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  6. (AL) Repeat: GRHRCH Juice QAA NDL (Shaq son) x HRCH Von D SH
  7. (MN) fc lucky to the max x granite ledge's little sister mh
  8. (NC) FC AFC Carolina's Half Moon x Harrison's Magical Maggie, MH
  9. (TX) FC AFC Holland x Ty QAA (Grady x Ranger daughter)
  10. (NC) Master Hunter QAA sired upcoming black & chocolate breeding!!
  11. (NC) Master Hunter sired x SH upcoming Black & Yellow breeding!! EIC & CNM CLEAR!!
  12. (NC) ALL CHOCOLATE Master Hunter Sired breeding! CNM & EIC CLEAR!
  13. (OR) OR/ID FC Utopian Sixteen Hands(Carbon son) X Ecstasy's Fancy Pants MH/AA pts
  14. (NE) HRCH Drake MH X HRCH Zipper
  15. (NC) Master Hunter QAA X Master Hunter yellow puppies
  16. (FL) Exceptional British Lab Pups
  17. (SC) All Yellow Litter Expected August 8th
  18. (CAN) 8 lab pups for sale
  19. (SD) FC AFC Jazztime's Northern Exposure X Arrowhead's First Migration MH
  21. (MS) '11 NFC FC Watermark's Running Back litter
  22. (SD) HRCH UH Wally (GRHRCH UH x HRCH UH) x HRCH UH Ellie (FC-AFC x QAA)
  23. (AL) HRCH Elk Rivers Black Lace x MH Troublesome Highseas Makin House Calls
  24. (AL) FTCH x HRCH/JH British Lab Yellow and Black puppies
  25. (OH) REDUCED! AFC-FC Dare to Dream x HRCH Myakka's Blazing Red Freespirit SH
  26. (IL) NAFC FC Tubby X JJ's Candlewood Far To Go (Coda) QAA
  27. (AL) fc afc nick of time lone ranger x hrch windcrest's black beauty mh
  28. (TX) Repeat! Nfc fc watermarks running back x nafc fc afc cody cut a grade daughter
  30. (MD) Daddy’s High Tech LBD MH MNQ QAA X Blackwaters Red Neck Woman SH
  31. (TX) AFC Taco Sir Prize X NAFC FC Grady daughter
  32. (IL) HRCH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH, CGC x Prairie States Leave Em Wheeping Willow
  33. (ID) Yellow factored FC AFC Fen Wizzard pups due in August
  34. (PA) 2 Blk females Available
  35. (WI) Black and Yellow Males Available
  36. (ID) Cuda's Blue Olive MH x Wbf's Man On The Stand QAA - Chocolate and Black Pups
  37. (ME) Esprit Out of the Woods QAA (Tiger) x HRCH Star Labs One Humdinger QAA
  38. (WY) Fox Red litter FC AFC Snapper x Windriver's Rushing Brooks SH
  39. (WI) Special Agent M2 MH QAA X Rangerwoods Polly Wanna Pintail SH
  40. (WI) Locked n Loaded Down and Dirty MH X Reinitz Wild Child Maxxzyn
  41. (MI) HRCH x HRCH bred. $800 2 BLM left
  42. (IA) AFC Meadow Woods Lawman X Wingdingers Maggie May MH
  44. (IL) FC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse [Mickey]...National AM Finalist [Chocolate Fact
  45. (MO)HRCH Buddy MH/QAA (TyRoux) x Bella SH (FC AFC Big Alfonse)
  46. (AL) BLM- Taxi MH x Sash SH (Master pass)
  47. (AL) GRHRCH Juice Qaa x FC AFC Esprit's Power Play daughter
  48. (NE) FC Crow Rivers Lucky To The Max x Wellers Allie(10 week old yellow female)
  49. (TN) - Excellent Yellow Litter - Outstanding Pedigree
  50. (PA) Excellent Cross of Field trial and show !!
  51. (LA) FC AFC Slider X HRCH Libby
  52. (TX) yellow male puppies - cosmo's son - vikings daughter
  53. (WY) Yellow pups MH Sire (Rebel) x Uinta's Sweetness (Crow River lines)
  54. (AR) NFC AFC Maxx's Surprise x Castile Creeks Tornado "Tori" MH
  55. (AR) FC AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble "Ali" x Honkey Tonk Woman SH
  56. (WA) FC-AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder x FC-AFC Way-Da-Go Call of the Wild QAA/MH Bitch
  57. (MN) Chocolate pups - hrch sh qaa x hr sh qaa
  58. (WI) FC AFC KPR'S Wet Willie x HR Allen Creeks Amazing Grace
  59. (GA) SRSA GRHRCH UH "Ranger" MH QAA NDL x HRCH "Player" MH Repeat Breeding
  60. (WY) Dans L'esprit du Deux Paw (Tigger) X FC AFC Tartans Prime Time (Prime)
  61. (TX) Chocolate EIC Carriers $750.00 GRHRCH/UH/MH x HRCH UH
  62. (ID) Casey MH X Hershey
  63. (MI) FC AFC Westshore Buddy x Three Points This Is Michigan
  64. (TN) GRHRCH Blaze Pups Due September 24
  65. (WI) THE BLAST's King of the Ring MH x Castile Creeks Summer Breeze. Great Pedigree!
  67. (SC) MH QAA (derby list) X MH QAA: Blacks & Yellows Due Aug
  68. (SC) GRHRCH Copper's Top Gunner MH puppies
  69. (LA) 5 x GRHRCH UH Cuda MH** x HRCH Chloe - Champion Chocolates
  70. (TX) Yellows/Fox Reds - excellent HT prospects
  71. (IL) Black Male Pup From GMPR HRCH Scooter MH QA2 x CPR Bella
  72. (IA) FC AFC B Bumble x Absolutely Odessa MH Blacks and Yellows
  73. (ME) FC AFC Esprits Power Play X Grady Yellow Master Hunter
  74. (NC) AKC Yellow Female Labrador Retriever Puppies
  75. (OK) 2X SRSA HRCH Spring River's Yankee Captain MNH QAA X Mountain's Top Heidi
  76. (ID) Chocolate lab puppies, MH QAA sire,
  77. (CAN) FC AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble Meet Shaq
  79. (LA) Imported British Puppies: Sired by FTCH Leadburn Mist
  80. (TX) Yellow Litter
  81. (WA) FC AFC Fatlands Locked nLoaded x CFC AFC Castile Creeks Rivers Ripple pics/Video
  82. (MT) extra extra read all about it!
  83. (MS) GRHRCH Juice QAA/HRCH Lucy
  84. (MN) 4GMPR HRCH Rooster Smasher MH QAA x Ryder (blk/ylw)
  85. (IA) Black and Yellow Pointing Lab Litter Expected
  86. (LA) FC Bayou Teche Clouseau X Wood River's Rogue (Shaq Daughter)
  87. (AK) Potential 2016 Ranger x Shaq female litter
  88. (MO) FC Crow Rivers Lucky To The Max x Kylie QAA, MH, yellow pups
  89. (MS) Coolwater's Bad Leroy Brown x FC AFC Cuda Daughter Chlt Pups
  90. (KS) WBF Man on the Stand QAA x FC AFC Wing Magics Lousiana Roux daughter (REDUCED)
  91. (VA) FC AFC Croppers Get Sum "Getty" x Troublesomes Black Magic Voodoo MH "Voodoo"
  92. (ID) seaside's casey jones mh x harleys chocolate kiss
  93. (WY) FC AFC SNAPPER x Wind River's Rushing Brooks SH (FOX RED LITTER) BORN AUG 8
  94. (SC) All chocolate master hunter litter
  95. (WI) Willie goes Rogue! and we have 11 black and yellow puppies
  96. (TX) blacks and Yellows due to whelp Beginning of September 2015
  97. (MO) NDC Abby’s Physician of Antioch (Luke) x Hailey QA2, MH
  98. (MI) FC AFC Ali x QA2 chopper bitch 3 females available
  99. (TN) GRHRCH Hammerin Hank MH x HRCH Sandy
  100. (SD) FC- AFC Hardscrabble’s Powder My Buns X Mossy Oak’s Icy Hot QAA & Derby List.
  101. (TX) chocolates GRHRCH UH "Gump" MH, MNH* x HRCH "Princess" SH
  102. (TX) FC AFC Windy City’s Mighty Mouse (Mickey) X Backwater's Alazan (Aly)
  103. (NC) GRHRCH UH "Dooley" MH x HRCH "Megan"
  104. (Ct) Fc swift rivers no problems x Nafc grady x Cnafc fc afc moonstones hug moochie
  105. (wa) nafc fc afc texas troubador x dw's wishes do come true (grady daughter)
  106. (nc) nafc fc "grady" x sh "trouble" - ready Oct
  107. (NC) FC AFC Snapper x Sugar CGC SH! 1 yellow male available! EIC & CNM CLEAR! !
  108. La abby's physician of antioch x angel warrior
  109. (SC) "Swinger" MH (FC AFC POW) X "Maggie" SH (FC AFC Ozzy) BF's Available
  110. (CA) Fox Red Litter - Ready to go home 09/23/15
  111. Nfc watermarks running back x candlewood bred dam ( nafc grady daughter)