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  1. WANTED - CANINE Classifieds Policy *PLEASE READ*
  2. TITLE LINE: Please start your Title with your State abbreviation in parenthesis
  3. (CA) - Gun Dog Trainer/Kennel Worker
  4. (LA) 5-8 Month Old Lab NOT STARTED
  5. (TX) Training partners wanted
  6. (ID) Looking for a family pet quality BLK or choc
  7. (ND) experienced lab wanted
  8. (ID) Looking for a lab for home....a pet.
  9. (TN) WTT Sport Dog Reciever
  10. (ID) Looking for a Female Lab pup Next year!!!!
  11. (TX) Looking for Up and Coming Trainer to share grounds on Winter Trip in TX
  12. (TX) Texas basics and started gundog trainer wanted
  13. (NC) Started lab
  14. (MO) unstarted dogs
  15. (DE) Maryland Looking for American breed puppy
  16. (CA) Wanted: Started black or yellow females
  17. (TN) Finished Boykin or Eng. cocker
  18. looking for a chocolate pup
  19. (TX) Looking to Hire Young Dog Trainer
  20. (MS) Looking for female to breed
  21. Transport from MN to LA or nearby MID MARCH
  22. iso of yellow male lab
  23. (TX) Wanted... Black male lab pup for home/hunting
  24. (OR) Wanted - black female puppy from Chopper bitch breeding
  25. ISO Yellow Litter ($1,000 or less)
  26. Any Mac litters or cosmo / mac cross litters out there?
  27. AVAILABLE- Kennel Helper/ Bird Boy/ Trainer Assistant
  28. (PA or SC) Dam Lease in exchange for a Started Dog
  29. (mo) wanting to buy labs
  30. (WI) looking for a chessie
  31. (KY) hunt club/lease
  32. (TX) Wanted: Lab for Hunting and Family
  33. (GA) WTB BLF or YLF 18 months or younger