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  1. (UT) Foxfire's Makers Mark*** at stud
  2. Cambridges Colossal Cowboy Wicker JH - Mount Airy, Maryland - STUD
  3. (LA) Sidney Down The Bayou (Gator)
  4. Emmitt frozen semem in texas
  5. 4xGMPR Bo Knows High Caliber MH
  6. Golden Retriever Topbrass One More Trip to Birdland SH at stud!
  7. (OR-GR) Windy Ridge Call of Dooley JH
  8. (CO) CPR MH Yellow Male
  9. (WI) BLM at Stud
  10. (MO) GRHRCH Trenton TN Prince Charles MH
  11. (SD) Chocolate GMPR, Third Generation GMPR at Stud in South Dakota
  12. (NC) HRCH Espirit's Landshark MH QAA
  13. (IL) HR Boykin Spaniel at Stud
  14. FC-AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise (TX) LR Black
  15. GRHRCH UH Blackpowder's Blazing Red Flame MH QAA
  16. (AZ) Golden Retriever MHR Rangers Red Desert Banger MH WCX**
  17. (MN) Granite Ledge's Moonstone Champp MH
  18. (MN) Granite Ledge's Runnin" Wild MH Chocolate
  19. Fc Afc Tealcreek Patton's Saber
  20. MN QAA Black Lab (FC AFC Skybusters Rapid Fire"Ruger"
  21. (WI) 96 NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star - frozen semen
  22. (KS) HRCH UH- TTF Apache's Lil Triton Magnea - MH British Black Lab
  23. (TN) Troublesome Midnite Toker, MH QAA
  24. Looking for the right male in Colorado or surrounding states
  25. (WI) UH HR Candlewood's Triple Deke Rosen - BLM w/yellow
  26. FC AFC Bayou Teche Eye on the Ball "SLIDER"
  27. At Stud : FC Ledyno's I Wanna Be A Lucky Star "Eddie"
  28. (TN) “Alf” Yellow Male MH QAA @ Stud
  29. Gypsy Oak's White Knight MH BLM yellow factored
  30. MS FTCH Copperbirch Lifey "Ross" LR
  31. (VA) HR BOK Risky Business CD RN - True Fox Red Stud
  32. Need help finding Stud
  33. HRCH BLM - Phenomenal Pedigree
  34. Fc afc juice.
  35. (OH) Chocolate HRCH UH Duke of Holy Trinity MH
  36. (VA) QAA, Black Lab Male
  37. (IA) SH Chocolate out of FCAFC x QAA
  38. Looking for: Choc or Choc-factored Stud 70 lbs or less
  39. GRHRCH UH Scout Heinrich MH
  40. HR "Texas Trace Hank Huckaby" SHR Boykin Spaniel at Stud (TX)
  41. (SD) LR Magic Trick's Otis QAA (Yellow)
  42. (MN) YL "Choc Factored" High Voltage Rough Rider JH Senior legs
  43. NFC AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior x NFC AFC Candlewoods Something Royal (QAA BLM)
  44. (OR) Chesapeake Bay Retriever DM, EIC Clear At Stud
  45. At Stud HRCH Lockhavens Johnny B Good 3-yr old Chocolate Lab
  46. HRCH UH MH CGC Chocolate Lab at Stud
  47. (MN) Golden Retriever Topbrass One More Trip to Birdland SH at Stud
  48. (NC) CBR Rippling Waters Choot'em Up Landrey
  49. (MN) Golden Retriever--Topbrass Forman Bound and Thunderstruck***JH
  50. (MN) Golden Retriever--Thunderstruck Like None Otter***MH WCX
  51. Black Lab AKC Senior Hunter
  52. (AL) HRCH Chocolate Male SH (EIC/CNM clear)
  53. (NY) - HR Tallmadges Spirit of Light SH - Yellow
  54. Drakehaven's No Show George "Jones" QAA CHOCOLATE factored Black
  55. (AR) - "HRCH Breeze Hill's Dude" for Stud
  56. FC AFC Bluenorth's Rock Hard Ten MH QAA WCX
  57. Looking for a FC/AFC stud within driving distance of Ohio.
  58. AKC Black Lab - SH Stud Fort Worth, TX
  59. Chena River Chavez
  60. (MA/SC/NY) FC Swift River's No Problems
  61. (NE) HRCH Sundog's Arctic Timber MH QAA Yellow Stud
  62. (OK) CBR; CH Chisholm Trail's Backdraft Bay MH**
  63. River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky Contact info
  65. HRCH MH Chocolate Lab Male Son of Dakota Cajun Roux - At Stud
  66. (MN) QAA Chocolate Available for Stud
  67. AFC Super High Flyer
  68. (Ga) HRCH Boykin Spaniel for Stud
  69. NC HRCH John's Five Star Deuceman
  70. Wisconsin FC, National Open Stud
  71. Golden Stud Available Topbrass One More Trip To Birdland SH
  72. Chlt or black that carries chlt in souther Ga needed
  73. (NH) Fox Red Lab available stud R&L'S POW'S DAKOTA SH
  75. Wanted: NFC FC AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior
  76. Fc yellow lab stud service
  77. (Il) Yellow Lab available for Stud
  78. Wanted: female to breed with our friends MNH
  79. (CA) MH BLM. Black, Chocolate factored. Great looking Boy
  80. (CA) MH, MNR, Chocolate Lab stud
  81. (CA) SH, Int CH Yellow Lab Stud
  82. MN/MO Fox Red Lab at Stud $650
  83. Black sire choc factored
  84. FC AFC texas troubadour
  85. HRCH Triple T's Walk the Line CHOC. Stud
  86. Minnesota Golden Retreiver, Master Hunter, Topbrass One More Trip To Birdland MH
  87. Seeking FC AFC GUNSTOCK'S TOPSHELF SNAP DECISION “Snapper” Stud contact info
  88. NFC/AFC Ages Ebony and Ivory semen?
  89. CA yellow lab male
  90. Clyde at stud
  91. Clear Cosmo Son at Stud in Tennessee
  92. (WI) Black Lab MH at Stud
  93. (MN) FC AFC Jazztime Northern Exposure (Arctic)
  94. (CO) MN Hall of Fame & Grand Qualified GR w/ Excellent Hips & COMPLETELY CLEAR CHIC
  95. (PA)Saabi Sils Something Wicked MH
  96. 4xGMPR The CPTN's Sierra Shadow Ale MH
  97. (AL) HRCH, Derby List, QAA Black male for stud
  98. (OH) (GR) CH OTCH Morgen's Lil'Bit of Skyefire UDX OM2 TD MH VCX DDHF OBHF
  99. Looking for Stud Golden Retriever for Breeding our Registered Golden Retriever
  100. (sd) fc pup
  101. QAA Chocolate with Amateur Win, Bayou Magic's Rouxster Bleu
  102. (NE) HRCH Hank's Settin' The Marsh On Fire
  103. (NE) HRCH Sundog's Arctic Timber MH QAA Yellow Stud