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  1. Started Dog Classified guidelines - Updated 10/1/08
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (SC) Black Female Junior Hunter
  4. (NC) 24 month old BLM (chocolate factored)
  5. (AL) 2 Trained Black Females
  6. (LA) NFC AFC Windy City's Mighty Mouse X Candlewood's Gotta Be A Ragin Cajun MH QA2
  7. (MO) fc bred blk female sh
  8. (WI) Cosmo daughter (Yellow) EIC Carrier for sale.
  10. (TX) BLF 16 months old -- Outstanding House Dog
  11. ( ? ) Lean Mac son EIC Carrier 5 months old
  12. (MI) 6 year old Black Lab Female (FC AFC x MH)
  13. (MO) 11 Month old Black female WELL STARTED
  14. (ND) 10 month old spayed GRF-strong hunting drive
  15. (SC/GA.) YM 2 years old. QUAL dog NOT A WASHOUT. loaded pedigree & all health certs
  16. (WA) Special Needs Boy Looking for the Right Home
  17. (TX) 2.5 year old finished YLM
  18. (OH) 11 month started BLM (FC AFC Sired)
  19. (TX) Advanced Tri-Factored BLF (NAFC X QA2)
  20. (TX) Chocolate Female Well Bred Clear/Clear
  21. (IN) Started 8 month old yellow male.
  22. (NC) 3 year old yellow MH
  23. (MS) HR Yellow Male For Sale!!
  24. (CAN) 24 month CLM - FT/HT prospect Maestro x Tangle
  25. (IN) 2 year old chocolate female excellent bred has 3 started passes
  26. (KY) 8 month old BLM
  27. (NH) 20 month YLM Gun Dog or Hunt Test
  28. (MS) HRCH Tuscombia River's Molly J
  29. (AL) Seasoned BLF
  30. (UT) NFC Micky x Grady daughter... Pup Blk Male
  31. (AR) HRCH YLM 5yr old
  32. (MN) Started 2 1/2 yr old Lab Male. Hunting/Hunt Test Dog
  33. (OR) Started Golden Male - Hunt Test MH level
  34. (TX) 4 yr BLM Finished
  35. (KS) Derby/MH Rwady to go, Holland daughter and sister to Jammer
  36. (IL) Female Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  37. (ID) well started MHQAAx MHQAA gun/test dog
  38. (MN) Started Golden Retriever Female--Excellent Field Lines
  39. 5yo YLF
  40. (AR) 19mo Started Choc Female (GRHRCH UH MH x HRCH UH)
  41. 12 month old BLM