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  1. Have we lost it? Or what is it?
  2. Which One Is Guilty?
  3. 5 Year Balanced Budget Plan
  4. Does the Donald Have any Cred????
  5. are you better off now than before obama
  6. New Hampshire's "Free State"
  7. The GOPís invasion of the intelligence-snatchers
  8. Kucinich retreats from impeachment of Obama over Libya attacks
  9. School cuts turn Wisconsin Republicans against Walker
  10. Ind. prosecutor suggested
  11. How Much??
  12. This is disheartening news. Where are you Hoosiers?
  13. More Pelosi prediction truisms!
  14. The Size of Government
  15. John Stossel Caught Panhandling!
  16. Why the Rich should pay more taxes
  17. Wisconsin Union Law Published Despite Court Order
  18. House approves bill banning automatic deduction for union dues
  19. New Mexico Garage Owner
  20. Geraldine Ferraro Passes
  21. National Health Care Questions
  22. New tsunami video--AMAZING!!
  23. Bachmann: 'I am an Iowan'
  24. From what I've seen so far...
  25. Terrible sight at the favored training field!
  26. Israel deploys new rocket defense system against Gaza
  27. Fed chief denies US policy behind record global food prices
  28. After food protests, water riots are next?
  29. Our Founding Fathers Founded This Nation On Christian Values
  30. Iowa school shooting drill canceled after threat
  31. Is Scott Walker taking Wis. Justice Dept back to horse & Buggy Days?
  32. global warming? It's snowing in NC
  33. Hrc Grand At Granada Ms.
  34. For the Benefit of this Board...
  35. Charlie Sheen for POTUS
  36. Speech Last Nite
  37. LEO & Building Inspectors shut down "Birthing Houses"
  38. Santorum blames abortion for Social Security woes
  39. I just had to post this...
  40. Schumer coordinates Dem budget attack on GOP
  41. Cash for Clunkers 2: The Return of Government Motors
  42. The doc fix is in
  43. Can't sue for wrongful prosecution
  44. Obama aims to cut oil imports by a third
  45. Judge tells Scott Walker to follow her rulings or else
  46. Obama's number's at all-time low
  47. Cut Health Care Costs by $900 Billion?
  48. Transparency??
  49. Bernadine Dohrn
  50. MOTRI Handbook!!
  51. gas prices double under obama
  52. Shh! Obama gets anti-secrecy award
  53. Union Tactics
  54. Ohio Union Bill Will Pass!
  55. Wis. Capitol damage claim
  56. Are The Revolutions In The Mid-East Bush Inspired?
  57. WA electric car fee
  58. "This Can Be Our Moment"
  59. Blessed are the cracked.
  60. Another union activity to act against.
  61. *gdg* Baseball*gdg*
  62. Wis. governor halts plans to implement collective bargaining law
  63. Turn out the lights, the tea party is over
  64. The Constitutional hypocrisy of Ron Paul
  65. Swamp People History Channel GDG
  66. Japaneese citizens in a Panic over Nuclear Plant
  67. Obama worse than Bush?
  68. WI woman charged with making death threats against lawmakers.
  69. Obama's First Campaign Ad for 2012 (Video)
  70. Tale of the Tape: Iraq vs. Libya (includes video)
  71. Solid jobs growth in March shows recovery is for real
  72. Gingrich's financial angel
  73. Wisconsin anti-union law on hold for two months or more
  74. Turn Over a New Leaf
  75. We've Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers
  76. UN death toll in Afghan attack may hit 20
  77. Fed Reserve Lends Money to Gaddafi's Bank
  78. Barack Obama: Losing $84 billion big success
  79. the beautiful hair guy
  80. Wis. Dems file 1st petition to recall GOP Senator
  81. gov't shutdown- tax refund
  82. Something to aim at.
  83. A couple of Roger's favorite charities.
  84. Wis. budget would balance without union law
  85. Whatayaknow...something for you class envy zealots.
  86. Ready for the 'shutdown'?
  88. Tell a lie day
  89. As The World Turns
  90. The fruits of the oligarchy.
  91. Obama Flip-Flops on Military Tribunals
  92. How are you and the other conservatives holding up, Stan?
  93. Mayor Daley spends $18 million in taxpayer money a year on people who don't work
  94. Sometimes........
  95. CNN: Gitmo the Latest in a Long Line of Obama Flip-Flops
  96. Lancashire Heeler as a family member?
  97. Huckabee's Gubernatorial Records Missing
  98. NC ethonal plant files Chapter 11
  99. How pathetic must the Wisconsin teachers be?
  100. Yo, Stan.
  101. Scott Walker It's About the Budget? Or is it?
  102. modern hero
  103. Essential workers--Govt. shutdown
  104. Media Bias
  105. Now This Is A Beer Commercial! gdg
  106. 8 Year Old Peppered Sprayed
  107. Bumma, forget the budget lets go visit rasist Al sharpton
  108. Obama leaving DC as shutdown looms
  109. Don't Like High gas Prices? - Obama Says get used To It
  110. Acorn pleads guilty of voter fraud
  111. Why is Glenn Beck leaving his Fox News show?
  112. Least Peaceful state?
  113. Governor of New Jersey
  114. President Obama's close friend arrested during prostitution sting
  115. House Republican Concern Fighting In Libya Could Spread To Africa
  116. The Masters
  117. Reid on shutdown: "It looks like it's headed in that direction"
  118. Don't get too far off the beaten path.
  119. FCC strikes again SOCIALISM
  120. What's the matter with Kansas/Critique
  121. AC360/Even David Gergen is Becomes Fed Up with Teabagger
  122. On Wisconsin!
  123. Premature Declaration of Victory
  124. Time for some 'truth' in the Glenn Beck controversy.
  125. Dems Crying Foul Over WI Supreme Ct Vote Change
  126. the budget
  127. We have a budget... about time
  128. Cherry Blossom Festival
  129. Why is a crybaby running the House of Representatives?
  130. Means Testing, Entitlements & Mission Creep
  131. South Dakota Budget Cuts
  132. hey booty
  133. A True American Hero!!!!
  134. Tea Party Done???
  135. Planned Parenthood--- What It Does
  136. Q for Liberals (serious)
  137. Sure Wished
  138. Getting Old
  139. Don't bother reading this Roger...
  140. Planned Parenthood
  141. France Finally Grows a Pair
  142. Yes JD I shreeched at DH today
  143. More getting old
  144. Obama Misses His Anonymity?
  145. From our "friends" across the pond.
  146. Obama Regrets His Vote Against Raising Debt Limit
  147. Enough of the disrespect guys....
  148. lets have a fun political hypothetical
  149. Emerging Force
  150. Railroad exec charged with illegal contributions to Scot Walker campaign
  151. Harry Reid say the pledge/ a few missing words
  152. Compare this health care information
  153. The Cost Of Medicare
  154. Pelosi: Elections Shoudn't Matter As Much As They Do
  155. a little trivia
  156. Yo...Marvin!
  157. You Have to Love This....
  158. This Friday...
  159. Republicans find themselves on Medicare hot seat
  160. Clinton Surplus
  161. USSA Wins Battle-50 refuges will remain open to hunting.
  162. I'll Bet Most of Them are Democrats
  163. Wisconsin, Do You Know Where Your Governor Is???
  164. Dem chair calls for clerk to resign
  165. Change??
  166. Exciting!!!!!
  167. Pirates Beware!
  168. Rights??
  169. Both parties helped run up US $14 trillion debt
  170. U.S. Debt by Presidents- Trillions and Increase Debt/GDP percentage points
  171. President's Speech
  172. Senate rejects measure to defund Planned Parenthood
  173. Montana Gov. vetoes medical marijuana repeal
  174. The Green Thing/ For Roger
  175. Uncertain about future benefits, many veteran teachers are retiring early
  176. What the President Said/What Rush Said
  177. IRS paid $513M in undeserved homebuyer tax credits
  178. Ballots are now totaled: Prosser wins by 7,316
  179. Putting The Obama citzenship to rest.
  180. Showdown in NC today Perdoo's choice
  181. Wisconsin Budget Problems
  182. The power of words
  183. Obama-Another Day, Another Lie Re: Czars
  184. GDG- NC members are you ok?
  185. anyone use Linix?
  186. Some sad truth.
  187. Fair taxation?
  188. Fox News Pulls story- GWU Student Suicide's Tragically Coincides With Obama Visit
  189. Rally in WI Goes Unreported
  190. News From Kenya
  191. Where the birthers failed, the FEC might succeed.
  192. Such an obvious way to reduce the deficit...why is it never mentioned?
  193. Lefty Tactics in WI
  194. S&P Affirms US AAA Rating, Cuts Outlook to Negative
  195. Yo, Tommy Mac...
  196. Will capitalism and the Super-rich kill America?
  197. Obama Gets Testy With Reporter
  198. Green House Gases at 15 Year Low??
  199. a break from the BS
  200. Should The Debt Ceiling Be Raised ?
  201. This is wrong
  202. L I B...
  203. Wisconsin, Libya, and gubmint shut downs...
  204. Unions fighting Volunteers
  205. Many Misconseptions On The Subject Of Oil
  206. Governor Walker Announces Jobs Coming to Marquis Yachts!!
  207. Club Affiliation
  208. GDG - Throwing Sand in the sandbox - GDG
  209. Fwd'd chain e-mail - Captain Bulls#!t
  210. NFL Season Opener Sept 8th GDG
  211. Psalm 2011 - GDG
  212. Military funerals
  213. Obama - Tornado... What Tornado?
  214. For RK and the other brave Wisconsinites...
  215. Jim DeMint makes more sense each time I read about him.
  216. Executive order to allow WH to demand political records pre-contract letting
  217. Your pick for GOP Putus candidate?
  218. the left wing environmental movement is well lead
  219. Ann C. with more of the Wisconsin story.
  220. How Congress Works.....
  221. Gary Johnson First In??
  222. Sure is quiet around here!
  223. Is the 3rd party possible?
  224. I voted Democrat........
  225. Democrats & Republicans Hate......
  226. 8 Year Old Picker
  227. John Ensign to resign
  228. Wisconsin Recalls - What's the Latest?
  229. Just a Theory
  230. Things are Getting Tough!!!
  231. Reform? New Congress Members Learn to Use Pork
  232. gdg**Allen Edmonds**gdg
  233. gdg** Can't Wait **gdg
  234. Serenade to the POTUS
  236. here's your walker
  237. G E & Taxes/Tribute
  238. Why Republican men are happier
  239. The Dollar
  240. Daniels signs law limiting collective bargaining
  241. Did anyone get to "Atlas Shrugged"?
  242. From the land of Obama!
  243. The paper of record and tiger beat obama
  244. Huckabee and Glenn Beck war of words.
  245. New Wisconsin/Ruger Commemorative Hand Gun
  246. From a good source...
  247. Energy in America: EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Oil Drilling Plans
  248. Where Did All the Anti-War Protestors Go?
  249. Texas Wildfires
  250. FORD Motor Company