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  1. Started Dog Classified guidelines - Updated 10/1/08
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (WI) 2.5 year old Finished Yellow male for sale
  4. (GA) FC AFC Bee Bumble x FC AFC CFC Alexis Pursuit Of Perfection - Male Started Dog
  5. (GA) Female Started Dog / Hunting Dog for Sale
  6. (AL) Started Field Trial Black Lab Female
  7. (TX) Yellow Female 16 weeks old Very Nice Pedigree
  8. (ID) Started BLM/ NFC sire QAA Dam
  9. (MO) Started YLM for sale/ FC AFC KPR'S Wet Willie son
  10. (AR) Right kind hard to find 12 mo BLF
  11. (MO) YLM 8 months old
  12. (MN) Several well bred started pups/dogs for sale
  13. (ID) Finished BLF 2 FC AFC Merlyn X MH Dam
  14. (TX) 2011' Yellow Female
  15. (AL) 12 month old YLM
  16. (AL) 2 YR Old BLM
  17. (TX) 20 month old CLM
  18. (LA) Field trial - Hunt test - Hunting dog Prospects
  19. (WI) 13 month BLM (FC Punch X QAA MH Bitch)
  20. (VT) Young and Started(s)
  21. (MN) 11 mo. old BLM out of NAFC Grady
  22. (KS) 11 Month Old Black Female
  23. (KS) Trained English Springer Spaniel
  24. (NJ) 15 mo old BLM
  25. (IL) FC AFC Hard Scrabble Powder My Buns X HRCH MH Chopper Daughter
  26. (KS) HRCH Yellow Male 4 yrs old
  28. (FL) Black Lab female for sale
  29. (MD) Chesapeake -male
  30. (IA) BLM 20 months FC Blackwaters Last Resort x Max Your Time Power Ranger QAA
  31. (GA) hrch mh blf
  32. (NC) 10 month old BLM derby prospect
  33. (GA) HRCH CLM 7yr-- Littermate to CFC CAFC Upon The Wings of an Answered Prayer “Ammo
  34. (WY) Blf 2 yaers old cheyenne wy, advaced gun dog
  35. (ME) 20 Month old Female NAFC-FC Texas Troubador x Little Saint Nikki (Ranger Daughte
  36. (IN) AL or IN Exceptionally bred started retriever (hunt test or field trial prospect
  37. (AL) Started Yellow Lab Female
  38. (AL) Finished Black Lab Male
  39. (MN) BLM - FC AFC Ali X FC AFC Joey's Zoom Zoom
  40. (MN) BLF - FC AFC Ricky X FC AFC Ranger Bitch
  41. (NC) 20 Month Old BLF Senior Test/Hunt Ready
  42. (MS) ylf 11 mos old
  43. (MO) Started YLM FC-AFC Rev Blu Genes' son / Lean Mac grandson.
  44. (MD) Yellow male 14 derby points
  45. (GA) BLM 3yo 4sh, 1mh
  46. (OR) Starter Dog BLM both Parents Qualified for 2015 Master Nationals
  47. (WI) Started Female GR
  48. (ID) (UT/ID) BLF 2YO JAZZTIME LAST CHANCE V PEKISKO/Duckpup's PSR Sugar's Toucha Pepp
  49. (ID) UT/ID BLM 5MO Sanpitch High Rivers Noon X Road Warriors Prize
  50. (MS) 5 mo BLM Ali x Chopper Bitch EIC Clear
  51. (TN) 2 Year Old Black Male
  52. (OH) (SC) Senior Level Yellow Female
  53. (MN) 9 mo. BLF out of GMPR Highpoint's Dirty Harry MH (HARRY)
  54. (GA) two started male and female labs
  55. (MO) Potential, potential, potential
  56. (MO) NAFC Tubbs Female 1 Year Old
  57. (WI) QAA Yellow Female MH HRCH
  58. (AL) 1 year old YLM ( Hammerin hank x Grady chopper bitch )
  59. (wy) nafc fc afc texas troubador(tubb) 14 month old black male