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  1. Feds purchase prison 165 million
  2. Sears /others drop employee health ins plan offer cash
  3. Just In Time For The Election!
  4. October Surprise? The Real Obama?
  5. Romney gives little hints on his healthcare reform plan
  6. What the Blank Could Possibly Go Wrong??
  7. Obama called slacker in chief
  8. Illegals can vote/military can't
  9. public apology
  10. Worse than Solyndra?
  11. Rare Photo!!!
  12. Drs depressed discouraged about Obamacare
  13. Something positive from tax dollars
  14. Hydrogen or CNG ?
  15. January 3rd, 2007.
  16. Lost???
  17. Last Night's Debate.......
  18. Oh menmon... you call in sick this morning??
  19. Missing In Action
  20. Romney Won the Debate
  21. Where's the "Middle"
  22. Credits for Outsourcing Jobs
  23. Just got our UnitedHealthcare ax.
  24. S'pose the next debate will include some of this info?
  25. It was the altitude!
  26. Big Bird Going After Romney!
  27. 7.8% Unemployment
  28. People speak up ....
  29. The cost of campaigning a dog at any level
  30. Army Instructor Gets Negative Review
  31. Trigger the vote
  32. 9/11 attack on the Benghazi consulate - the investigation
  33. HEY, you toads and sycophants...
  34. Evolution a lie from the pit of hell
  35. I'm pretty sure we don't have 'many'...but if....
  36. Updated CU Election Model Still Predicts large Romney Win...
  37. Way To Go Brees And Saints !!
  38. Why nothing will change in Washington.....
  39. Time to tell it like it is...direct from the horses mouth.
  40. Longtime Republicans torn between party loyalty and Obamacare
  41. I have far more optimism...
  42. I hate college, but love all the parties
  43. Missing the boat
  44. The RMoney Bounce
  45. Romney's Foreign Policy Speech
  46. Fiscal Report Cards for Governors
  47. What's the latest on SECURITY LEAKS?
  48. Red Bull Stratos Jump *LIVE* GDG
  49. Tomorrow, Oct, 10, hearing on attack on our Libyan consulate
  50. Where There's A Will There's A Way
  51. U-6
  52. Different Perspectives
  53. Which Side of the Fence are YOU On????
  54. The MSP...Eric Erickson nails it!
  55. Waytuhgo, Mitt!
  56. A little humor is in order......
  57. Some REAL humor
  58. What Does this Guy Know about Economics and JOBS???
  59. Social Justice
  60. Vienna Embassy...Chevy Volts - Benghazi Embassy...Security Cuts.... Priorities???
  61. It Looks Like The Huge Drop In Jobless Claims Was All Due To One Mystery State
  62. VP Debate
  63. Notice how quiet the libs have been? Oh menmon?? Where are you??
  64. Oct 11 - tonight's VP debate. WATCH IT !
  65. Mother
  66. Why Guns Have Safeties
  67. A New, Despicable Low From Stephanie Cutter (if she can get any lower)
  68. Bradshaw Tells it Like it IS!!!!!
  69. Poor Demies
  70. Catholic Bishops challenge Biden on birth control rule
  71. Ex CIA Chief White house to blame for Benghazi
  72. State Dept: Marines WERE Protecting Embassy...... in Barbados
  73. YouTube Video: Freedom to Succeed
  74. Fuel Prices
  75. Security at the Libyan Embassy in Benghazi
  76. Would you want this job? They have not even fessed up on Beghazi yet!!
  77. What is a commander in charge of?
  78. Potus vs. Main Page
  79. Phony in the Kitchen
  80. T Boone Pickens On Tonight's Debate
  81. PRESIDENTIAL debate #2
  82. Think this is crazy? Could never happen here? So did the Brits...
  83. Obama takes responsibility for Libya attack
  84. Who "won" last nights debate? GDG
  85. Fact Checking POTUS Debate #2
  86. Why did Romney run from the gun control question?
  87. Binder Full of Women
  88. T. Boone Pickens On Last Night's Debate On Energry
  89. Romney/Biden Administration Senario
  90. Terror attack foiled today Federal reserve NY
  91. And furthermore...it's my hope that a change in POTUS...
  92. AARP...non partisan?
  93. For the Fact Checkers
  94. Sneaky Obama admin Issa threatens subpoena/obamacare
  95. Obama accused of sexual harressment while at Harvard law
  96. Suggest Y'all Read This One
  97. I Wonder How Difficult It Would Be...
  98. Bow to No One
  99. It"s not fixed
  100. Obama says he called it a terrorist act all along... Oh yeah??
  101. Bayer dumping retiree medical
  102. !0/18 Gallup Poll Romney Up By Seven
  103. Obama and Romney together at dinner
  104. Gas $$ vs Election
  105. Poll: Romney Leads In Pennsylvania
  106. A few questions
  107. CA. official whose agency under-reported unemployment stats was Obama campaign donor
  108. What a surprise.
  109. Big Bird & Binders!!!!!
  110. Eva Longoria & Rosie Perez- disgusting tweets
  111. Romney Up By Seven In North Carolina
  112. Fyi
  113. Be thankful...
  114. Romney/obama telling jokes
  115. To my knowledge...
  116. DNC Borrows $10 million
  117. Bob Schiefer
  118. Readers Digest
  119. We Voted Today
  120. Sterling Endorsements!!!
  121. Partisan Politics ?
  122. Early voting gone too far??!!
  123. Foreign Policy Debate
  124. The Revenge of Geography
  125. Why is there only a couple "key"states
  126. "The Apology Tour"
  127. 10/23 Rasmussen Poll Romney 50% Obongolo 46%
  128. Here's another Benghazi-gate article.
  129. Another 'worthy' documentary.
  130. As a card-carrying member of the Tea Party Patriots...
  131. If there were no D or R
  132. Wonder if this would have been...
  133. Heads up Marvin, and you other geezers.
  134. Trumps October Surprise October 24
  135. Can Someone Help Me Out Here????
  136. Passing thought on not enough salary
  137. Email Copies Prove Obama Lied about Libya
  138. Enough!!!!!
  139. Romney Votes become Obama votes in NC
  140. Which Wolf do You Feed???
  141. Is there no end to this incredulity?
  142. With Halloween just around the corner...
  143. Potus Place changes
  144. Iran Has 2.9 Million and the USA Only Has 120,000
  145. Wow...
  146. NY Times blames B. Clinton for BHO's drop in the polls
  147. Why does Colin Powell Hate America?
  148. forecasting 2013
  149. Name Calling
  150. Emanuel Steward -RIP
  151. U.N. Poll Inspectors
  152. Undecided???
  153. Wish we had a few million of these immigrants.
  154. A Word To Rioting Muslims
  155. If This is True.........
  156. What's up with this???
  157. From a fellow Tea Party participant in my home state of Nodak.
  158. Even if he wasn't my first choice...
  159. And then there's Mali ...
  160. Early voting in TX
  161. Iowa Register Endorses Romney
  162. Ever get the feeling of being Upside Down?
  163. With all the other 'newsworthy' stories...
  164. The "Amatuer" in the White House at it again.
  165. Obama will wash car/walk dog for a budget deal
  166. Is it legal to sell your used Ipod?
  167. This illustrates what 'working Americans' are up against.
  168. Best movie of the year ... guaranteed
  169. How convenient?, never let a crisis go to waste
  170. Obama" we leave no one behind" REALLY????
  171. Children of the future blame 'Mom and Dad' for electing Mitt Romney
  172. GM, Chrysler tell Romney he's wrong about Chinese jobs claim
  173. The War On Halloween
  174. obama/romney make a 4 yr old cry
  175. Liberty Will Be On The Ballot This Tuesday!
  176. General at center of Bengazhi-gate retiring
  177. Obama wants to create Federal Secretary Of Business
  178. Unions
  179. Washington Times Suggest Gov. Gary Johnson For President
  180. Sandy and national coverage
  181. Biggest Pretenders in the College Football Top 15
  182. Hey Early Voters, Give Us A Report
  183. Menmon, serious question
  184. No red Tape NJ turns away non union help
  185. How far has obama fallen (WSJ)
  186. Chris Christie and the Pres
  187. Jesse Ventura
  188. Voting is the best revenge _BHO
  189. Two party system
  190. Rmoney is just misunderstood
  191. time
  192. Hail to the Redskins
  193. A Little Election Humor
  194. Florida
  195. Conservatism is calling
  196. You Picked A Fine Time To Lead US, Barack
  197. MSNBC has Romney winning... Release it by mistake!
  198. Obama will take an early lead tomorrow......................
  199. Will Rogers Quotes
  200. New poll
  201. OK The Poll
  202. More Scary Black People
  203. Obama mural in polling location
  204. Since it's doubtful...
  205. persistence
  206. winner
  207. I called the election first
  208. Challenge: Accepted
  209. Second amendment
  210. Permanent Majority........
  211. The Death Of The GOP
  212. Survival Guidebooks
  213. A Few Thoughts
  214. Why the Repulicans lost the election
  215. Did the sucess of Rep Governors hurt the GOP?
  216. So Much For The Stock Market
  217. Doobie Doobie Dooooooo
  218. The New Republican Party
  219. My Coffee Maker Quit Today
  220. Virginia Postrel
  221. Yellow Dog Takes Blue
  222. Californians Approve Massive Tax Hikes
  223. Move on
  224. Why Romney Lost the Election
  225. Impeachment hearings before or after inauguration?
  226. You were warned: Obama’s layoff bomb goes BOOM!
  227. Iran fires on U.S. Drone over International water
  228. The CATO Institute
  229. It already started.
  230. Gonna Get me an Obamaphone
  231. THe Clouds Have Parted!!!
  232. Obama is a moderate Republican?
  233. From my favorite 'anonymous' writer...
  234. Angry White Men
  235. Happy Veteran's Day
  236. Voter fraud
  237. So, I gotta 59 year old dishwasher.
  238. Papa John's
  239. Answer this question please?
  240. Noah's Arc Documentary using real scientists
  241. "free money!!!"
  242. Israel kills Hamas Military Wing Commander
  243. The 'hits' keep coming.
  244. Rand Paul
  245. Louisiana Governor
  246. Tea Leaves
  247. Food (Stamps) For Thought
  248. Israel and Gaza
  249. Five dollar words
  250. How will the union supporters spin the Hostess situation?