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  1. Started Dog Classified guidelines - Updated 10/1/08
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (NC) 8 month old black male
  4. (OR) YLF Qualified for 2015 Master Nationals
  5. (TN) 10 Month Old "Tubby" Male
  6. (ID) SH Titled YLM
  7. (OR) 10 month old Chocolate Male, well started.
  8. (TX) CLF Semi Started 17 mos.
  9. (SD) Hunting Guide Black Lab Male
  10. (KY) 3 Year old Finished Black Lab Female, $7500
  11. (TX) 1 year old dark YF
  12. (ID) finished gun dog MH QAA2
  13. (MS) 8 month old pup off GRHRCH Hammerin Hank MNH5, black male
  14. (ND) Just turned 6 years old male yellow lab Master Hunter
  15. (AR) 8 mo/old Black Female - Lots of drive and personality!
  16. (AR) yr old black male derby prospect
  17. (MO) Choc female 10 month companion/meat dog $800
  18. (VA) JH Golden Retriever Male
  19. (WI) yellow lab
  20. (WI) 5 Year Old AKC Master Hunter Ylw Female
  21. (TX) Blk Male 17 mo, Started, great pedigree, CNM/EIC clear
  22. (MN) 13 month BLM FC AFC Ali Son
  23. (AL) 9.5 mo old BLF prospect by SRS GRHRCH Punch's Click Click Boom
  24. (CAN) alberta two finished golden retriever males
  25. (TX) Finished Male Brittany
  26. (WY) 7 month old BLM Jazztimes Frequent Flyer
  27. (LA) 8 month old clf mh x mh
  28. (UT) 9 mo old black male. NAFC FC Texas Troubador X HRCH Mad Rivers Super Nova MH
  29. (NC) 20 Mo. BLF FC/AFC Lanes Letís Get Ready to Rumble x Miss Delta Pearl MH ** SR LE
  30. (CA) Calif Grady Black Lab Male intact
  31. (KY) 18 Month Old Started YLF
  32. (TX) 5 year old AKC BLM
  33. (NC) 3YR BLM CK's Coot MH
  34. (NC) BLM 2 years old
  35. (IN) 3 Year old SHR Titled YLF
  36. (WA) Started Chocolate Lab Male
  37. (NC) HRCH Fox Red Female SH (Prefer Family Hunting/Hunt Test Home)
  38. (IL) Well Bred HRCH 3 Year Old Black Female
  39. (MN) 9 mo. Blm out of nafc fc grady & kapriver black ice qaa
  40. (GA) (AL) Finished 6yo BLF
  41. (MN) 26 month old Fen Wizard son FT/HT prospect
  42. (IL) For Sale HRCH Black Female
  43. (MO) 4yo All-Age BLF QAA
  44. (NY) 18 Month old Started BLF (FC x MH)
  45. (CO) 3yo Fox Red Male GMPR/HR/ Finished and Master Passes
  46. (TX) 2 black males 12mo.
  47. (SD) 9 year old blf
  48. (OR) BLM Stater Dog
  49. (SD) Finished 2y/o BLF - HRCH SDK's Marie Laveau - call name Voodoo
  50. BLM's
  51. Tx. Choc. Lab Female HRCH Sugar
  52. MT 1 Year Old Black Lab Female