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  1. guess what you can print now?
  2. 15 ways to cut the budget--why can't we get 'er done?
  3. Have we elected a dynasty
  4. Kerry Announces $250 Million in U.S. Aid for Egypt
  5. Ammmo buying/trading
  6. RTF'r for president
  7. Why the UN has problems ...
  8. I'm happy to report...
  9. Here is a 12 and a half
  10. So you are pro choice huh?
  11. I think this Aussie gets it.
  12. Saving conservatism : If only the AWM will listen
  13. Will this cause riots in the Christian world?
  14. Venezuelan Dictator Dead
  15. White House CLOSED to Public Tours!
  16. Feds told to make sequester look as painful as WH promised
  17. Wahappen to RTF President Poll thread?
  18. Thanks' George, Dick and Donald : At least Halleburton is solvent.
  19. Rand Paul pulling a REAL Filibuster!
  20. Ken Cuccinelli - VA Republican
  21. Certainly not difficult to understand why...
  22. McCain, Graham, Yesterdays News...........
  23. 36 Hours That Changed The Republican Party
  24. Tuition Assistance Programs Cut
  25. Food for Thought
  26. Brennan takes oath on draft Constitution—without Bill of Rights
  27. Gotta Make You Smile
  28. libertarians?
  29. Economist Paul Krugman Declares Bankruptcy
  30. March Madness
  31. Why are we still in Afghanistan?
  32. Judge Blocks Bloomberg's Sugar Drink Ordinance
  33. What happened in Colorado's gun control Congress yesterday?
  34. Will the gun control hypocrisy never cease?
  35. Is it just me???...
  36. A hypothetical day as president……
  37. White Smoke!
  38. It only took 4 years...
  39. Well... This should seal the fate of NY's Safe-Act
  40. Picture for avitar
  41. Will the Neo-cons listen ?
  42. Still banking at B of A??? Might want to reconsider.
  43. Republican Rand Paul
  44. Next Generation of Conservatives!!!
  45. Why We Really Watch Fox News...
  46. Careful about the fish you eat!
  47. (R) Rob Portman?
  48. Most People Just Don't Know
  49. The Dall Ram in my Avatar
  50. Big Gulps at CPAC...
  51. Justice Served
  52. Social media confessions of crimes
  53. looks like the senate dropped ar and mag bans from their bill.
  54. The Obama corruption continues.
  55. who used what!
  56. Gun Permit apllications jump in NEWTOWN!
  57. Bill Maher gets his ...
  58. North Korea
  59. Benjamin Carson's speech at CPAC
  60. Teachers' Union in CA proves their point ...
  61. Something over the 'transom'...not CPAC originated.
  62. Food or Tattoos?
  63. RIP Colorado!
  64. What a shock...I'm stunned.
  65. How Dare You Harry Reid- shame on YOU
  66. Guns won
  67. 10 Year Anniversary of the War With Iraq
  68. The Barbarous Years
  69. So, why not eat horses?
  70. Today is a good day (GDG)
  71. spent my afternoon here
  72. Homicide watch DC
  73. Sequester? Really?
  74. Wouldn't it be nice...???
  75. Movie: Murph, The Protector
  76. Your exodus isn't the only one going on, Gooser.
  77. Cyprus Banking
  78. An Historical Day!
  79. Ca county supervisor pay... 400k per mo. For life! Wow!
  80. Vikings bumps Duck Dynasty Out of #1 Cable Show gdg
  81. Colorado Big Game Hunting
  82. Tom Lehrer
  83. Is there a table /schedule available
  84. Border Security?
  85. Rand Paul, Mike Lee & Ted Cruz Plan to Block Federal Gun Control Legislation
  86. So Robin looked at the calendar and said....
  87. Happy Birthday RK!!!!
  88. Here's a speech most of us would love to hear from the POTUS!
  89. Are any of you as sick of the leftist media...
  90. Ben Carson commencement address
  91. Guess I can't keep my Insurance
  92. Nanny Bloomberg stay out of NC
  93. Michigan starts a new era in that state.
  94. Ancient America
  95. GDG I get to set a new weight loss goal!
  96. I might be nit pickin a bit, but it pissed me off.
  97. On this most glorius day in all of Christendom...
  98. Forged Petitions
  99. Washington Post: a new low in race baiting
  100. Late-Term Abortions
  101. They are Coming!!!!
  102. The Tea Party Darling, Rick Santorum
  103. They May Be Coming in Ct.
  104. Gun Control Question?
  105. It would only be $50 million....
  106. "Illegal Immigrant"
  107. ...and this woman represents Colorado?
  108. For the 'Temporal Provincials' among us.
  109. North Korea????
  110. GDG ***baseball thread***GDG
  111. Gun Control: Are legislators smarter than a 15-year-old?
  112. Another Example Of Why FEMA and Big Government Needs To End!
  113. For all you liberals that think more taxes on the rich...
  114. Acorn Lives
  115. Yo, Stan...WTHayel is dis????
  116. Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester.
  117. Rutgers President passing the buck
  118. 100 Years Of The IRS/Income Tax
  119. Ben Carson's Book: America The Beautiful
  120. speaking of income taxes Fraud found
  121. GDG Elton John concert/security
  122. The Iron Lady has passed
  123. Taxpayer screwed and deadbead is winning
  124. Franco's World
  125. I think Most of Ya'll will enjoy this.
  126. My First Crush.................
  127. Are we going to eliminate knives now, Mr. President??
  128. didn't want to highjack the knife thread.......
  129. Are you involved in the GC issue?
  130. Colorado sheriffs
  131. Olympus Has Fallen- movie review
  132. CT governor Malloy just cost jobs---Gun makers fleeing
  133. Sorry California...I've been WAY too critical!
  134. Here's more info for they mngundog types on board.
  135. More kudos for the Wisconsin Gov.
  136. US support of UN to increase
  137. do you believe...
  138. Seems the more time I spend reading about Wisconsin...
  139. Yea...this IS the 3rd time I've posted this.
  140. Since I'm not a fan of the RINO establishment...
  141. Congrats to Menmon {Sambo} on his FC title
  142. Isn't Today Tax Day?
  143. Bomb Blast at Boston Marathon
  144. The AU Standard?
  145. US sent folks to Chavez funeral but not to Thatcher?
  146. The Immigration Bill
  147. Another Demorat Mental Midget on Sequester
  148. Pat Summerall Dead At 82
  149. Pro choice?
  150. Even TX? Gun Control gone nuts!
  151. The left continues to lie, lie, lie about their gun control bill.
  152. Toomey/Manchin defeated
  153. Feinstein's Amendment to ban "Assault Weapons" 40 Aye to 60 Nay
  154. Criminologist's questions about Sandy Hook
  155. Stay inside, lock doors, load guns
  156. Media sensationalism
  157. Caught
  158. You don't suppose?????
  159. & the Fix Will Be?
  160. America coming together, coming apart
  161. Speaking of Global Warming
  162. More attacks on our rights ?
  163. Imagine that... Terrorists not licensed for handgun carry!
  164. Miranda Rights?
  165. GDG***NFL Draft***GDG
  166. IRS overpaid up to $13.6B in low-income tax credits, report finds
  167. From your 'current' home state, Marvin.
  168. Really? I am shocked, shocked! at this
  169. OK Bon... Put'em up!
  170. Bloomberg: Interpretation of Constitution Will Have to Change...WTH?
  171. The Foxes In The Henhouse? Interesting
  172. Evil: Muslims or the Wealthy?
  173. Schools in Douglas County Colorado
  174. 270's & 300 win mags
  175. The Brothers - follow the money??
  176. Higher Education
  177. Hey, Franco.......
  178. paean to a hammer
  179. who would have guessed
  180. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
  181. "Great Society" to Free Society
  182. A Democrat speaks of G.W.
  183. Claire McCaskill's response to email concerning gun control
  184. Time to get serious about immigration!
  185. Pardon me for being "stunned".
  186. What say you concerning this can of worms?
  187. College Baseball
  188. food stamps for illegals on our dime
  189. How Has Sequester Affected YOU???
  190. R.I.P Tom Knapp
  191. Kermit Gosnell
  192. How about this?
  193. Obamacare - The Work of Conservatives
  194. Silent Cal
  195. Gabriel Gomez
  196. Gun Debate
  197. Real Liberal Love
  198. Americans Fear Government More Than Terror?
  199. Kentucky Derby GDG
  200. Today's incom of medical general practitioners
  201. VA Hospitals & Healthcare
  202. Pandering to illegals
  203. "Redneck Day" Draws Anger From PC Groups
  204. Political Strategy
  205. Who was most influential in forming your political outlook?
  206. Israel
  207. Being Snarky Without Pelts
  208. Charles Berry- American Hero
  209. Ted Cruz ...
  210. Missouri gun laws .
  211. Football anyone?
  212. Texas fertilizer plant explosion
  213. IRS Targeting Conservative Groups... This is America in 2013?
  214. Funny (or not)
  215. No Media Bias from the Administration? Think Again
  216. Another avenue for the left promoting illegal immigration.
  217. While it's no doubt being celebrated on the main board...
  218. Evidently........
  219. Getting Deeper... Justice Dept. Secretly Obtained AP Phone Records... Hmm...
  220. Background Checks Really Work
  221. Can Anyone Improve On This Hilarity?
  222. IRS Targeting Conservative INDIVIDUALS
  223. One of the better commentaries...
  224. Navy SEAL Team 6
  225. OK, I'll come clean and ask a question.
  226. WH Benghazi Document Dump... If You Can Call It That...
  227. Elk Poop Floats
  228. Pic of Marine holding an umbrella over Obama's head
  229. really? Throw the illegal back and reward the cops!
  230. Pass the Salt
  231. They had to do a study for this??
  232. IRS official to oversee Obamacare
  233. A Washington Post Joke
  234. Diversity? Not So Much...
  235. NTSB and dwu
  236. According to WH... Irrelevant where Obama was during Benghazi! YGBSM
  237. Google cheats on UK Taxes
  238. Dutch Fur Farmers
  239. Charly, M&K... You guys OK??
  240. Washington Post gives Lois Lerner 4 Pinocchios
  241. Fast & Furious ... anybody notice?
  242. New Benghazi Whistleblowers? Interesting info...
  243. Mother Nature A Lib?
  244. IRS Hearing May 21: Shulman, Miller, and J. Russell George (the IG)
  245. Lois Lerner
  246. Army forsakes combat hero for Muslims
  247. Trayvon Martin case
  248. IRS Hearing May 22
  249. The short con VS the long con
  250. And the party continues in Washington