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  1. Started Dog Classified guidelines - Updated 10/1/08
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (UT) 5 1/2 month old ylm
  4. (NE) HRCH Yellow Female
  5. (OK) Started Yellow Male (8 months old)
  6. (AL) Started Black Female - Colt Forty Five sired
  7. (WI) BLF FC/AFC Slider x Avery *** running Qualifying
  8. (TN) 3 yr old boykin spaniel
  9. (SD) Red Rooster Mack and Kidd Chocolate Labs
  10. (AL) Cudas Blue Ryder Female
  11. (NM) 6 month YLF for sale
  12. (SC) HRCH BLM 6 yo (MH/QAA x SH) well bred
  13. (NC) 2 Y/O BLM FC Harley Super Trieven Mac x Bodacious MH***MH/QAA Level
  14. (NC) 16 Mo.BLF FC/AFC Letís Get Ready to Rumble x Delta Pearl MH ** Senior Level
  15. (WA) Black Lab Female for sale
  16. (MS) Great Hunting Dog For Sale. HR Rip
  17. (WI/TX) 1 Year Old Started Yellow Male
  18. (ID) Black lab male 12/18/13
  20. (TN) Finished BLM Ready To Go
  21. (TX) 21mo.Clm
  22. (TX) (MT) Finished BLF Ready to run all age NFC FC AFC Hunter Runs Booboo x Hard Scra
  23. (MS) Finished Yellow, NAFC/FC/AFC Grady Male
  24. (AL) 17 mo. SH Titled BLM
  25. (MI) 1Yr YM. FC AFC Lane's Lets Get Ready to Rumble X Oldsquaw's Miss Darla.
  26. (MS) 3 yr old finished ylm.
  27. (IL) Fc afc x fc blk female
  28. (MO) started choc females - well bred and EIC and CNM clear
  29. (OH) Finished MH QAA BLK Male for Sale
  30. (MO) 10 month ylm
  31. (NE) BLK Brood Bitch: Grady x Espirits Out of the Woods Bitch
  32. (IL) SH 6 year old male lab Illinois
  33. (IL) Blk 14 months NFC Texas Troubadour x Revitt up's Freedom Fighter JH
  34. (SC) BLK F: FC AFC X MH+ for outright sale or co-own option
  35. (IL) HR Titled Female Chocolate Female Labrador
  36. (VA) 16 month old started YLM
  37. (TX) HRCH/MH Chocolate Lab Male for sale
  38. (TX) Golden Retriever Male 2014 Derby List