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  1. WANTED - CANINE Classifieds Policy *PLEASE READ*
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (SD) fc pup
  4. (AL) Looking for a ride from AL to NY
  5. (AL) Looking for an Assistant Trainer Position
  6. (TX) Hunt Test Handler Needed
  7. (MN) Field Trial/Hunt Test Assistant Needed
  8. (TX) Wanted Big English FM, puppy or adult
  9. (FL) Full time trainer (fl)
  10. (MS) Looking for a started Golden Retriever female
  11. (MA) FC AFC Ali Litters
  12. ( ? ) Looking for CH/MH bred fox red (yellow) pup...
  13. (WY) Wyoming, short term bird boy help needed
  14. (TX) looking for a hunt ready dog
  15. (CA) Gun Dog Training Position
  16. (WA) WANTED: Assistant Trainer
  17. (IL) Southern Wi. Norhtern Il.
  18. (CAN) WTB Finish Hunting lab
  19. (TX) WTB Solid hunting dog
  20. (TN) Assistant trainer position
  21. (PA) Wanted 3 yr old or younger BLF Upland hunter
  22. ( ? ) Any litters with a lot of Abe or Tank up close?
  23. (NM) Looking for Assistant Trainer Position
  24. (WY) Blf
  25. (KS) Started/Finished Chocolate Male
  26. (NY) (Long Island) Wtb yellow lab male pup