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  1. History Of The U S Constitution Since 1789.
  2. Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’
  3. Abbott & Costello explain unemployment
  4. The Dems have so much to look forward to.
  5. This is an Interesting Perspective!
  6. Republican Election Fraud
  7. This has got me to thinking about the underhanded stuff
  8. Bishop Jackson
  9. Sorting thru the propaganda...HELP
  10. Romney / Ryan?
  11. We have been warned by many.
  12. North Carolina academic scandal
  13. Dnc
  14. VP Joe Biden - race baiter
  15. 50 Shades of Grey
  16. Boring!!!!
  17. The Hits Just Keep On Comin'
  18. Devo, Seamus, and Romney...the beat goes on.
  19. Undecided - are there really any
  20. Russian Foreign Policy
  21. Why do they run away?
  22. Paul Ryan
  23. Ryan's "PLAN"
  24. Remind Me Again Why We Are In A'Stan!
  25. After viewing the pathetic statements of the left...
  26. Even in Pennsylvania, there's other news besides Penn State.
  27. In my constant effort to promote knowledge...
  28. Ludwig Von Mises Institute
  29. Time for some basic observations and prognostications.
  30. Some insight from Newt.
  31. How about that...some unionistas are learning.
  32. Anyone interested in some 'taxation' truth???
  33. Who is this guy Barry Soetoro
  34. Tax dodger wants in the whitehouse
  35. GDG Who Said? GDG
  36. Living on little or no money.
  37. Augusta National welcomes two female members
  38. Just for FUN!!!!
  39. Return of Normal
  40. Time to reconsider...
  41. The Ayn Rand principle explained...
  42. Romney supports audit of the Fed
  43. Todd Akin!!!
  44. I was too important to go to Vietnam!
  45. How many ways can the govt waste money?
  46. whats up
  47. How can you tell when Stephanie Cutter is lying?
  48. The Myths and Realities of the Ryan Medicare Plan
  49. Bad News for Team Obama from U of Colorado...
  50. Super PAC ads
  51. Th e wrong side absolutely must not win....
  52. China's Economy Slows down
  53. For those that have wondered...
  54. 2016 The Movie
  55. ICE agents sue to do their job
  56. Why does the left lump teachers with Firefighters and cops?
  57. The Speech The GOP Doesn't Want Americans To Hear!
  58. Neil Armstrong - a True American hero , RIP
  59. Congressional Reform
  60. "I'm willing to compromise ..."
  61. Why a Republican President?
  62. Annoying ads
  63. Rand Paul; Audit The Pentagon!
  64. Anita Moncrief ... ACORN Whistle-Blower
  65. Bush Is Not in Tampa, but His Ideas Are
  66. Ann Romney
  67. Mia Love not Buying what Obama's Selling!!!
  68. Clint Eastwood
  69. serious question?
  70. Obama Around the World
  71. Wow!!!
  72. BenStein
  73. less govt
  74. Few words - big meaning - from Clint Eastwood
  75. A real laugh!!
  76. Let's Take a Break for the Weekend!!
  77. If you can watch this without tearing up... you may not have a heart...
  78. RNC Tearjerker # 2
  79. Not Excited
  80. 1948
  81. Charges dropped Sherriff Joe
  82. Serious question # 2
  83. Maple syrup theft
  84. Monday is National Empty Chair Day
  85. The Race Is On For Oil & Gas Exploration In The Artic!
  86. Calif Dem compares Ryan to Nazi
  87. June GM sales
  88. How Stupid Have We Become?
  89. From The Ayn Rand Center; Conservatism an Obituary
  90. Who Is Ron Paul Rooting For?
  91. Manufacturing Index
  92. Illegals busted at the DNC!
  93. DEMs Drop GOD From Party Platform
  94. The War On Women
  95. Critiques?
  96. DNC and their 4.5 million jobs
  97. Dnc
  98. NO more B of A stadium
  99. Keystone Pipeline Lie
  100. Is Clinton going to be the good little dim?
  101. If "trickle down" doesn't work
  102. A Presidential Fight to the Death *Who ya got???*
  103. Letter From Company President to employee's
  104. Middle Income or Middle Class?
  105. How Is This For Class?
  106. Tigers & the Dawgs
  107. Contentious part of SB 1070 upheld
  108. Mayhem at the DNC Convention
  109. Are We Better Off Than We Were Four Years Ago?
  110. OBAMACARE: insurance company refunds ?
  111. Worth noting: Last of the Mohicans (1992)
  112. "Govt. is the Only Thoing We All Belong To!"
  113. As you fall for Obama's "hope and change"...
  114. Until after the debates...
  115. How do you grow the economy "from the middle out"?
  116. Former Michigin Governor
  117. What is wrong with these people?
  118. August Jobs Report
  119. What a Speech!!!
  120. Just Exactly What Is The difference...
  121. Blaming Someone Else
  122. While I'm not a huge fan of Bob Woodward...
  123. Same Stuff, Different Day!!!!
  124. Obamas song Mr scam man
  125. Can you imagine????
  126. DOD violating Military voter law
  127. Another from Ben Stein.
  128. My biggest concern with the upcoming election...
  129. Biden dares GOP!
  130. Willard Mitt Romney or Barack Hussein Obama II ?
  131. More fodder for "Sarge" to rant about.
  132. Mia on Fox
  133. Electoral College
  134. More "talking heads" blaming Bush again.
  135. Replacement Officials
  136. The WTC Memorial
  137. I'm not as surprised as Ken...
  138. Ever wonder if Obama will bring up Romney's Mormanism?
  139. Chicago teachers on strike
  140. Has anyone else been sent an email...
  141. Pakistan Sees USA AS Worst Enemy
  142. Crackpots, their Causes & the Followers
  143. Anyone Read Rand Paul's New Book "Government Bullies" Yet?
  144. Only Three Times
  145. Under attack in Lilbia and Egypt at least one American dead
  146. Moodys set to down grade US again
  147. Best you can say..... "It's amateur night"
  148. What is our Spineless President going to do about this?
  149. Palin to Obama: Time to Grow a Big Stick
  150. Assault of US Embassy in Egypt
  151. Russian ships displayed at DNC tribute to vets
  152. A Union Man's Dog
  153. I notice everyone buying into the MSP...
  154. Dan Senor
  155. Dem congressional candidate committing voter fraud
  156. Chris Stevens
  157. US Embassy in Yemen Attacked
  158. Obama Rejects Netanyahu but invites Muslim Brotherhood to White House!
  159. I really can't figure it out.
  160. Campaign Financing
  161. Fast & Furious: who knew what and when did they know it?
  162. What's wrong with this picture?
  163. Suppose we can talk Romney into mimicking a former President?
  164. Here's an oldie I'd like some lefty to spin for me.
  165. Ladies Only
  166. Another TRILLION In Stimulus QEIII
  167. Let me get this right in NY
  168. Is Egypt an ally or not?
  169. University of Texas/Austin threats
  170. Here's A Thought
  171. Finally...someone that 'needed to see 2016"...has.
  172. How many are in the camp...
  173. Major Voting Block
  174. Do any of you recall Anita Moncrief?
  175. Al-Qaida calls for more attacks on embassies
  176. The Obama's Feelings toward the American Flag... ITS NOT TOO LATE
  177. Ever hear of "WHITE" SQUIRRELS???
  178. Any concerns about how Iran figures in the latest mess in the ME?
  179. Iran ... and oil
  180. Block v Bloc
  181. Chris Stevens
  182. Some reminders, in case you have forgotten.
  183. 1st Amendment?????
  184. For the "independants"...something you might want to watch.
  185. Netanyahu in NY
  186. And then there's Medicare
  187. Desperate ?
  188. Emails show DOJ enlists media matters to spin press
  189. What would you do?
  190. 47%
  191. Violation of the Hatch Act near the top of the food chain and the press does nothing
  192. Health Care provider drops my insurance carrier
  193. American airlines lays off 4400 warns 11,000
  194. interesting read.....checked snopes, it's for real
  195. The Media's Rape of Reality
  196. "I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket."
  197. Foreign Policy ... in general
  198. Sebelius Gets a "pass"
  199. Fast and Furious Conclusion
  200. It's hard to keep up with the "FOOLS" in this country...
  201. Obama in touch with the working man?
  202. New CA Immigration Law
  203. Obama on Letterman
  204. Mitch Mconnell...
  205. Russia boots out USAID
  206. Hey Every Body, FREE HEALTHCARE!!!
  207. Obama runs apology tv ad
  208. Epic Rant By NFL Fan gdg
  209. presidential vacations
  210. The want or don't want conundrum
  211. did you all hear we just spent 70 thousand in pakistan on TV adds?
  212. the latest iPhone 5 craze
  213. Huff Post Publishes A Positive Story On Romney!
  214. Ross Perot
  215. This is, pardon my pun...rich!
  216. For those of the belief there is no difference...
  217. I want a playoff system
  218. Being a card-carrying member of the Tea Party Patriots...
  219. And you want to ridcule Romney for no foreign policy?
  220. I'm Not Sure What To Make Of This
  221. Iran & Nukes?
  222. 1998 redistirbution speech
  223. Ambassador Chris Stevens' journal
  224. Stop epidemic of Voter Fraud
  225. You're a racist
  226. Packers/Seahawks and the pres.
  227. Harry Reid is an embarrassment
  228. Elizabeth Warren -- fake Indian, now fake lawyer?
  229. Question On Unions???
  230. what do you make of it?
  231. Housing Market
  232. Attention!!!!!
  233. personality test
  234. Rare Coins gdg
  235. The Saints at Lambeau
  236. I'm voting for Obama cause he gave me a phone!!
  237. American Muslims Propose Limits on Free Speech
  238. UN Proposes Billions in "International Taxes"
  239. Question #2
  240. Am I the only one?
  241. 70 Federal Agencies ...
  242. Fallout from the Auto Bailout: Delphi
  243. The Tax Pie
  244. What I did today
  245. Anybody hear about this?
  246. New Allen West Ad
  247. I know it is a left leaning newspaper, but
  248. Shhh ... don't tell them they could get laid off
  249. WHO Is Towson....
  250. Paul Pelosi?