal X Rose MH
  47. (MS) GRHRCH UH Field of Dreams Ollie MH x HRCH Gp's Cut a Lean Grade of Pepper
  48. (NC) DucDogz Deuce Is Wild And Troublesome QAA x (FC AFC Pow daughter) Grace JH
  49. (SD) Yellow/Fox Reds! "Journey" MH (Snapper x MH) x "Oakley" SH (Grady x MH)
  50. (AR) NFC Maxx's Surprise X HR DW's Wishes Do Come True
  51. (CAN) FC Sweeties Easy Rider " Ford " X Razor's Da Cuttin Edge SH QAA " Kate "
  52. (MS) NAFC-FC Coolwater's Hawkeye "Legend" X 1993 NAFC Cropper Granddaughter
  53. (MN) Maestro QA2 X Maggie MH (Performance bred chocolates!)
  54. (MS) nafc fc coolwater's hawkeye legend x mississippi star baby qaa
  55. (AR) FC AFC Lane's Get Ready to Rumble X HRCH Ramblin Girl Flying First Class SH
  56. (MO) FC AFC It's All Over Now Baby Blue / Ammo litter mate SCL's Sugar Magnolia
  57. (CA) Black Litter, exceptional pedigree
  58. (ME) NFC FC AFC Maxx’s Surprise X HRCH Starlab’s One Humdinger
  59. (MS) 1 Chocolate Male Avail. (SRS GRHRCH Sprig MH, QAA X Gator PTS Mountain High MH)
  60. (IL) Black and yellow Dual purpose litter
  61. (MN) All Black Litter QAA X HRCH UH
  62. (TX) afc lane's thrilla n manilla x topgun's bewitched-blks/ylw
  63. (WI) Veeser's Cabernet Sauvignon X Field of Dreams Grade A Beef QAA2
  64. (OH) NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador X FC AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready to Rumble daughter (QA
  65. (SD) 2 Black Male
  66. (WI) Yellow male
  67. (MO) NFC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse (Mickey) x R&A's Swift Song QAA MH
  68. (TX) Boss litter! Due 2/11!
  69. (TX) Marks A Lot Sally X Legend Of The Codes (Ty)
  70. (MO) FC Sweetie’s Easy Rider x Buck Creek’s Alberta Clipper NDL, SH
  71. (NE) HRCH QA2 x HRCH (Grady daughter)
  72. (AR) NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador X HRCH MY Pa Pa is General Patton MH
  73. (TX) FC AFC Skyy MH x FC AFC Moxie (TX)
  74. (CA) AKC Yellow Hunting Lab puppies
  75. (TN) GRHRCH MNH X HRCH Repeat Breeding Due 2/23/17
  76. (AR) HRCH Bella MH x Flip MH (FC AFC HRCH DUSTY MH Daughter x FC Merlyn IV son)
  77. (IL) (Repeat breeding) Mickey X Lexi All black litter whelped 2/12/17 7 F 3 M
  78. (TX) Texas. Fox red puppies
  79. (MO) Last Direct Breeding TyRoux Progeny: Exceptional GRHRCH/MH x GRHRCH/MH
  80. (TN) FC Ford x Fancy NDL QAA
  81. (TX) FC AFC Choco x Grace MH - Competition Chocolates
  82. (AR) NFC FC AFC Maxx's Surprise X HR DW's Wishes Do Come true (Grandy daughter)
  83. (WI) K.Z.'s Cocoa Bean SH X Locked 'n' Loaded Down and Dirty MH "Mud"
  84. (LA) (GRHRCH) Bayou Magic's Tough as a BOOT QAA x HRCH Roux's Majik Ryder Fowl Play
  85. (CT) Repeat Breeding - KENNY & LIZZY
  86. (Tx) FC AFC Espirit's Power Play X Lottos Catagory V Hurricane Kate MH