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  1. WANTED - CANINE Classifieds Policy *PLEASE READ*
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (KY) young pup
  4. (TN) looking for a ylw male or female
  5. (TX) Seeking High Drive Dogs as Detection Candidates. SEE VIDEO
  6. Wanted Assistant Trainer - Summer Maine/Winter South
  7. TN looking for a ylw male or female
  8. Looking for BOYKIN female started
  9. English Setter
  10. (VA) Chocolate or Yellow Female Labrador WANTED
  11. (VA) Golden Retriever Female WANTED
  12. (MS) Looking for Black female
  13. Golden
  14. Help Wanted Trainer/Kennel manager
  15. Looking for Senior , MH and QAA level females
  16. Stud dog within 3-4 hours of St. Louis
  17. Wanted- female yellow/ fox red lab
  18. (GA) Choco or Black female, big-boned, otter tail with drive-Wanted
  19. (NC) Wanted Golden Retriever JH or SH
  20. Looking for started dogs...