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  1. Started Dog Classified guidelines - Updated 10/1/08
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (TN) bla year old
  4. (CA) FC AFC CHAVEZ X CNFC HALEY 17 month Male
  5. (WI) started dog
  6. (MN) Cosmo son Trial/Hunt Test Prospect
  7. (MN) Yellow grady female
  8. (MN) Rev Son Trial/Hunt Test Prospect
  9. (TX) 1 yr old blm ready to hunt!
  10. (MN/TX) Started Tri-Factored Black Lab- 10 mo old
  11. (GA) 14 mo Started Chocolate Lab female
  12. (AL) 15 mo CLF
  13. (MN) family dog / awesome hunting dog 11 month old black lab male
  14. (NM) 15 month old BLM
  15. (LA) Started Dog/Brood Bitch For Sale BLF
  16. (TX) 26 m/o BLM excellent pedigree
  17. (OH) Very Nice Seasoned BLM F/S – SIRE: FC Riparian Windfall “Ricky”
  18. (MN) Two year old Chocolate female spayed:
  20. (TN) BLM 15 months old
  21. (TN) BLF 15 months old
  22. (TX) Texas 4 year old ylm
  23. (OH) BLM for sale
  24. (AL) 12 month Sr. Level BLM
  25. (AL) 4 YR Old YLF
  26. (TX) 5 year old BLF
  27. (MS) Derby dog for sale
  28. (LA) BLM Ali X Gracie
  29. (TX) Chocolate Female for sale(CNAFC Ammo littermate x CNAFC Aces High III Daughter)
  30. (WI) (BLMs) (7 months old) FC Honor x FC CFC Westwoods Sunday Silence Daughter
  31. (AL) BLM 24 Months old out of British Field Trial Lines
  32. (TX) well started young competitive prospects
  33. (NE) YLF Hilltop's Hayseed/Lean Mac/Jazztime dam, Rebel/Patton sire
  34. (SC) HRCH BLM 5 yrs old
  35. (SC) started YLM 3 yrs old
  36. (MT) Finished Lab Female Ready to Hunt
  37. (VT) MH black lab female
  38. (OK) 18 month yellow female lab
  39. (GA) 15 Month Old Black Male...
  40. (FL) 15 Month Old YLF...9 Derby points
  41. (TX) 2 1/2 year old started YLM
  42. (TX) 3 year old BLF FC-AFC sire x FC-AFC dam
  43. (TX) ****12 Month old BLM Sibling to High Point Derby Dog "Lexi"****
  44. (UT) Fen Wizzard BLM
  45. (LA) 2 year old YLF
  46. (UT) NFC X AMMO littermate Chocolate Female
  47. (VT) Master Hunter Male 2 yr old
  48. (TN) Pup by HRCH Watermark’s Ocean Passage MH x Shadowhill’s The Hunter’s Little Ange
  49. (TX) ****CLM 12 Month Old sibling to the 2013 High Point Derby Dog "Lexi"****
  50. (MI) FC AFC KPRS Wet Willie X Ragin' River Roxx QAA. TRI FACTORED.
  51. (MO) 14 mo old ALL CLEAR FC/AFC Esprit's Power Play (Pow) Son!
  52. (IA) FC-AFC Super Tanker son x Candy MH (FC-AFC x FC-AFC) 7 month black male
  53. (MN) Cosmo son
  54. (MN) Taylorslabs Magic Trick Grandson Yellow male
  55. (MN) Rev Blue Genes Son
  56. (MN) KPR'S Wet Willie son
  57. (TX) 3 Year old BLF
  58. (MN) Senior Hunter yellow lab male
  59. (IN) HR titled 2-1/2 year old YLM
  60. (TX) Started black lab male
  61. (NC) YLF 12 months old JH
  62. (GA) 2.5 Year Old Senior Hunter BLF and 2.5 Year Old YLF
  63. (MS) 2 yellow lab males
  64. (IN) chocolate female sire hrch black ice's carbon copy of ammo mh qaa
  65. (OR) 16 month old blf for sale
  66. (ID) BLM 7 months old
  67. (OK) 8 Mo Old CLM
  68. (WI) 9 Month old YLM.. Great Pedigree!
  69. (WI) 8 Month Old Athletic, Fox Red Male!!
  70. (MO) 2 yr old blm... 6 derby points with win!
  71. (NC) Started Black Male
  72. (NC) Started Yellow Male
  73. (NC) Started Yellow Male
  74. (NC) Intermediate level gun dog
  75. (NC) Basic Started Dog
  76. (SC) GRM “Trek” DOB 3/22/12
  77. (NC) 3 Yr Old BLM Hunting or Hunt Test Dog
  78. (OR) MPR'S One For The Road MH X River Valleys Bucks Ponchica MH Starters
  79. (TN) 7 Month Old YLF Great Pedigree
  80. (TN/KY) 3.5yr old Boykin Female