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  1. Food for thought...primarily for conservatives.
  2. The MSP primarily covers the coasts...
  3. young AZ victim an organ donor
  4. Great News Giffords upgrade to serious condition
  5. Is It Just Me...
  6. Here We Go
  7. Announcement!!!!!
  8. Together we Thrive... Obama campaign retread?
  9. Quite Disturbing.....
  10. Racism
  11. WOW he is lookin thin
  12. The Political Climate
  13. Addicted to texting?
  14. Palin explains 'blood libel' comment
  15. strange crook/ reporter with a sense of humor
  16. Health Care
  17. wierd
  18. Lets Tone Down the Rhetoric!!
  19. Outlook On Life Written By Kids
  20. New Ala. gov: Just Christians are his family
  21. Democrat HI Gov. can't find Obama's Borth certificate
  22. What's in Obamacare?
  23. NBC/WSJ poll: President Obama bouncing back
  24. GOP-led House votes to repeal health care law
  25. NAACP Covers George Washington Statue during MLK Event? What?
  26. "The Flag Will Fly!!"
  27. An Awsome Way To Pour A Beer
  28. House GOP Lists $2.5 Trillion in Spending Cuts
  29. Goobernment Motors
  30. Letter from Marco
  31. Interesting read from D.Morris on Sarah
  32. This is what's best for America isn't it RK?
  33. Another Palin in the news?
  34. How Cozy!!
  35. Iraq war inquiry steps up grilling of U.K.'s Blair
  36. Doesn't sound like the end of the recession!
  37. Adolph is upset
  38. Anyone signing up yet?
  39. Military "quote for the decade"!
  40. Been away, so a tad tardy on posting this...
  41. Now even Michele Bachman is talking about a White House run
  42. I see more and more...
  43. The State of The Union response exresss: Who’s next?
  44. What is still Made in the USA
  45. Fannie, Freddie leave $160 million in legal bills to taxpayers
  46. State of the Onion Address
  47. Montana Dept of Labor VS Rancher
  48. Wisconsin Governor
  49. State of the Union Address
  50. Promises Obama kept or failed to keep
  51. Today's Politicians could learn from this guy
  52. GB Packer mocks Obama after game
  53. Ill. court throws Emanuel off Chicago ballot
  55. More good news for the Republicans
  56. More good news for the Republicans
  57. Making a Management Decision
  58. CDC spending $146M for spam calls?
  59. Republican owns Obamas latest slogan
  60. Assassination Attempt on MO Gov in 9/10 ?
  61. So, You Don't Want to own a Gun? Pay Up!!!
  62. You'll Never Find Anyone on Faux Comparing Liberals to Nazis
  63. Liberals trying to draft Keith Olbermann for Joe Lieberman's Senate seat
  64. Police: SC woman kills dog because it chewed Bible
  65. Ill. court: Emanuel's name can stay on ballot
  66. Are You Better Off Than @ Years Ago?
  67. Anyone going to watch the State Of The Union Addresss tonight?
  68. Car salesman sacked over Packers tie
  69. Something Is Missing From SuperBowl45 !!!
  70. Bingo!!!
  71. Dow tops key 12,000 mark after upbeat housing news
  72. Metaphor Madness
  73. Mdicaire Actuary doubts Healthcare Law will hold down costs
  74. Michele Bachman- Her own words...oh boy.
  75. Barack Obama, His Own Words........sort of
  76. So You Think You Are Limber?
  77. The Male Cycle
  78. Are Republicans hypocrits on cutting spending?
  79. Conservative Approach to Spending
  80. Here it Comes Folks.....
  81. Should The Rich Pay More Taxes?
  82. Gorilla Walks Like A Man
  83. Alaska must release Palin e-mails by May 31, state AG declares
  84. The Greediest Generation?
  85. How About This Guy For POTUS?
  86. Ron & Rand Want To Audit The Fed !
  87. Snow up north
  88. Do as I Say......
  89. Only 3 Senators join the Tea party caucus
  90. What to do about Egypt
  91. Up to a little Rudyard?
  92. BP Agents Ordered to Pick Up Trash
  93. Hey
  94. Ready for some Footballlllll???
  95. Russian Airport Bomber nabbed
  96. Hey....M&K
  97. Alias on POTUS PLACE
  98. Rather than add this to RK's post on.....
  99. Ind. Girl's National Anthem Rendition Stirs Flap
  100. Super Bowl XLV
  101. Thanking the Troops
  102. WOLF: Tawdry details of Obamacare
  103. Worthy of It's Own Thread
  104. Read at Your Own Risk....
  105. Kinder, Gentler & MORE Quality????????
  106. PICK EM! Make it official!
  107. Gotta be careful with the Chinese Air Force!
  108. Just pondering ...
  109. Federal judge throws out Obamacare!!!
  110. Question for Marvin.
  111. Dallas facing serious stripper shortage!!!
  112. The Mayor and Gunshows
  113. The Road to Repeal!!!
  114. White House Decrys Judicial Activism....
  115. The Original IT Professional
  116. Man up Americans!
  117. Palin Gaffe on the 3 Branches of Govt.
  118. The Disappearing Car Door
  119. Kayaking Accident
  120. Man In the Coffee Beans Can You Find Him?
  121. Old Fashioned Conservative
  122. Snow Day!!!
  123. Egyptians Speak Good English
  124. The History of Iraq
  125. Westboro Church at it again
  126. Just Plain in Over His Head!!!!
  127. Terrific Read!!!!
  128. Looking Old
  129. Global Warming Redefined
  130. Bush on Immigration Reform
  131. Judge rules Obama Administration in Contempt over Gulf Drilling Moratorium
  132. How the House GOP promise to cut $100b became $32b
  133. Ben in Training!!!!
  134. Coyote attack: SD vs CA (general humor)
  135. That's Only 55 Years Ago
  136. Fox News... Bad Job
  137. Old Timers
  138. Civics Test for YOU!!!
  139. Energy Crunch???
  140. Unemployment down to 9% ??
  141. Wild Justice
  142. What Does that "G" Stand For???
  143. Super Bowl Thread!!!!!!!
  144. Obama Cony Leaves Luxebourg Embassyin "Shambles"
  145. Just what we need. TSA union workers...
  146. Obama is on the news...
  147. I told you McCain might as well be a democrat
  148. Is the health care law constitutional?
  149. Rodgers, 6 other Packers injured when ice falls off Super Bowl stadium
  150. Right and left
  151. Very Special
  152. Sarah Palin is just one big soap opera
  153. Democratic warning: No debt, no government
  154. Reverse Mortgages
  155. Feinstein Asks President To Tighten Import Restrictions On Semi-Automatic Rifles
  156. "Road to Ruin"
  157. President Reagan accepts blames for country's problems
  158. Bush visit to Geneva canceled after protest threat
  159. Commercials you will NOT see during Super Bowl
  160. Happy 100th B-day Ronald Reagan
  161. Super Bowl Seat
  162. Luv Feast
  163. Tom Landry's Revenge
  164. Revisionism ala Ronald Reagan
  165. Excellence!!!!
  166. The Weinier math
  167. Does this make me a bad american?
  168. Just Curious....
  169. Clean Can Be Funny
  170. Superbowl Ads
  171. AOL buys Huffington Post for $315M
  172. Why Can't Obama Do The Math On Jobs?
  173. SB Snafu's & Good Things
  174. Leave it to the UN...
  175. Golf ball hitting steel at 150 MPH
  176. Getting your message across?
  177. Can one of you guys translate this for me?
  178. Palin on the National Anthem screw-up
  179. Dept of ED est 1979
  180. Mr. Buzz ?
  181. Thirsty?
  182. Comic Relief for Healthcare Reform
  183. Obama: No More Puff Daddy
  184. What a headline...
  185. PATRIOT Act Authorization Fails
  186. Texas vs. California
  187. The rats are jumping off the ship!
  188. America's Hunters
  189. It's hard to be optimistic in this period.
  190. Rat Cheating on Wife Resigns
  191. Only a Farm Kid
  192. Did Obama bow over the phone?
  193. 6 of us look pretty smart right now...
  194. Happy Birthday Glenn!!
  195. Egypt's Mubarak to step down
  196. Johnny & Betty White A Classic
  197. Quote trivia time
  198. Another Rat Jumps Ship
  199. Double Jeopardy On Taxes????
  200. Another Republican Presidential Contender?
  201. C P A C - 2011
  202. March is an important Month
  203. Egypt's Mubarek Not Stepping Down??
  204. Im new here
  205. Muslim Brotherhood
  206. egypt
  207. Drilling in the Gulf
  208. Question for the POTUS members from the hoosier state.
  209. Nascar
  210. Obama refers to himself as the gipper?
  211. IMF calls for dollar alternative
  212. Happy Birthday Roger Perry
  213. Fox Dominates Cable Viewership Numbers
  214. Chrissie Hynde & Faith Hill on CMT
  215. Palin hires chief of staff for PAC
  216. What are the chances of other Middle East Countries revolting?
  217. Blocking BATFE Long Gun Sales Reporting
  218. POTUS Dawgs......
  219. Egypt - Be careful what you wish for?
  220. Budget released
  221. National Anthem ... by the Cactus Cuties
  222. Woooo Whoooo...Spring has Sprung!
  223. Sometimes a Great Notion
  224. 1 dead in Iranian protests
  225. EPA Budget and Direction
  226. WME's found in San Diego?
  227. Haley Makin' His Move......
  228. "....same as the old boss....."
  229. Like the Obama "budget" proposal?
  230. POTUS Press Conference
  231. Ducknwork, Check your Lottery Tickets
  232. Pigford Vs. Glickman
  233. Source of Iraq’s WMDs: ‘I made the whole thing up
  234. Iranian Gunboats To Enter Suez Canal
  235. WH Ignores Interest Payments in Claiming to Control Debt
  236. This guy would get my vote...
  237. Healthcare Reform Law Requires New IRS Army Of 1,054
  238. White House Ignores Interest Payments in Claiming to Control Debt
  239. Looking Back
  240. Governor Scott Walker
  241. Gov. Rick Scott turns down high-speed rail funding
  242. Greats Tank Battles - Military Channel gdg
  243. Do you fly more or less?
  244. Hi-Speed Rail
  245. Judge Orders Government To Act On Permits
  246. Today is the Two Year Anniversary of Obama's $814B Stimulus
  247. Angry Colin Powell wants answers on Iraq WMD lies
  248. Dems to GOP: So, where are all the jobs?
  249. Happy 80th Birthday to Marvin S!!
  250. Blue Collar Comedy rolls into real life...