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  1. Any one else see the irony???
  2. Pretty Amazing!!!!
  3. Illistrating subtle
  4. How's that Social Security working for you?
  5. Here Is an Idea!!!!
  6. Obama's Gun Control Plan
  7. machine gun on every corner, or oxymoron
  8. check stealing from mail boxes
  9. Ink hasn;t dried
  10. He Has Talked the Talk........
  11. Quotes prominance 1960
  12. Sarge, turn on the news
  13. Hostages in Algeria
  14. Cutting Spending: Stop the Waste
  15. Dem Senators refusing to go on record on gun control
  16. Not Red nor Blue but all 545
  17. 2nd Amendment Rights Supporters Are..........
  18. FINALLY!!! The answer to this gun crap.
  19. Fact Checking
  20. WOW...Whoda thunk it??
  21. Conspiracy theory?
  22. Education ... is there any way to fix this?
  23. I Met Sarge (Zeus) Today
  24. For those of us that always figured him fo a fat assed lib...
  25. RIP... Stan Musial and Earl Weaver
  26. US Debt, a visual aid
  27. While the Stock Holders get the Short Straw
  28. Deja VU or How Crazies Get Guns
  29. Does anyone think Obama has been vetted yet?
  30. Should we expect anything 'better' in the future?
  31. US Inauguration
  32. Vigilantes in Mexico
  33. I Didn't Find The Pony....
  34. Obama's speech
  35. Enough of this idiot
  36. The Class and Grace of the First Lady
  37. Soothsayer of the Western World
  38. Making Schools Safer
  39. NRA Wayne La Pierre Speech
  40. I knew nothiiiinkkk!!!
  41. Where is Hillary? Followup
  42. At Kesselring's
  43. women and pistols
  44. Women in combat?
  45. Looks like the big Pennsylvania gun show...
  46. Hillary's Teflon pantsuit -- nothing is going to stick
  47. Silent Spring @ 50
  48. Hillary "What Difference Does It Make?"
  49. Now a Map of Texas gun owners (oh no!!)
  50. Extending the debt limit (Boehner again)
  51. The Muslim Brotherhood, Our New Ally
  52. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark
  53. The grand const. scholar violated the constitution
  54. If appointees illegal then what?
  55. Obamacare ... more of what's in it
  56. Permanent Majority: 1 Increment Closer
  57. Another Felon with a Gun Stash
  58. Good luck at the Grand to Caryalsobrook!
  59. Differences In Foreign Policy Marco Rubio and Rand Paul
  60. Winter Storm Luna?
  61. Sweet Brown Remix.........
  62. litmus test
  63. More like a SNL skit
  64. Obama shoots all the time?
  65. Fear of Gun Control
  66. Immigration Reform Plan????
  67. Speaking of wacky libs...
  68. OK.... a new thread,
  69. Anybody been watching Egypt?
  70. Immigration Legislation
  71. 5k for an AR
  72. Climbing the Wall of Worry
  73. Lance Armstrong?
  74. New Legislation to Solve Major Problem!
  75. GDP shows loss
  76. Should these people get a Pass?
  77. Too Few Lawyers?
  78. Senator Ted Cruz Powerful Speech on Gun Control
  79. Scissors?? Really
  80. No more Jet for Nancy
  81. More Jobs Lost!!!
  82. On a lighter note
  83. For You That Don't Understand
  84. Food stamps vs vending machines
  85. It never stops!
  86. Dream Team?
  87. Obama Shooting Clays
  88. FRANCO, your avatar is priceless
  89. POTUS Super Bowl Thread
  90. Here comes the judge
  91. The Loss of a True American Hero-Chris Kyle
  92. 1961 state documents outline strategy of UN /US banning guns
  93. The NEW Dewalt Nail Gun
  94. Dr. Ron Paul TWEETS!!
  95. Time for the U.S. to pull out of Chicago?
  96. Just another Democrat hypocrite!!!
  97. Corruption in sports gdg
  98. VIDEO: "Assault" weapon test-fired against a "non-assault" version.
  99. Happy Birthday!!
  100. Bulls Eye!!!
  101. One man's view on the 'stock market'.
  102. Wonder if Maher has $5 mill?
  103. Gun debate concede something or 2nd ammendment all the way
  104. Most Important Chart in American Politics
  105. Rand Paul on Fox
  106. Happy Birthday!!!!
  107. And They Said it Couldn't be Done!!
  108. Imaginary grenade causes suspension
  109. Hey Franco, what makes Ole Miss so attractive?
  110. The changing face of PP
  111. Good over view of why we are where we are
  112. Not a word ...
  113. The Art Of Don Troiani
  114. The HORRORS of Waterboarding!!
  115. Dr. Benjamin Carson
  116. CA Gun Laws
  117. Bernake; Get Rid Of The Debt Ceiling
  118. When Have We Heard This Before??
  119. Gdg buzz gdg
  120. That apple
  121. Tracking Nemo?
  122. It's hard not to be a conspiritorial thinker, when this sort of story happens.
  123. Realizing this off the current 'beaten' path on POTUS...
  124. With all the recent emphasis on Super Bowl commercialization...
  125. Tea Party Response to SOTU?? Rand Paul??
  126. What are YOU Reading/Listening To???
  127. I wonder what POTUS was thinking during this National Prayer Breakfast Speech
  128. the big bear fugitive?
  129. Maker's Mark to reduce alcohol content
  130. Congessman McDermott (D-WA) refuses to answer questions about health care
  131. The Pope!!??!!??
  132. smear tactics
  133. State of the Union Address
  134. IOC ousts wrestling from the Olympics!
  135. "We Don't Want To Take Your Guns".........Sure....
  136. State of the Union Responses
  137. Executive Compensation
  138. Minimum Wage Legislation
  139. who all got a shiver
  140. Hard to overcome racism in this country.
  141. A Valentine Message From Ayn Rand
  142. What of the new cabinet appointments?
  143. Help Me Understand
  144. Bankrupting America
  145. msn lib attack?
  146. Too Much of a Coincidence for Me - Gun Control and Events Surrounding
  147. Funds run low for health insurance in state ‘high-risk pools’
  148. Russian says America is to blame
  149. How to ask, what can you Do about limited mental ability
  150. Just Thought I Would Share This!!!
  151. Obama shooting pic's we didn't see
  152. Newtown shooter hard drive cracked yet crickets
  153. Is this where we are headed?
  154. Sen. Rand Paul Comes Clean In Interview
  155. Excise Tax????
  156. Sequestration
  157. A Presidents Day POTUS question.
  158. Democrats Seek to Ban Hunting Ammunition in Wisconsin
  159. Sad day in Colorado...
  160. FHA Loans and PMI
  161. Fema teaches founding fathers are terrorists
  162. farmer and Monsanto and soybean seed
  163. Saw something irratating today
  164. How stupid must you be to get into this fraternity?
  165. Roger Clemens
  166. "Man Cave"
  167. "Buy a Shotgun"
  168. Brain of a conservative republican
  169. New (proposed) gun legislation in New York
  170. CEO to France... "Keep Your So-called Workers!"
  171. CATO Inst. On The Rise Of Libertarian Politics
  172. Sad Day in Chicago
  173. This was my guy for POTUS...too bad he was shot down by the establishment.
  174. Let's hear it from JD
  175. Non-traditional targets
  176. Hurricane Sandy Status???
  177. Obama Gun Violence Website
  178. Pretty good speech from a former secret service agent
  179. Question For Some of You
  180. While not a huge fan of Boehner...
  181. It's been a while since we heard much about Sandy Hook...
  182. gun manufacturers fight back
  183. Another "rat" leaving the ship?
  184. The Ultimate DOH! NRA on Joe B Comment
  185. The Big Race......
  186. Any One Else Watching Stossel Tonight?
  187. A Long, Terrifying, Read
  188. Search & Seizure
  189. Criminals and guns near my house
  190. Humor
  191. Post Removed
  192. Blame Jane
  193. Why do you suppose...
  194. The Pendulum Swings
  195. 2013 NDAA Signed!
  196. Quote from a nazi
  197. Heads Up - UB
  198. Thoughts on this editorial from a paper somewhere here in the U.S.
  199. Planned Parenthood
  200. Hey potus pontificators gdg
  201. eugenic prince phillip
  202. David Rockerfeller quotes these tell it all
  203. Increasing debt and population decline
  204. HR 347 - Freedom to protest/speech??
  205. I smell a carbon tax
  206. You might be a neocon if...
  207. Who Knows much about these organizations
  208. Campaign Speech????
  209. Brown tree snakes
  210. Missouri Senator Roy Blunt answer's email on gun control .
  211. Sequester!!!!
  212. Females - Register for the Draft?
  213. Could you cut 2.4% from your home budget per month?
  214. How long before Chris Christie becomes a Democrat?
  215. John Kerry
  216. Celebrating 100 Years of the IRS
  217. This CA School District probably just needs more money??
  218. Even Bob Woodward is starting to get it!
  219. Hey Franco!! He might have been a Libertarian
  220. Bank of America and Mc Millen Firearms - can this really be true?
  221. Bob Woodward better find a place to hide...
  222. Racial entitlement...
  223. would you let your child wear a rfid chip in school for the purpose of not only keepi
  224. hey i'm just sayin here
  225. Firearms demo: Forward this to your Rep's
  226. "170 million Jobs Lost"
  227. Is the Outdoor Channel done?
  228. ol' double barrel biden
  229. NY Safe Act Rally Yesterday at the Capitol (Albany)
  230. NRA backed Gun bill, MN
  231. History Lesson
  232. The "Whopper-in-chief" has stuck his foot...
  233. Obama pardons Gun convict!
  234. Favorite distributed computing projects?
  235. guess what you can print now?
  236. 15 ways to cut the budget--why can't we get 'er done?
  237. Have we elected a dynasty
  238. Kerry Announces $250 Million in U.S. Aid for Egypt
  239. Ammmo buying/trading
  240. RTF'r for president
  241. Why the UN has problems ...
  242. I'm happy to report...
  243. Here is a 12 and a half
  244. So you are pro choice huh?
  245. I think this Aussie gets it.
  246. Saving conservatism : If only the AWM will listen
  247. Will this cause riots in the Christian world?
  248. Venezuelan Dictator Dead
  249. White House CLOSED to Public Tours!
  250. Feds told to make sequester look as painful as WH promised