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  1. Started Dog Classified guidelines - Updated 10/1/08
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (AL) Started black make--9 mo old
  4. (WA) 10 month old started dog
  5. (WA) 10 month old started dog
  6. (IA) Golden Retriever Female
  7. (TN) Male Yellow Lab SH 3.5 years
  8. (NC) Ylw male Master Hunter for sale
  9. (MN) 18 mo ylf
  10. (UT) 16 mo started ylw male lab
  11. (GA) lightfoot's red white and blue. Tubbs grandaughter
  12. (MT) ylw female
  13. (MS) Field Trial/Hunt Test Prospect-16 month YLM -EIC Clear with outstanding pedigree
  14. (LA) 15 month old BLM (Tubb X Shaq daughter)
  15. (UT) 10 YLM AFC Dust Devils Last Spark/FC AFC Creek Robber Female w/6.5 AA pts
  16. (TX) two started dogs for sale
  17. (TX) (WI) blm 16 mo
  18. (ND) (TX) 2yr old BLM FC/AFC Lottie brother x MH w/titled sibling great bloodline
  19. (KY) 4 Yr OLD Finished BLM
  20. (WA) 3 year old YLM. NAFC FC x MH
  21. (UT) 23 month old NAFC Texas Troubador X Mad River Super Nova MH
  22. (IL) 14 month old Chocolate Male..AFC Ten Bears Roadtrip Son
  23. (LA) grhcrh uh scout heinrich mh x hrch no limit's camelopardalis
  24. (IN) fc afc choco lickity split & trinity's riptide ribbon reaper mh
  25. (TX) 1 yr old Black Lab Female
  26. (NC) 3 yr old, qaa yellow male
  27. (IN) QAA 5 yr old BLM for sale
  28. (WI) (TX) 14 mo fox red female Sr pass
  29. (MN) Tri-factored 2 Yr. Old Black Lab Male Ready for Master and Qualifying
  30. (TN) Super nice finished level black lab male fc afc x hrch mh
  31. (AL) 11 month old BLM, MH QAA X MH
  32. (CA) Started Dark Yellow (fox red) male
  33. (ID) 2 Yr old Started Black Lab Female
  34. (TX) litter mates BLM
  35. (AL) Finished Black Female
  36. (UT) 27 month BLF ~QA2~National Derby List
  37. (LA) Finished CLM
  38. (SC) 13 m/o yellow female*fc/afc espirit's power play x drakes prima donna mh qaa
  39. (WI) 2 1/2 year old BLM
  40. (KY) kentucky 16 month old started BLF
  41. (ID) Finished Beamer Son
  42. (TX) Started Blm and Blf
  43. (MN) BLM 12 months old. Minnesota
  44. (AL) Finished YLM & Started BLM
  45. (CA) 10 month old YLF
  46. (UT) 27 month Blk lab Male. NFC FC AFC "GRADY" x FC AFC Fen wizzard Daughter
  47. (LA) Started 18 month BLF
  48. (MN) 24 month old blk make ready for qualifying
  49. (MN) Golden male field trial prospect
  50. (Ky) 8 month old BLM
  51. (IA) 6 yr old Yellow Lab Female
  52. (TX) 10 Month Old Started BLM For Sale
  53. (VA) 1 yr old Started YLM
  54. (WI) 17 month old JH/WC titled YLF
  55. (TX) Master Hunter
  56. (GA) 12 month old BLF
  57. (IL) started 1yr old ylm hammerin hank son
  58. (ID) Started yellow female, hunting experience
  59. (OK) HRCH Passions Remington. Chocolate female
  60. (TN) (AL) 12 month old blf
  61. (WI) BLF (Chocolate Factored) BY FC AFC X MH