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  5. (SD) FC Finn x FC-AFC NICK OF TIME LONE RANGER daughter (w Open pts) all black ltter
  6. (NC) FC CFC CAFC Taylorslab Magic Trick MH CD X NFC Abes Ebony and Ivory Daughter
  7. (MN) fc afc wet willie x granite ledge's betty ann mh yellow pups
  8. (TX) FC AFC Watermark's The Boss x Grady female JH yellows and blacks
  9. (MS) Grhc big jim's buck mh x hrch lil bit a trouble mh 4 yellows
  10. (NE) FC/AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready to Rumble/HR Platte Valley's Play Girl SH
  11. (CAN) FC AFC Stinger X FTCH AFTCH Ruby
  12. (KY) GRHRCH Hammerin Hank NMH x GRHRCH Bourbon Belle MH; due date 4-26-14
  13. (SC) Yellow Litter on the ground !
  14. (NC) All Chocolate PROVEN Labrador Retriever Breeding (CNM & EIC CLEAR)
  15. (NC) All Yellow Labrador Retriever Breeding FC X SH L@@K!
  16. (MO) NAFC FC Grady X Red Label Turn The Page MH/QAA **Exceptional Breeding**
  17. (IL) 4xGMPR SH x CPR Pointing Lab Pups With Loaded Pedigree *Repeat Breeding*
  18. (TX) FC AFC Esprit's Power Play x FC AFC Tiger McBunn & FC Mak's Convince Me Connie d
  19. (IL) fc afc land ahoy "pirate" x qaa hr barcums tick tac zoe "zoey"
  20. (IN) grhrch uh "kate" mh x grhrch hammerin hank mh - blk & ylw pups expected
  21. (TN) sh x sh with serious potential!!! Blk and yellows!
  22. (MN) HRCH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH, CGC X Birddog's Hunting Heidi (fox reds)
  23. (WI) NAFC Hook son, MH/QAA x NAFC Grady daughter, SH, blacks
  24. (IL) FC Contempt of Court "Ruckus" X SHR Burlingames Tutzy Rollup Pups
  25. (MN) FC AFC Land Ahoy x Backwater Poetry In Motion MH QAA (Shaq daughter)
  26. (WA) 4xGMPR Wandermer's Tazverniti QAA MH x Tiger Mtn's Ghost Rider One QAA
  27. (NC) FC/AFC x AFC Pups
  28. (GA) HRCH Wilsons God Of Thunder x HRCH Roux's Gator Point Abbey, Chocolate Litter
  29. (TX) STORM X BIRDIE (repeat of AMMO) Chocolate Pups
  30. (TX) All yellow FC/AFC/NAFC/MH Puppies born 3/14 3 Males 2 Females
  31. (CO) Ruger with a Cause MNH x King's Magical One JH
  32. (LA) FC AFC Punch X NFC FC AFC Chopper's daughter
  33. (TN) FC AFC Punch x GRHRCH UH Star MH
  34. (WA) Nitro x jazztime lines
  35. (MA) Copper QAA X HRCH Gabby MH Chocolates
  36. (KY) MH X SH Chocolates Nice Pedigree
  37. (NC) FC AFC Rev Blu Genes X 2XNAFC 2XCNAFC Lean Mac daughter
  38. (VA) >>>Repeat Breeding<<< NAFC-FC Cody Cuts a Lean Grade X Ranger’s Lone Lola***
  39. [TX] FC AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble [Ali] X AFC Fargo's Texas Lexus [Lexie]
  40. (IL) British-pedigree litter due in May (So. IL)
  41. (OR) FC-AFC Land Ahoy x Wetlands Island Girl Hula MH
  42. (GA) FC Drake Bay's Parting of the Sea (Moses) x Kerry Around A Duk Dawg MH (Kerry)
  43. (TX) FC/AFC-Esprit's Power Play x Archway's Dancin' for Dollars-SH
  44. (WY) FC FINN x Rebels Dare to Dream all yellow
  45. (AR) NAFC FC Codys cut A lean grade X Patton female
  46. (CAN) FC AFC CANDLEWOODS LIFE IS A HIGHWAY X FC AFC Wood’s River’s Franchise Daughter
  47. (MI) FC AFC Ace On The River III x Three Points Something To Talk About MH
  48. (MN) (2nd breeding)Three Rivers Set the Hook MH (Berkley)xCountryview's Feisty Cayann
  49. (NE) 4XGMPR Cashmans Super Trooper X Yankee Ridge Gale Force SH
  50. NC. Repeat Breeding FC Merlyn IV x FC AFC Delpond’s Pink Champagne, Fizz
  51. (CAN) FC AFC Fen Wizzard X FC AFC Wood's River's Franchise Daughter
  52. (ID) CNAFC-CFC-FC-AFC Aces High III x GMPR Duffys Jazzed Up Rippin Ruby QAA
  53. (TX) HRCH Watermarks Texas Roadtrip MH sired chocolate pups
  54. (TX) 1 Chocolate Male from HRCH, MH, QAA sire and SH dam
  55. (MS) FC/AFC Coolwater's Knockout (Punch) X NFC/AFC Chopper daughter
  56. (TX) GRHRCH Scout Heinrich MH - All Chocolate Litter
  57. (TX) GRHRCH Woodswitch’s Bayou Boomer MH - Black Litter, with possible yellows
  58. (MI) HRCH UH CH Kerrybrook's Vince MH x HRCH Kerrybrook's All Jazz'd Up MH
  60. (MN) 2011 Purina High Point Open Dog Breeding!!!
  61. (IN) Black and Yellow Lab Puppies
  62. (ME) Offering an ‘Over-Under’ pair of line breedings on Code Blue, Super Powder, Tank
  63. (WA) **REPEAT BREEDING** FC Merlyn IV x QAA/MH Chocolate (FC-AFC "Drake" x MH)
  64. (MN) FC-AFC Landover's Right On Target "Aero" x Cedar Ridge Destiny Unknown QAA"Desi"
  65. (LA) GRHRCH Rouxs Special "Chivas" MH x Pattons Hammerin Riley MH puppies for sale!!
  66. (TX) FC AFC Cosmo X Tinke QAA
  67. (TX) all chocolate litter
  68. (MS) hrch uh havin a whisky drink and rollin bones qaa mh x nafc fc afc grady daughte
  69. (GA) QAA Low Tide's Pounder X QAA Pilkington's Perspicacity 5 blacks & 3 yellow
  70. (WI) Locked'N'Loaded's Down and Dirty MH "MUD" X FC xFC Female
  71. (ID) FC AFC Fen Wizzard x Leconas Sweet Cheeks
  72. (UT) FC-AFC Fen Wizzard X Nebo’s Black Pearl 7.5 All Age Points
  73. (WA) FC-AFC PETE X FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC-GMPR-MHR Chance (MH daughter)
  74. (SC) FC AFC B Bumble (Stinger) x HRCH Mt. Holly Thunder & Lightning MH (Storm)
  75. (FL) FC-AFC KPR’s Wet Willie x Seaside’s All American Girl, MH, Qualified for 2014 MN
  76. (CAN) FC AFC The Bear XVII X Razor's River City Gem SH
  77. (MD) FC AFC Cropper’s Get Sum, “Getty” x AFC Black Magic’s Return to Lender, “Repo”
  78. (LA) HRCH Blue Sky's Bayou Brewed Barley Pop x GRHRCH Blackpowder's Blazing Red Flame
  79. (WI) Locked 'n' loaded's down and dirty mh "mud" x fc afc "pirate daughter
  80. (TX) GRHRCH UH Washtia's One Hot Tamale MH MNRxHRCH CH Go West Mamma's Last Nerve CGC
  81. (IN) Blind Faiths True Spirit MH QAA X SHR Zamms Last Chance Molly (FC AFC Daughter)
  82. (SC) Chocolate Pups Available Now
  83. (WI) Locked N Loaded's Down and Dirty MH x THE BLAST's Black Sash JH Blks and Ylws!
  84. (WI) Fantastic Fox Red Litter! HRCH GMPR "Scooter" MH QAA x MH Female
  85. (UT) FC Afc fen wizzard x CBR'S road warriors prize (00' NFC Afc Maxxs surprise )
  86. (NC) 4XGMPR HRCH MH (Max) X APR SH (Breeze) Black/Yellow Pointing Lab Litter
  87. (WI) NFC EMMITT X FC Merlyn IV Daughter
  88. (KS) NFC Eba son x HRCH MH Female
  89. (AR) NFC Two Rivers Lucky Willie X HRCH MH Female
  90. (CAN) FTCH AFTCH NMH Gold Star Take'm Tex X NMH Dandesg Miss Laurel Fiji
  91. (IA) FC Dottie Ray's Blue 4 You x Magic Tricks Jezebel MH (FC-AFC x FC) puppies.
  92. (AL) GRHRCH Hammerin Hank NMH x GRHRCH Hardy Lale Wake MH pup
  93. (SC) FC Bluenorth’s Rock Hard Ten MH X HRCH Madame Stuttgart Will-DO MH
  94. (IL) Afc ten bears roadtrip...proven chocolates..1 female.. 5 males
  95. (MI) Reapeat breeding FC AFC Tubbs x Ellie QAA
  97. (CO) FC AFC Teddys Ebonstar James X APR HR KBs Princess Sage JH
  98. (TX) Choc pups
  99. (GA) NFC AFC Hunter Runs Boo-Boo "Boo" x Mac's Bad Girl QAA "Bonnie"
  100. (IA) HRCH Candlewood's Cash On The Line *** x Contender's Lake City Echo MH puppies.
  102. (TX) NAFC FC Cody Cut A Lean Grade (Grady) x Molly B Ringo MH (Troop)
  103. (MD) Blackfoot's Abra Cadabra MH X Deep Run Dakota East SH