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  1. WANTED - CANINE Classifieds Policy *PLEASE READ*
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (AL) Yellow female
  4. (MN) MN/WI Well Started or Finished Lab (smaller size)
  5. (FL) Started Dog for Silver citizen
  6. (AR) WTB Male pup out of FC/AFC X FC/AFC BREEDING
  7. (MN) WTB started Female
  8. (IA) Looking for new pup
  9. (TX) looking for started female
  10. (KY) Boykin
  11. (SC) Looking for people to join our winter training group in SC
  12. (TX) looking for new pup
  13. ( ? ) Way-da-go Call of the Wild
  14. (AL) Wanted,Well started male lab
  15. ( ? ) Grady Pup
  16. (CA) Gun Dog Trainer
  17. (CA) Wanted: 2 black or Yellow started to finished labrador retrievers
  18. (AL) WTB started black female
  19. (AR) WTB Seasoned or Finished Black M or F
  20. (TX) Looking for BLF from Chopper
  21. (CA) Looking for Kennel Maintenance Worker
  22. (TX) Help Wanted for 2015 Winter Trip
  23. (CA) Looking for a trained lab -
  24. (KC) WTB - black Female pup
  25. (WI) WTB started/finished female lab