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  6. (TX) nfc two rivers lucky willie x bayside's (cosmo daughter) 3 males
  7. (ID) GCH "Goose" MH x "Teagan" CDX JH (by GCH "Sammy" UD MH MHU) - Due Oct. 22.
  8. (NY) NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador "Tubb" x Gypsy Oak's Wild Flower "Lilly"
  9. (SC) All Chocolate Litter Due September 11, 2014
  10. (SC) All Chocolate Litter Due September 27, 2014
  11. (SC) All Chocolate Litter Due October 20, 2014
  12. (ME) FC AFC Nick in Time Lone Ranger x Git-R-Dun Chig-Grrr MH
  13. (ME) NAFC FC Cut a Lean Grade x HRCH Star Lab's One Humdinger QAA
  14. (WI) FC AFC HRCH Taylorlab's Downtown Dusty Brown MH x THE BLAST's Winning Streak MH!
  15. ( PA) FTW Dark River Falls x Mae's Miss Molly ( FC AFC Small Craft Advisoy)
  16. (AL) Taking deposits for upcoming litter GRHRCH/NMH X GRHRCH/MH
  17. (MI) FC AFC Coolwater's knockout x Lola JH
  18. (MS) FC-AFC Coolwater's Knockout X NFC Chopper Daughter (Chopper's Ole Miss Diva)
  19. (AR) HRCH Mitimats Dark Demon MH Qaa x HR Magnums Lil Cassie
  20. (IA) FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues x Java (FC-AFC x FC-AFC) chocolate puppies.
  21. (IA) NAFC-FC Barton Creek's O' Mustad x Carbon Copy Of The Big Tip *** puppies
  22. (WI) FC-AFC TNT's Det-A-Nator x Candlewood Ground Control to Willaray
  24. (LA) GRHRCH UH "Gump" MNR** x HRCH Ellie
  25. (MN) FC AFC Coolwater"s Knockout x Backwater Poetry In Motiom MH QAA
  26. (MI) FC AFC Dare To Dream X Oldsquaw's Miss Darla
  27. (IL) NAFC-FC-AFC Texas Troubador x White Oak Music City Country Girl QAA
  28. (KY) GRHRCH UH "Gump" MNR** x Polly (sire AFC Tick)- Chocolate
  29. (MO) FC Rock River Benjamin X QAA FC AFC Small Craft Advisory daughter
  30. (WI) NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade “Grady” x Good Ideas Touch of Class MH “Kate”
  31. (MD) HRCH LEROY MH x MAGGIE MHU JH (Planned 1/15/15)
  32. (PA) MH27 & QAA (FC Candlewood’s Meets Joe Black) X MH ( FC L and L Black Tie Affair
  33. (SC) FC/AFC/MH Sire x MH/HRCH Dam
  34. (UT) fc blackwater's last resort x stormy rivers hope for black magic
  35. (CA) Afc buck n bobby x orion's red bank roxie
  36. (IL)
  37. (CA) Outstanding Field Trial Litter
  38. (MN) Big Handsome Yellow Male 9 weeks old
  39. (IN) FC Tribute to Justice JH X Pipe Creek's Choot Em' Lizzy JH 1 Female available
  40. (VA) All yellow and all clear MH x MH breeding
  41. (IL) NAFC FC Tubb litter- 10 DIFFERENT National champs in 5 generations! Pups avail!
  43. (IA) HRCH UH x HRCH UH Black Lab Pups
  44. (MI) RiversWild Retrievers Upcoming litter!!
  45. (MI) RiversWild Retrievers Chilly/Rooster Smasher Breeding
  46. (TX) NAFC FC Texas Troubador X *PROVEN* NFC Chopper daughter
  47. (WI) FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision x Rainmaker's Topshot Remington JH
  48. (AR) all yellow litter grhrch slick mh qaa x hr who (grady female)
  49. (TN) Started Chocolate Pup MH x MH with Impressive Pedigree
  50. (CA) Outstanding Yellow Hunt Test Litter
  51. (MN) 1 yellow female. HRCH, MH, US Open Pheasant Champion x SH
  52. (OK) NAFC-FC Texas Troubadour X FC-AFC Dance Hall Gal
  53. (MO) Yellow World Class litter
  54. (SC) FC/AFC Robber’s Stray BULLET x Drake’s Prima Donna MH QAA *SOLID FT PEDIGREE*
  55. (AZ)(CA)FC Dottie Ray's Blue 4 You/Azna's Blue Angel Megan pups due 10-30 FT prospect
  56. (TX) AFC Coolwater's Hawkeye"Legend" X HRCH Berger Lake Hope
  57. (LA) fc afc slider x candlewood's gotta be a ragin cajun sh qa2
  58. (WI) NAFC FC Texas Toubador x NAFC FC Grady daughter
  59. (NJ) FC-AFC Robber's Stray BULLET x Princeton's Katy Did It - Strong FT Pedigree
  60. (MO) FC AFC Bullet x Hailey QAA, MH pups
  61. (OK) Taking deposits for upcoming litter of a Downtown's and Wings of Teal breeding.
  63. (MN) fc lucky litter
  64. (SC) HRCH Redline Skip Code MH QAA x HR Pipey Hot Hyper Piper
  65. (IL) NFC FC AFC Storm's Riptide Star (Rascal) X Lieber's Little Miss Lilly
  66. (CA) FC AFC SABER x HRCH TWAIN MH- Excellent FT/HT Litter
  67. (WI) FC-AFC Fen Wizzard X FC AFC Wood's River's Franchise Daughter
  68. (PA) GMHR Cas-Hi Never Tucker x Sundance's Way to Go Trace
  69. (TN) SRS GRHRCH Punch's Click Click Boom MH X Jack's Mercedes
  70. (SC) Sire: HRCH UH MH (w/qual placements) X Dam: Master Dockdog
  71. (TN) Excellent HT puppies ready to go home the first of December!!
  72. (MS) CNAFC FC AFC 89 High Derby Dog CFC Aces High III x HRCH Willows Delta MH
  73. (ID) FC-AFC Tiger McBunn X Cuda's Blue Olive MH
  74. (TN) FC Bond MH x HRCH Sandy (All black litter ready in December)
  75. ( IL) " Slider" Puppies Ready To Go
  76. (WI) FC Honor X FC AFC Coriander Daughter
  77. (WI) AFC Ten Bear's Road Trip (Tick) Pups x FC AFC Land Ahoy QAA Daughter
  78. (NC) Low Tide's Pounder QAA (Blk) X Blue Heaven Turnin Yeller JH (Ylw)
  79. (SD) GRHRCH UH CPR Lucy’s Lefty Dakota Thunder x HRCH FR’s Elegant Grace
  80. (SD) FC Crow Rivers Lucky x Gavins Point River Arising [Ylw/Blk; EIC/CNM clear; 11.8
  81. (CA) Chocolate outstanding field trail
  82. (MS) HRCH Biskit MH X HRCH Lake Yellow Lab Puppies
  83. (LA) GRHRCH UH "Gump" MH MNH** X HRCH "Cash" - Blue Ryder line
  84. (LA) NAFC, FC, AFC Grady Cut A Lean Grade X Kapriver Black Ice QAA (Repeat)