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  1. Madeline for President! :-))
  2. Obama's Rough day in KY & AR
  3. Attorneys.... who needs them?? GDG
  4. The MSP won't inform most folks about this.
  5. Liberal Logic 101
  6. Farm Kid Joins The Marines :-))
  7. Have you read the NY Times best seller yet?
  8. For those on PP still looking for that killing...
  9. For the 'lefties' and 'class warfareists'.
  10. Gotta wonder...
  11. Seriously...this is what you lefties are voting for???
  12. Gallup Poll: What Muslims Think
  13. Less productivity is better?
  14. Pakistani Doctor
  15. Syria
  16. Business ruined by government
  17. Waytugo Dallas!!!
  18. If these are one of Obama's friends...will he need many enemies?
  19. Bobby Jindal
  20. Who do you think lit the "Flame" ... virus?
  21. Original Rednecks
  22. US$ and Oil
  23. Boomerang - Travels in the New Third World
  24. For all American Conservatives, here is an opportunity to get involved.
  25. Work Ethic Issue
  26. Final Debate Governor (Wis.)
  27. Seems like we're in the season to get involved...so here's another.
  28. THE LATEST: Warren's Cherokee ancestry
  29. Wouldn't it be nice...
  30. Checking my files, I stumbled on this oldie-but-goodie. Enjoy, UB
  31. WOW...My bad! Can you Californians forgive me???
  32. Yo, Stan...do you think Sue and Sharon are the norm?
  33. Hey Marvin...and others in the "stock market"...
  34. Rmoney Supporters Resort To Violence at La. Repub Convention!
  35. Just a quick reminder...
  36. who will Mitt choose as VP?
  37. 80: The New 65
  38. No More "super size" in NYC?
  39. Price of oil
  40. Gas prices where you live?
  41. Always Wear Protection
  42. Somali Pirates
  43. Death Panels Mean Longer Life Spans?
  44. FLOTUS Coming to my neighborhood
  45. A Good Letter from Montana's Gov
  46. Dangerous Jobs
  47. I balance my budget why not the feds
  48. Why should the leaches be allowed ot vote?
  49. Time for a prediction.
  50. Obama finding more ways to keep that illegal voter in the fold.
  51. Wisconsin Recalls - What's the Latest?
  52. Have any of you ever wondered what's happened to Oprah?
  53. At least one DEM get it. Clinton: Extend Tax cuts
  54. Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama.
  55. FOX Calls It For Walker
  56. Bill Clinton
  57. CA cities vote to cut pensions
  58. Violence where you live
  59. Tax Refund Refused
  60. LOcal media liberal censorship beyond it
  61. Congrats rk et al!!!
  62. It seems as if my mind isn't thinking anymore.
  63. Time to look beyond Wisconsin...Bill Bonner has...for now.
  64. Does the man even respect his own wife? You be the judge...
  65. The Republican Economy
  66. How do Democrats enjoy this type of hypocrisy?
  67. Is your area enjoying lower gas rates?
  68. Another fabulous take on the Wisconsin recall election.
  69. Anyone notice how cranky the Libs are lately??
  70. Kondratiev and History repeats
  71. The Country's Problems
  72. Something us over 55 should think about.
  73. The Private Sector is doing fine
  74. Rand Paul- "It would be an honor to be considered for VP "
  75. He Talks the Talk......
  76. How does this fly?
  77. Hitting them where it hurts.
  78. Finding "out of touch" leadership is easy.
  79. Texas GOP Convention 6/8 - 6/10
  80. DOJ hearings: Eric Holder
  81. Democrat vs Republican
  82. Why Would Anyone Want Four More Years Of This?
  83. Heat Vs Thunder
  84. Hey sambo
  85. Trans-Pacific Agreeement Scandel
  86. For those legitimately interested in oil...
  87. What is greed?
  88. UNbelievable Obam's total disregard for immmigration law
  89. Pure Capitalism
  90. Self-Destructive?
  91. Cajun Economics
  92. For Sambo and his cadre of Muslim excusers.
  93. Fighting Welfare Fraud
  94. Anything for the Dem convention ABC stores open on Labor day
  95. Syria: Another UN Failure
  96. NC wins the prize, Perdue most unpopular governor
  97. Happy Father's Day
  98. While areas of the country...
  99. Tax rate
  100. Just when you think we are gaining, the Senate reveals our problems.
  101. Dreams From My Father
  102. Clemens not guilty
  103. Rubio speaking
  104. I am Curious????
  105. A rebuttal to Sambo's "capitalism" thread...
  106. Baseball Hall or Fame
  107. A Prediction
  108. So you want a definition of Irony???
  109. POTUS Use Executive Privilege...
  110. How about those oil prices?
  111. Obama’s War on Domestic Energy Production
  112. Hey Nancy, worry about lowering the National Debt.
  113. *Raw Video* George Zimmerman's Reenactment of Trayvon Martin Shooting
  114. CBS Investigates "Fast & Furious"
  115. POTUS Asks People To Forego Gifts...
  116. College World Series
  117. White House guest
  118. 2014 NCAA College Football Playoffs gdg
  119. When was the last time you heard...
  120. Green ‘drivel’ exposed: The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate ch
  121. "It's Just a Flag....."
  122. It's time to take notice of this and start acting to fix it
  123. Fast & Furious: research for the truth
  124. WIC and beer, so insane
  125. I'm NOT in dire straits, but...
  126. Doomed
  127. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines updated
  128. Smokin' Joe Tealls It Like It Is!!!!!
  129. Some Sturgis Stats
  130. U B doin' jus dandy Justice Roberts!
  131. Even you Obamaites have to be concerned.
  132. If you've been confused with the "Fast and Furious" program...
  133. Big Government Cripples Incentives To Save Money
  134. BFD Profanity Ts
  135. 21 New Or Higher Taxes Under Obamacare
  136. Now that we have a new "TAX" to deal with...
  137. Attention GOP establishment...we haven't gone away.
  138. Flyovers by the POTUS
  139. Now that you are past being shocked and stunned...
  140. Old Age Assistance
  141. Iran
  142. No more pate in California
  143. Happy Dependence Day!!
  144. Gunfire has started some fires
  145. July 11th...another mile-marker.
  146. And lefties wonder why we consider them as total hypocrites.
  147. The tax system explained in beer
  148. Is It a TAX, or Isn't It??
  149. Jobs report
  150. Kids insured until 26 ? Not kids with union insurance
  151. Heard any good "quotes" lately???
  152. I've been PM'd by several, so let me come clean.
  153. Just Fed Up!!
  154. La Crosse/Danner being sold for 138M
  155. What Hypocrisy???
  156. The Debt!
  157. Wasserman-Schultz hypocrytical?? Say it ain't so...
  158. Will I get a million dollars?
  159. It's Official: Obama to Sign Gun Control Treaty July 27
  160. How not to call a spade a spade!
  161. More blood on Obama's hands!
  162. After mildly slamming my good friend...
  163. Can someone explain this logic to me?
  164. Three men...working??
  165. When Ideology is Confronted by Facts!!!!
  166. The Future Of Energy Is Here
  167. Adding more people to Food stamps
  168. Penn State
  169. I know it's only Rock n Roll but I like it
  170. End of welfare reform?
  171. is there a such thing
  172. Campaign Strategy ... what do you think?
  173. Who Will It Be???
  174. How many "Seniors" are aware of this?
  175. Who dares say Obama-era jobs ain't being created?
  176. Does 500k yearly salary make you a 1%er???
  177. Choctaw Nation: A success story
  178. Latest info on that ATT in the UN.
  179. Just another realistic possibility if we are unsuccessful...
  180. Tax Returns
  181. The buck stops with you?
  182. Economic Mess??
  183. Who says the lefties need ACORN?
  184. If you have a business, you didn't build that
  185. Noooo, we don't need an ID to vote. Nope not at all.
  186. Why Parents Drink
  187. Say What????
  188. He's so busy/poor Obama
  189. Plenty Of Jobs For Those With Skills
  190. It's a Miracle!!
  191. Why would I?
  192. another rush to judgement by the media
  193. If you aren't worried about November...
  194. Are you also amazed?
  195. For those unfamilier...
  196. Especially for the "fence-sitters".
  197. Omg!...omg!
  198. NCAA Value
  199. Aurora Shootings v. Texas Truck Crash
  200. Glass-Steagall Again???
  201. Basics for a Gun Fight!!
  202. This Boggles the MInd
  203. I think the Massachusett's Senator may be onto something.
  204. Chick-fil-A Anyone?
  205. Obamacare ... unintended consequence?
  206. The Blue Pigeon
  207. An opportunity for real conservatives.
  208. While I am not much of a Romney fan...
  209. Why we can't cut the budget--an example
  210. Federal Court finds Obama appointees interfered with New Black Panther prosecution
  211. Romney Praises Israel's Socialized Health Care System
  212. All eyes on Texas today.
  213. As much of a neophyte as Obama is as Commander in Chief...
  214. Rand Paul is looking for help.
  215. Obama 2012 TV Ad during Olympics
  216. What's wrong with America?
  217. Harry Reid accuses Romney of not paying taxes
  218. The Economy????
  219. Here's A Scary Thought
  220. Time to Outlaw Knives...
  221. dismantle pentagon/layoffs
  222. Harry Reid got the headlines...
  223. Gm, huge success??????
  224. Judicial Watch Files Suit Against the Board Of The Fed Reserve
  225. Obama brings back the security blanket...
  226. A new twist on eminent domain
  227. Kiss In???
  228. unemployment up
  229. Is This Voter Disenfranchisement??
  230. Ken Bora is on the loose........
  231. Winner Winner parade float chicken dinner!!
  232. Let America be America!
  233. Here's an interesting internet location.
  234. Attn teachers...there's a new rule in town.
  235. Speaking of New Rules
  236. Time for another "oldie-but-goodie".
  237. Sunstein Resigns
  238. Star power for Romney
  239. Gabby Douglas
  240. Just a Thought
  241. NASA Lands Rover On Mars!
  242. how to donate to obama
  243. War on Drugs
  244. Close the beaches, part the seas, it's KIng Obama
  245. Identity theft no big deal per Obama for illegals that is
  246. Seems really dumb ...
  247. Hey Franco!
  248. Are You Ready for Some Football?
  249. Hail call to RK...ie Wisconsin politics.
  250. Romney causes cancer