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  1. Started Dog Classified guidelines - Updated 10/1/08
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (KY) 20 mn yellow male
  4. (SC) 9 month old black male
  5. (SC) Imported gundog ready to hunt
  6. (TX) Black Females out of FC-AFC Parents
  7. (TX) Great Looking Professionally Trained AKC Black Male Lab
  8. (FL) BLM Show/Field Started w/Health Clearances
  9. (MN) Yellow Taylorslab's Magic Trick grandson
  10. (CAN) NAFTCH FTCH x GMHR / MH - 18 month YLM
  11. (MN) Yellow FC-AFC Wet Willie Male
  12. (AL) HR Deep South's Muddy River Bank
  13. (TX) SHR Southark's Lady Chewbarka Kennedy
  14. (CO) 19 month old Molly CLF - $1200
  15. (MS) Great Hunting Dog For Sale. HR Cypress Slew's Princess Kate
  16. (MN) Started Black Female
  17. (UT) 15 month old black male
  18. (SC) fully obedience trained chocolate lab
  19. (AL) 11 month old fox red male
  20. (UT) 5 1/2 month old ylm
  21. (NE) HRCH Yellow Female
  22. (OK) Started Yellow Male (8 months old)
  23. (NY) BLF Sire FC Backwater Smokin Turq x Dam Diamond Brook's TR Rapid Cognition
  24. (AL) Started Black Female - Colt Forty Five sired
  25. (AL) 10 mo old black female
  26. (WI) BLF FC/AFC Slider x Avery *** running Qualifying
  27. (TX) Nice Titled BLF Sailors Daughter, Clear
  28. (TX) BLM - GRHRCH SRS Big Black Dude MH x HRCH Peanut Butter Crackers QAA
  29. (TN) 3 yr old boykin spaniel
  30. (UT) blf fc-afc lanes lets get ready to rumble x lance's brown eyed girl mh
  31. (SD) Red Rooster Mack and Kidd Chocolate Labs
  32. (AL) Cudas Blue Ryder Female
  33. (NM) 6 month YLF for sale
  34. (LA)- 15 month old BLF GRHRCH/MNH x GRHRCH/MH parents
  35. (LA) hrch eic/cnm clear tri-factored blf 3 y/o
  36. (SC) HRCH BLM 6 yo (MH/QAA x SH) well bred
  37. (NC) 2 Y/O BLM FC Harley Super Trieven Mac x Bodacious MH***MH/QAA Level
  38. (NC) 16 Mo.BLF FC/AFC Letís Get Ready to Rumble x Delta Pearl MH ** Senior Level
  39. (WA) Black Lab Female for sale
  40. (MS) Great Hunting Dog For Sale. HR Rip
  41. (WI/TX) 1 Year Old Started Yellow Male
  42. (ID) Black lab male 12/18/13