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  6. (KS) 4X GMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Grizzly SH x 4X GMPR TGK Nala's Right Stuff Winifred
  7. (IA) 4X GMPR Grass Lake Guster SH x CPR East Point's Smashing Sophie JH
  8. (MD) HRCH Harness Creek's Leroy Brown MH X Waterloo's See A bolt of Magic MHU JH
  9. (WI) Stan The Man Yellows
  10. (SC) Titled Dam NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade X FC AFC Indi Go Girl CDX
  11. (IA) NAFC FC Texas Troubador (Tubb) X Grady Daughter
  12. (FL) AKC/UKC reg. MH, AFC, FC Hunting retriever pups Yellow
  13. (MA) NAFC FC Texas Troubador x Pleasant Pine's Hidden Treaure,CDX,MH (Pirate daughter
  14. (AL) Shaq Son X Chopper Daughter
  16. (MO) FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie x Walnut Lake Eager Beaver puppies - 1 male, 1 female
  17. (CA) Yellow Lab Pups
  18. (MN) Repeat breeding! HRCH Ezra MH, CGC X Birddog's Heidi (Yellows/Fox Red)
  19. (SC) "TOOT" MH x FC "HUCK"
  20. (WI) FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie x Grady daughter
  21. (SD) 4xGMPR SH x CPR breeding
  22. (TX) GRHRCH Scout Heinrich MH - All Chocolate Litter
  23. (LA) HRCH Patton's RANGER Roxx The Way MH X HR Watermarks Princess Warrior XENA
  24. (PA) Great looking competive The best of Field trial lines and a wee piece of CH/MH
  25. (OK) NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubadour (Tubbs) X Glenhoma’s Big Island Brew QA2 MH (Kona)
  26. (KS) FC AFC Dare to Dream (Cosmo) x Grindstone Denim N' Blues MH (Denim)
  27. (UT) FC-AFC Fen Wizzard x Amelia PF Flyer(FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford)
  28. (NE) Chocolate litter-4XGMPR MH QAA x Babe SH (CNM & EIC clear)
  29. (TX) FC-AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise X Sonshine's Dottie West
  30. (MI) Trinitys Rip x Meet Joe Blk Lola JH
  31. (NC) akc labrador retriever pups (mh qaa x jh) - due mar 7
  32. (AR) FC-AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise (Holland) x Double K's Easy Drivin Night Hog
  33. (MN) Black and Chocolate Litter
  34. (IA) FC-AFC Blackwater Rudy x Contender's Marina Del Rey (NAFC-FC x NFC) puppies
  35. (TX) DUE 04/07/15 ∙ FC AFC Trumarc’s Hollandaise X HR Moccasin Creek’s Lil Timber
  36. (TX) UH HRCH Patton's Commander In Chief SH X Moccasin Creek’s Blackwater Lil Souie
  37. (CT) FC Swift Rivers No Problems X Riverwoods Beyond A Reasonable Doubt MH
  38. (IA) **Repeat** NAFC Paddle Creek's Pack Your Grip "Traveller" Litter/Picks Available
  39. (MO) FC AFC Holland x Torri – National Derby List
  40. (TX) HT/FT prospects ready to go March 21-22
  41. (MT) FC Utopian Sixteen Hands x Qual placing Dam
  42. (GA) SRSA GRHRCH UH "Ranger" MH QAA (NDL) x "Bonnie" QAA
  43. (NC) Litter sired by FC-AFC Ten
  44. (GA) Chocolate Pups Nan-Dool Elwood Blues X HRCH with MH passes
  45. (AL) GRHRCH Juice Qaa black pups expected
  46. (TX) FC Trumarc's Hollandaise & Tioga's Coastal Cousin MH all blk due April 1
  47. (OR) FC AFC CAFC TaylorsLab Magic Trick X Duckworths Kickin It Country black and yell
  48. (UT) fc- finn x weezer's fabulous ruby jh ( fc-afc weezer retreezer x 09'nfc flip)
  49. (ID) "Jack" MH x "Teagan" CDX JH - Due April 22. "English" Looks, Proven Performance.
  50. (NC) HRCH, MH sired yellow & black litter! CNM & EIC CLEAR!
  51. (MN) FC-AFC POW X LASSIE (Lean Mac X Gracie) All Yellow Litter
  52. (CA) SOCAL Black Lab's Pups
  53. (WI) FC AFC Jet Black Bustin Thru the Brush MH x Automatic Det-A-Nator MNH QAA
  54. (NE) HRCH "Jade" x HRCH "Hank"
  55. (NE) Sailor Grand Litter - AKC MH "Coal" HRC x JH "Rio" Tiger Mountain Pointing Lab
  56. (AL) Taxi MH x Sash SH (Master pass)
  57. (ND) FC-AFC Candlewoods Lotta Black Pepper, MH, QAA x CPR High Calibers Makin A Splas
  58. (MS) FC Blackwater's Last Resort (Finn) X Legend's Ole Miss Hotty Toddy
  59. (MS) (GA) HRCH Go Get Em Gator MNH7 x HRCH Double Dare Dara MNH6
  60. (OH) Good HT or FT prospects in OH
  61. (MN) Chocolate litter confirmed
  62. (MN) Black/Chocolate Litter Confirmed!!
  63. (TX) FC-AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise x Topgun's Bewitched
  64. (GA) Proven all CHOCOLATE LITTER EIC/CNM Clear (Check out the Pedigree)
  65. (OH) Black Lab Pups with 19 of 62 Ancestors Hall Of Fame Retrievers
  66. (TN) Troublesome Highseas Making House Calls QAA MH X Jakes Troublesome Sky SH
  67. (MS) HRCH Thunder MH x FC/AFC Crow River Mad Max (Bitch)
  68. (NC) FC AFC Rev Blu Genes x Proven Producing Female
  69. (MO) FC Merlyn IV x Bella MH- all blacks
  70. (TX) FC AFC Tealcreek Patton's Saber X Revitt Up's Night Furry MH QA2
  71. (WI) FC AFC Contempt Of Court (Ruckus)X Wizardrheas' Roxtar MH (Roxie)
  72. (TX) HRCH Ariz Watermark’s Ramblin Richard MH & HRCH Ariz WolfCreek Hope & Liberty
  73. (MN) BLACK (FC Nan-dool Elwood Blues x FC/CFC/CAFC Taylorslab Magic Trick MH CD daugh
  74. (NC) FC AFC Snapper x Sugar CGC SH! ALL yellow upcoming breeding! EIC & CNM CLEAR! !
  75. (NC) Master Hunter sired upcoming all chocolate breeding!! EIC & CNM CLEAR!!
  76. (TX) FC AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise X OTT's Good Time Race Girl (Ford daughter)
  77. (SD) FC-AFC Fen Wizzard x Shaffer’s Montana Rose***
  78. (TN) SRS GRHRCH UH Punch's Click Click Boom MH MNR pups due May 14!!
  79. (IN) GRHRCH UH Big Mamou’s Run Forest Run MNH x HRCH Hardy Lake Call of the Wild Jewe
  80. (AL) FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Locked N Loaded x HR Dixie's Southern Comfort IV, MH
  81. (MN) MH QAA (NAFC FC Hook) X SH (littermate to FC AFC Snapper)
  82. (TX) FC AFC Watermark's the Boss x Watermark's Chorus Girl
  83. (TN) All chocolate litter..Coolwater's Bad Bad Leroy Brown x BK's One For The Ro
  84. (IL) GMPR HRCH Scooter MH QA2 x CPR Bella pups
  85. (MO) Ammo littermate litter sired by FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues whelped 3/11/2015
  86. (MO) FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision "Snapper" Pups
  87. (IN) GRHRCH Maple Creeks Calumet Coyote MH
  88. (LA) FC AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble X HRCH Pearl Rivers Choppers Babe
  89. (IL) Fc Afc Lanes Ready to rumble x Money Market Account "grace"
  90. (WI) FC AFC Mulligan Off The Rainy “T” X NAFC Buster Daughter
  91. (UT) FC AFC Fen Wizzard x Straightshots Fortune Teller MH (Gypsy) pups ready now!
  92. (CAN) ONT- FC AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise X Sunrise over Coletta Bay QAA(KeihlaXChopp
  93. (IA) 1 Black Female Left - NAFC Texas Troubador
  94. (WI) (MN) FC Free Spirit Par Shooter (blk) X She’s in Red Numbers (blk)
  95. (IA) All Yellow Pointing Lab Puppies
  96. (TX) Brookdales Bad to the Bone MH x Sweet Adeline's Mick MNH5 MH
  97. Fc Hilltop's Hayseed x Rockin Z's Rage SH
  98. FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision & Razor's River City Gem SH