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  6. (MO) FC Crow Rivers Lucky To The Max x Kylie QAA, MH, yellow pups
  7. (MS) Coolwater's Bad Leroy Brown x FC AFC Cuda Daughter Chlt Pups
  8. (KS) WBF Man on the Stand QAA x FC AFC Wing Magics Lousiana Roux daughter (REDUCED)
  9. (VA) FC AFC Croppers Get Sum "Getty" x Troublesomes Black Magic Voodoo MH "Voodoo"
  10. (ID) seaside's casey jones mh x harleys chocolate kiss
  11. (SC) All chocolate master hunter litter
  12. (WI) Willie goes Rogue! and we have 11 black and yellow puppies
  13. (TX) blacks and Yellows due to whelp Beginning of September 2015
  14. (MO) NDC Abby’s Physician of Antioch (Luke) x Hailey QA2, MH
  15. (MI) FC AFC Ali x QA2 chopper bitch 3 females available
  16. (TN) GRHRCH Hammerin Hank MH x HRCH Sandy
  17. (TX) FC AFC Windy City’s Mighty Mouse (Mickey) X Backwater's Alazan (Aly)
  18. (NC) GRHRCH UH "Dooley" MH x HRCH "Megan"
  19. (WA) nafc fc afc texas troubador x dw's wishes do come true (grady daughter)
  20. (NC) nafc fc "grady" x sh "trouble" - ready Oct
  21. (LA) abby's physician of antioch x angel warrior
  22. (SC) "Swinger" MH (FC AFC POW) X "Maggie" SH (FC AFC Ozzy) BF's Available
  23. (TX) Nfc watermarks running back x candlewood bred dam ( nafc grady daughter)
  24. HRCH High Ground J.R.C. Three Amigos MH QAA X SHR Cunningham's One Hot Momma JH
  25. (IL) FC AFC Indian Hieghts Getaway x Circle K's Diamond In The Rough
  26. (IL) HRCH Born To Run II MH QAA x HRCH Kelley's Cane Hollow Alarm Clock
  27. (IL) FC AFC High Tech CEO x Prairie States Hotter Than Hades
  28. (SD) GMPR HR ZZ-RR Holidays Sundance Buddy X CPR SR Red Rooster Chocolate Gold Abigai
  29. (NC) Cody's Star Grade Rambo MH x Fowl Minded Southern Belle
  30. (NC) NAFC Grady Upcoming Litter Purchase Your Own Christmas Present
  31. (WI) FC AFC Mully (Nat Am Finalist) x NAFC Grady daughter
  32. (IL) GRHRCH UH Big Mamou's Run Forest Run MNH**x Drakehaven's Lotta Irons In The Fire
  33. (MS) FC AFC Coolwater's Knockout x Ragin' River Roxx QA2 (BLACKS ONLY)
  34. (MO) British lab pups
  35. (FL) Coolwater Kennels FC-AFC Coolwater's Hawkeye Legend pups
  36. (FL) Coolwater kennels chocolate lab pups
  38. (MN) Bird Dog Labs Litter Announcement! FC AFC Snapper X Brook JH (Yellow-Fox Reds)
  39. (MD) Daddy’s High Tech LBD MH MNQ QAA X Blackwaters Red Neck Woman SH (Price Reduced)
  41. (ID) FC AFC Fen Wizzard pups ready to go September 19th
  42. (CAN) FC Sweetie's Easy Rider X Razor's Da Cuttin Edge SH JFTR WCI
  43. (VA) FC Low Tide's Pounder x Blue Heaven's Turnin' Yeller, JH
  44. (CT) WRIGHT’S FIRSTACE HIGH*** x BALMORA’S WEAPON OF WAR MH***(Chopper Line Breeding)
  45. (MN) NAFC FC "Grady" x FC AFC "Mildred" *Repeat Breeding"
  46. (PA) Saabi Sils Gotta B Tanked MH & Saabi Sils Missile Trip SH
  47. (TX) FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford X Producing Cosmo Daughter
  48. (WI) Fc Afc Mulligan off the Rainy “T” & Drake’s Bay Nala Girl Qaa (Nfc & Nfc)
  49. (TX) FC AFC Holland x Lotta Tyme for Blue QAA
  51. (NC) Pointing Lab Pups out of HRCH MPR Medicine Beau Luke of Black Forest MH QAA
  52. (TX) GRHRCH Woodswitch’s Bayou Boomer MH – All yellow litter
  53. (TX) FC-AFC Lane’s Lets Get Ready to Rumble (Ali) x Sonshines Midnight SummerGal (Eva
  54. (OH) FC AFC Mulligan Off the Rainy T x Carronade's Kismet, CC.
  55. (NY) FC AFC Bluenorth's Rock Hard Ten MH x M&M's Putting On The Ritz MH QA2
  56. (NH) NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador x Heart and Soul’s Statement of Faith QA2
  57. (CA) Outstanding black labrador retriever puppies
  58. (GA) GRHRCH Trigger MH x HRCH Sadie MH Qual 4th
  59. (LA) fc afc bayou teche eye onthe ball-hr watermarks princess warrior xena
  60. (MN) Chocolate Pups - Ready around Christmas
  61. (MN) FC Crow Rivers Lucky To The Max -Yellow Litter
  62. (ME) Esprit Out of The Woods QAA X Blue Water Cracklin Rose QAA
  63. (WI) FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie x HR Allen Creek's Amazing Grace (all yellow litter)
  64. (TN) Seaside's Gorgeous George, CLOONEY- 75 Derby pts - Choc factored litter
  65. (IL) Int. FTC x HRCH British Labrador breeding announcement (IL)
  66. (MS) HRCH Thunder MH x FC/AFC Cosmo Bitch
  67. (GA) 2XNAFC 2XCNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac x Crooked Creeks Wild Jasmine QAA2 MH
  68. (OH) Black Puppies Available - OH
  69. (ID) Trouble-Blue puppies
  70. (MD) Field trial prospects expected Nov 2
  71. (ME) Code Blue Line Breeding, POW X Grady Master Hunter
  73. (IL) FC-AFC Aran Island's Finnegan x Worth-It's Pandimonium QAA
  74. (MI) FC-AFC Mickey X FC-AFC Breeze Lab Pups
  75. (ID) EIC Clear Yellow Male out of MH Son of NFC Dewey's Drake of Moon River
  76. (WY) FC Sweeties Easy Rider "Ford" x Nikka
  77. (CA) Male Yellow Lab 8 week old from STRONG pointing lines
  78. (MO) FC AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger X ATLASTA Chance QAA
  79. (WI) Field of Dreams Grade A Beef QAA Male puppies
  80. (MN) FC Crow Rivers Lucky To The Max x Norse Backwater Cookie Shaq SH (bm & yfs)