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  1. (NY) Freighter at Stud (Chessie)
  2. (MI) field champion (chocolate) for stud
  3. (ME) FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II (fox Red) (chocolate Factored)
  4. (NY) GMHR MHR WR SR 'Tucker' available for stud(fox red)
  5. (IL) UH HRCH Sunrise's Must Be Fate MH - Fox Red
  6. FC Candlewoods Meet Joe Black -produces yellow 4 titled littermates genetially clean
  7. (WA) *5/07-CBR STUD: CH HRCH"Rebel"MH,'06 MN Finalist
  8. (LA) Booty Raider
  9. (MN) BLM QAA For Stud!
  10. (MS) grhrch zip-to-go
  11. (CAN) NAFTCH FTCH FC L And L Black Tie Affair
  12. (WI) hr sandspring norm of caroway mh wdq(chessie stud)
  13. (OK) AFC Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux MH (Choc)
  14. (NE) HR Chewy Chocolate Disastro MH "Astro" (NE)
  15. (MN) HRCH Chub Lake's Echo of Cody (MN)
  16. (OK) Uh Hrch Tyson Gunner Reedbreaker Fohr Wcx Sh Golden Retriever
  17. (AZ) gmhr mh qaa yellow lab at stud
  20. (TX) BLM- QAA/MH in Texas- yellow factored
  21. (il) chocolate stud "tick" qaa
  22. (LA) grhrch dust devil's joltin' joe "jolt" offered at
  23. (NE) Patriot's Top Dollar MH (3 yr old Yellow Bubba Son)
  24. (CAN) FTCH Carronade's Hammertime MH at stud
  25. (oh) at stud grhrch uh davis' maximum overdrive sh "bl"
  26. (NC) Good looking large yellow MH stud in NC/FC sired
  27. (MD) Everyone Needs A Prayer (Don't They?): Golden QAA For Stud!
  28. (MS) GRHRCH - MH (Blk/Y-factored)
  29. (IL) chocolate stud in central illinois
  30. (TN) HRCH Cash's Solid Rock
  32. (MI) chocolate at stud
  33. (oh) hrch uh cp treddolphin blazing red sh/ fox red
  34. (CAN) yellow at stud: Md's just bob mh
  35. (OK) Chesapeake - DFR Red Dirt's Big Iron WDQ**
  36. (KY) HRCH Sundown's Loaded To The Maxx
  37. (AL) Something different - British studs
  38. (CO) HRCH MHR Whiskey River Wyatt MH - Chocolate Stud EIC CLEAR
  39. (CO) Colorado, QAA Black Lab
  40. (MS) FC AFC Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown
  41. (VA) Mh Chocolate Stud in Virginia
  42. (IL) FC Worth-It's P T Cruiser "Petey"
  43. (AK) FC-AFC Hunter's Edge Willy Break
  44. (WI) HRCH UH Heidl's Mallard Machine MH (chocolate Stud )
  45. (MO) Grand Master Pointing Retriever HRCH MH at Stud!
  46. Stud Classified Requirements - Updated
  47. Only see a few dogs? Adjust display options.
  48. (TX)Choc QAA Stud (NFC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star x FC-AFC Gator PT's Sweet Potato Pie)
  49. (GA) Web Site...Pointing breed
  50. (MN) 2004 NFC Drake
  51. (IL) Yellow Male out of FC-AFC " Soupy"
  52. (IL) HRCH Ten Bears Hot Rod Lincoln MH ( Ylw-Fac. Blk Male)- No Lean Mac
  53. (TX) Doc' Mayor of Luckenbach MH ** Golden
  54. (TX) Hrch They Call Me Hemi-( I throw All Colors)
  55. HRCH BlueNorth's Arctic Tundra WCX QAA
  56. (IL) Blindfaiths Pick A Blue Moon MH ( Lean Mac son)
  57. (MI) Storms Ahead Lightning Bolt SH, check out his great pedigree
  58. (WA) AFC Super High Flyer
  59. (OK) HRCH Sundances Elpero Loco Chavez MH
  60. Fc Afc Wildwings Hurricane Storm
  61. (WI) HRCH Golden Retriever Offered at Stud
  62. (MN) FC AFC Hidden Bay's B M W
  63. (MS) HRCH "Jonah" SH Chocolate Stud
  64. (MT) AFC MOONSTONES Sea Biscuit Run "Biscuit" (Auggie X Shooter Bitch)
  65. (TN) GRHRCH Loneoak's Thief MH
  66. (NY) White Oak's Ready To Rumble
  67. (CO) Lab Black/Chocolate Factored Stud 1st and 4th Place Am
  68. (IL) Tealwood's Essence of Mandigo CD AXP AJP WC
  69. (GA) HRCH "Hunter" 2008 DU Challenge Winner
  70. (IA) Peakebrook's Bakers Chocolate SH
  71. (NJ) GMHRCH/HRCH Siverbrooks Pjs Prince Toby MH
  72. (NE) Yellow MH in Nebraska
  73. (MN) FC-AFC Crow Rivers Cougar's Mad Max
  74. (MA) Boston- Black FC- Yellow Fact'd - all CLEAR
  75. (LA) FT Fox Red
  76. (LA) CFC CAFC Gahonks Aint He Handy
  77. (AZ) MHR Stud in Arizona
  78. (TN) Troublesome Self-Made Weezer MH..... in TN
  79. (LA) HR/JH Dark Red Fox Male
  80. (MS) HRCH Roux's Blazin Chocolate Thunder MH for stud
  81. (LA) HRCH Gator Point's Bayou Chopper SH - Dark Chocolate - At Stud
  82. (?) Boykin Spaniel At Stud
  83. (NE) Ruff Rivers Black Magic Marker EIC/CNM Clear
  84. (AL) QAA Golden Retriever at Stud
  85. (CAN) Grand Master Hunter HRCH UH Golden
  86. (GA) Champion HRCH Boykin Spaniel at Stud
  87. (IA) QAA Yellow Male No Lean Mac
  88. (TN) FC AFC Dominators Duke of Turrell
  89. (MN) Bluegoose's Passion For Jazz "Louie"
  90. (IL) FC Tribute to Justice (Honor)
  91. (WA) Way Da Go Call of the Wild QAA chocolate
  92. (MI) GRHRCH Hunters Marsh King Elijah MH " Ely"
  93. (SD) QAA Riggs, 30 derby points NFC AFC Chopper X QAA Bn's Do It Zippy.Star
  94. (AL) Int. Field Trial Champion At Stud !!
  95. (NC) HR Old Meadows Exceeding Safe Speed MH
  96. (LA) Creamlevel's Boss Bear MH
  97. (SC) SRS GRHRCH Big Black Dude II MH
  98. (MN) Yellow Factored Black Excellent Pedigree
  99. (SD) (TX) (KS) (UT) "FINN" FC Blackwater's Last Resort clear yellow son of "Rudy"
  100. (TN) QAA - Troublesome Falsely Accused -TRI-FACTORED
  101. (MO) GRHRCH Dakota's Pepper MH at Stud
  102. (SC) GRHRCH Tarbaby's Bobo
  103. (WA) Ches HRCH UH MHR Nordom's Rocky Run MH
  104. (GA) HRCH UH Golden Retriever at Stud
  105. (TN) Rocket-man To The Moon Qaa At Stud
  106. (MN) FC Candlewoods Man in Black
  107. (UT) FC FEN WIZZARD at stud
  108. (GA, SC) LR-Choc. HRCH Riptide's Hydrophilic Hammertime
  109. (IN) BLM with *Horsepower*
  110. (MN) " Weezers Troublesome Omen " QAA BLM
  111. (MN) Frisbies Kodiak Kid GR
  112. (CAN) NMH GMH Chocolate stud dog, EIC CNM clear
  113. (PA) Chocolate Stud
  114. (CO) Lightning Fast Quack Attacker***
  115. (CA) Northern CA SH Stud
  116. (MI) YLW Ram Son - needs 1 pass for MH title
  117. (OK) Fox Red Lab - GRHRCH Washita's One Hot Tamale MH - at stud
  118. (ND) Black Lab - "Joey" MH
  119. (WA) '09 NARC Finalist FC AFC Marauders Aviator
  120. (TX) (YMLR) HRCH KPR’s Texas William P King MH QAA
  121. (KS) HRCH 3 X GMPR McNally's Right Stuff Ridley (EIC CNM PRA Clear)
  123. (TN) Black Magic's F-14 ***
  124. (OH) Choc Lab: HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH, CGC
  125. (IN) HRCH Black Powder Ruger, SH
  126. (WA) Critter Creek's Raven Cajun, SH
  127. (WA) Critter Creek Muddy Waters, MH
  128. (MO) HRCH Sundances Elpero Loco Chavez MH
  129. (TX) Chocolate Labrador Retriever HRCH Gator Points Texas Hold em SH
  130. (MD) Master Hunter Chesapeake at stud
  131. (PA) FC/AFC Nubian V "Nubie"
  132. (KS) Mann's Best Friend Pepto MH QAA
  133. (WI) Old Golden Bloodlines(frozen semen)
  134. (MO) HR Wilson's God of Thuner (Thor) Chocolate Male
  135. (MT) Topbrass Montana Lonesome Dove; "Gus"
  136. (TX) BWC's Boss' Cool Black Blast JH
  137. Frozen for sale
  138. (OK) chocolate stud
  139. (SC) American Water Spaniel Stud
  140. (IA) ..At Stud
  141. (TX) Yellow Labrador Retriever Stud Dog HRCH Gen. Patton's Smokin Colt 45 MH
  142. (NC) GRHRCH Copper's Top Gunner MH
  143. (NE) At Stud - The Era of Zeus MH
  144. (AL) HRCH Santa Fe's Red Label Tyson/Yellow/EIC & CNM Clear
  145. (MO)SRSA MH titled yellow labrador retriever male
  146. (IL) Black Lab for Stud/ Phenomenal pedigree
  147. (WI) Labrador
  148. (TX) FC "HOMER" now at stud in TEXAS
  149. (NC) LR studs FC/AFC Small Craft Advisory FC/AFC/Implied Consent
  150. (CO) AKC/UKC Yellow Labrador Retriever Stud
  151. (CO) New at Stud - FC FTCH
  152. (OH) At Stud Ridgeviews True Grit
  153. (NJ) FC Coastal Midlife Drive Time-JAG
  154. (WA) -Titled NAFC Carbon Son at stud
  155. (NE) HRCH SH Chocolate
  156. (NC) HRCH Yellow Male Labrador Retriever at Stud
  157. (MN) GR - Ditto son golden retriever stud, excellent hips, PRA/prcd clear
  158. (MO) 5 year old stud dog north east mo
  159. (TX) Yellow - EIC/CNM Clear
  160. (TX) 2010 National Finalist at Stud in Texas
  161. (LA) FC and AFC: Nat'l Open Finalist in LA
  162. (AK) HRCH MH QAA Yellow Male (AK)(WA)
  163. (MN) 2010 National Open Champion
  164. (WI) GR Stud Service WI
  165. (MI) 50lb Upland Male "Jones"
  166. (ID) Choc LR STUD available
  167. (MS) Tanner At Stud
  168. (WI) Hrch/ Mh Chocolate Stud
  169. (KY) Black LR stud avalable.
  170. (MI) HRCH Highview's Hopeful "Jake"
  171. (FL) LR QAA stud excellent pedigree
  172. (GA) QAA Black Male, Chocolate Factored check out his pedigree not the typical choc
  173. (AL and MD) HR/SH Yellow Lab stud dog
  174. (LA) GRHRCH UH English Springer Spaniel Stud
  175. (GA) HRCH Stonewall's Running on Empty MH/QAA, '09 Derby List
  176. (MI) 4xGMPR HRCH HRK's RoosterSmasher MH QAA (ylw)
  177. (LA) GRHRCH Roux's Special "Chivas" for Stud
  178. (PA) HR UKC CH Fish Dog's Playing in the Kona Surf MH CGC TDI
  179. (FL) Smackwater's Star Catcher, MH
  180. (PA) Born2Retrieve Bode's Chocolate Love JH, QAA
  181. (LA) GRHRCH "Boomer" - Yellow, EIC Clear Male at Stud
  182. (OH) Fox Red Male HRCH SH CGC
  183. (MA) HRCH Layla's Starr Keeper of Time MH
  184. (LA) HRCH Cody's Blackjack Gambler @ stud
  185. 2010 NAFC at Stud and Candlewood Kennels
  186. (MN) Erik The Red, MH (fox red)
  188. (CAN) 2011 Naftch At Stud
  189. (ID/UT) Yellow MH, mellow temperment
  190. (ID/UT) Chocolate SH available for stud
  191. (MI/IA) HR Chocolate available for stud
  192. (CAN) (Southern Ontario) Golden Retriever Master Hunter
  193. (WI) RV ATR's Gangstaman***MH
  194. (WI) Black Lab MH stud
  195. (CAN) B-Lines water Fowler MH at Stud
  196. (WI) Locked 'N' Loaded's Down And Dirty MH (Chocolate)
  197. (UK) UK Field Trial Champion Brackenbird Minnow
  198. (LA) Chocolate Lab GRHRCH Barracuda Brown From Big Mamou Town MH "Cuda"
  199. (WI) GR at Stud
  200. (MS) up for STud--GRHRCH Magnolia's Hammerin' Hank MH
  201. (WA) LR - HRCH Dudley the Duck Delivery Dog EIC Clear / Tri-Factor
  202. (MI) Yellow HRCH / MH
  203. (MA) LR - Chocolate AKC MH Stud
  204. (OK) Swamp Donkey Retrievers Stud Dog
  205. (MI) HRCH Hardwood Valley's Ace of Spade's MH CBR
  206. (MN) Handsome Dark Yellow Lab
  207. (TX) SH titled Grady son at stud
  208. (NY) 2011 Master National Qualifier at Stud
  209. (ID) Chocolate Lab Stud
  210. (NY) Looking to stud yellow male.
  211. (IL) North Star's Mainstreet Ticket*** Stud (FC Joe Black x MHR Nortstar's Crown Jew)
  212. (VA) Cedar Hill's Rock'n Stormy MH (choc)
  213. (IL) QAA Yellow Male available.
  214. (GA) GR Ichthyosis Clear Owner Handled All Age Points
  215. (TX) Dallas, TX Free Performance AI Black Lab Semen
  216. (TN) Chocolate Lab Stud Available
  218. (VA) Big, sound Chesapeake male/proven producer
  219. (IN) HRCH UH Crosspeakes Colonel Cooper.....500 pts
  220. (MN) QAA Black Chocolate Factored Lab
  221. (TN) Black HRCH out of Grady
  222. (CAN) Oz # 1 Junior Golden In Canada 2011, # 5 On Junior List
  223. (CA) GR availabe for Stud
  224. (TX) HRCH Watermark's Texas Roadtrip MH Chocolate stud
  225. (IL) HRCH British Lab offered at Stud
  226. (WA) Chesapeake Bay Retriever...
  227. (CAN) handsome and accomplished-Rory-GR
  228. (MN) HRCH, MH, US Open Pheasant Champion, Yellow lab with all health clearances
  229. (TX) Black (yellow factored) MH from show lines (CH x CH)
  230. (OH) Chocolate HRCH stud HRCH UH Duke of Holy Trinity MH
  231. (NC) Black JH at Stud
  232. (ME) AFC FTCH AFTCH Tag - You're IT MH
  233. (IN) Yellow HRCH MH At Stud (FC X HRCH MH bred)
  234. FC Running With The DEVIL (2001 High Pt Derby Dog) frozen semen
  235. MN Hall of Farm & Grand Qualified GR w/ Excellent Hips & COMPLETELY CLEAR CHIC
  236. (TX) HRCH Arizona Trumarc's Midnight Run JH
  237. (TX) HRCH Arizona Watermark's Ramblin Richard
  238. (IL) Yellow Factored BLM MH
  239. (PA) MH, QAA and 2 years running MN qualifier
  240. Chocolate Stud; GMPR, MH, QAA, Open/Am Points
  241. (UT) At Stud GR Firemark’s Bridgerland Wildfire
  242. (OH) HRCH The Fowl Life's Thorn Jr. MH offered at Stud $475
  243. (AR) GRHRCH/MH Chocolate LR Stud Available
  244. (WA) HRCH CPR Wind River SST MH QAA (CHOC LR)
  245. (SC) FC AFC Dixie City Jam [Streak]
  246. (NY) Ch. Frosty Hills Seacoast Bullrush MH "CAMO"
  247. (LA) Guinness Is Good For You *** (Chocolate Stud)
  248. (TX) At Stud FC Pattons Blackwaters Ripper (Rip)
  249. NFC x NFC Drakes Bay Harley
  250. (UT) Foxfire's Makers Mark*** at stud