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  1. Uncle Sam's Cost over-runs
  2. $247 Billion in Medicaid not counted in healthcare costs!
  3. Now it's the Chamber of Commerce
  4. ...such sums as may be necessary...
  5. PBS 'Frontline'
  6. Simple Question
  7. Bail out??
  8. Rabid right wing scares GOP candidates
  9. Credit Cards - Higher Costs Again?
  10. Music As Torture
  11. WH Economist....
  12. It appears the bloom is off the rose...
  13. November Elections
  14. It's His Rubble Now - And the American people want him to fix it.
  15. Despair over financial policy
  16. IRS agents took false $8000credit
  17. So long, farewell, auf weidersehn......
  18. Vice President Dick Cheney – A great American
  19. What will PETA say?
  20. FACT CHECK: Health insurer profits not so fat
  21. Rush Limbaugh
  22. Cheap homes
  23. Another Palin Bridge to nowhere project?
  24. Do you pay for your cell phone?
  25. President Obama ties Bush in......
  26. Would you approve?
  27. My 2 year old son knows the truth about Obama, priceless video
  28. Politics and family matters
  29. Hold on to your eyes
  30. What is the realagenda??
  31. Confidentialty Issues
  32. Afghanistan...all in or all out?
  33. Yeah, the Recession is Over
  34. Guns (funny)
  35. Back door assault on gun rights?
  36. Ford & the UAW
  37. Celeb divas
  38. Hypocrisy in the NFL???
  39. Are we headed in a good direction??
  40. Cash for Clunkers cost each taxpayer $24M
  41. Chile's Bachelet: An Interesting Read
  42. Housing Market
  43. .C. state attorney fired after stripper incident
  44. American Ingenuity
  45. About time!
  46. Michelle Obama elitist?
  47. What Obama is REALLY costing us
  48. An interesting spin on gun ownership
  49. Senator Tom Coburn
  50. The War on Faux
  51. Two countries-Same pitfalls?
  52. Mr. Popularity
  53. Bush Rocks
  54. You Can't Make this Stuff Up!!
  55. Questions for our Canadian RTF'ers on Health Care
  56. U.S. Condemned for Pre-Emptive Strike
  57. US Taxpayers fund Soros Brazilian oil
  58. Ford doesn't need Obama's help
  59. Scozzafava
  60. An interesting read
  61. Does Dick Cheney have Alzheimers?
  62. NY congressional election
  63. Rocky Mtn High- Breckenridge Co
  64. Palin book tour avoids Democratic strongholds
  65. Please habla English!
  66. Tragic loss....
  67. House plan mandates payment for abortions...by all.
  68. Vermont: Crime & Gun Laws
  69. Obama ready to sign another stimulus bill
  70. Cheney blasts probe of CIA interrogations
  71. The recession is over!!!!!
  72. New "Holiday" stamps
  73. Been gone for a while so...
  74. So,upon returning and posting on the main BB...
  75. dnf777
  76. A message from Ben Stein
  77. Another's view of where we are headed.
  78. Ft. Hood
  79. House passed socialized medicine
  80. Congrats Dems, Libs,Socialists, et al.
  81. Dow industrials hit new 52-week high
  82. The Berlin Wall 20-Year Anniversary
  83. November 11th...
  84. I'd like comments from 777...& any others,
  85. Pelosi Healthcare Reform from HR3962 pg1431-1432
  86. A high price for health reform
  87. Supreme Court Justices
  88. A poll to make Reps happy....
  89. One less turd!
  90. To "Heck" with the Constitution?
  91. A nice article about Dubya
  92. Interesting perspective that.....
  93. This was sent to me...
  94. The next POTUS
  95. Since I've been admonished to go....
  96. Recanvassing shows NY-23 race tightens even as Rep. Bill Owens is sworn into House se
  97. Brainwashed
  98. Obama's Stratergy Of Manufactured Crisis
  99. food stamps with CASH benefits
  100. Former La. congressman sentenced to 13 years
  101. Facts? Sarah Palin don't need no stinkin' facts
  102. New State Slogan - Illinois the Detainee State
  103. Trying Terrorists in Civilian Courts
  104. Is GM ready to start repaying its debt?
  105. All you BHO fans that think the economy's improving...
  106. Obama healthcare in T-Pain Auto Tune humor
  107. whos next in 2012
  108. Green Energy: Cost?
  109. Jobs 'Saved or Created' in Congressional Districts That Don't Exist
  110. Psalm 109:8
  111. APB for Yardley
  112. TOTUS funny vid
  113. Way To Go America!
  114. I don't know about you...
  115. McCain adviser: Palin’s book is fiction
  116. Facebook Friend sent me this link (Don't Get Palin's Appeal? Try a Little Harder)
  117. Liberals want Rules changed cuz People don't want their books
  118. Report: CIA torture prison found in Lithuania
  119. Anyone Notice
  120. Health care and racism
  121. Senate bill includes the Botox tax
  122. Hello!!!!!!!!!
  123. health care reform
  124. Fire 'Em All
  125. National Debt
  126. Obama is worse than Bush
  127. Business Rant
  128. Lou Dobbs for POTUS in 2012
  129. Will You Kiss Me?
  130. Another Palin Article
  131. Something we can all agree on...... maybe
  132. And another Palin article
  133. Navy Seals Face Charges After Capturing Terrorist
  134. Left-wing radio should apologize
  135. Global Warming Hoax?
  136. Legal Question (GDG)
  137. This is for you Road Kill
  138. Fed turns optimistic for 2010
  139. Winning in Afghanistan: Education
  140. Did you ever wonder?
  141. Hunting Gets A Boost from the NY Times
  142. To the Politicos Here.....
  143. White House Turkey......
  144. Back briefly...
  145. USN Seals Debacle
  146. Being away during that Ft.Hood fiasco...
  147. Kennedy Replacement
  148. U.S. was 'hell bent' on Iraq war, U.K. envoy says
  149. who wrote this???
  150. Something scary.
  151. This, at least for me, is worrisome.
  152. Ever hear of Lloyd Marcus?
  153. My 'computerese' is always in question...
  154. A message from Ronaldo Magnus...
  155. American troops had bin Laden 'within our grasp'
  156. Our Dogs & Climate Change Controversy
  157. o-bow-ma
  158. Security??
  159. Image control
  160. Court sides with Gov't in detainee photo case
  161. 4 Cops Killed in Coffee Shop
  162. How many will be watching...
  163. Next RTF giveaway
  164. Sheeps, Wolves, and Sheep Dogs
  165. obama and the enemy camp
  166. How To Start Each Day With A Positive Outlook
  167. Tough Choices
  168. Bernanke??
  169. Wrongful life suit???
  170. T I T
  171. Sen. Baucus recommended girlfriend for U.S. Atttorney
  172. Give back that Peace Prize, Mr. Gore
  173. An old joke and current events, Mrs. Woods.
  174. GHG Regulation
  175. The Tax Man!!
  176. The Bailout: Refund Coming
  177. Another disgusting idea from the left
  178. British Iraq Inquiry Likely to Seek Testimony from U.S. Witnesses
  179. I Like This Guy!!!
  180. Items stolen from White House!
  181. A blunt and chilling answer to a serious question
  182. Tiger and Barack Obama
  183. Isn't this how we got here in the 1st place??
  184. Oklahoma - leading the way..
  185. Bad news for the GOP: Tea Party more popular
  186. Speaking of polling Obama down again
  187. Support Sarah Palin for President
  188. Another Heartwarmimg Story
  189. BofA repays all of government bailout funds
  190. Cheney at it again.
  191. EPA & Global Warming Poll
  192. Why the Personal Mandate to Buy Health Insurance Is Unprecedented and Unconstitutiona
  193. Global Warming qick fix
  194. God please SAVE us!!
  195. Health care loophole would allow coverage limits
  196. Is This a Problem to Anyone??
  197. Have any of you tried to watch the congress on C-Span?
  198. MORE government. *groan*
  199. Genius, Pure Genius
  200. Drinking Age?
  201. The REAL Inconvenient Truth!!
  202. Spend it like you got it!
  203. Uh Oh!!
  204. Citigroup to repay $20 billion in bailout funds
  205. Millions of missing Bush admin. e-mails found
  206. We are supposed to BELEIVE this Guy??
  207. Poll: Public sours on Obama's overhaul plan
  208. $290 billion to finance its operations for just six additional weeks
  209. OBama out of control
  210. The beginning of the end....
  211. This is a Nice Read!!
  212. What is the REAL Concern Here??
  213. One of the more interesting polls I've seen
  214. Politics and the private sector
  215. Nelson bought off
  216. Ben Nelson
  217. Al Franken Wound Too Tight?
  218. After 'Obamacare' passes...
  219. Now that Obama returns 0 for 3,
  220. Too much hev-V crap...
  221. end of global warming causing serious problems
  222. One More...
  223. Is the house healthcare reform bill unconstitutional ?
  224. Goose is correct...
  225. Just in case you have forgotten...
  226. Still catching up on 'interesting' info...
  227. Interesting gun control angle...
  228. how do you/did you earn a living?
  229. Wonder how many more states will take this tack?
  230. You could have heard a pin drop (fwd'd e-mail)
  231. Obama Continues To Tank
  232. Ala. Congressman Griffith switching party affiliation
  233. Gitmo still a problem
  234. Oil Refineries
  235. Iran & Nuclear Enrichment
  236. Lawsuit against Pr. George's sheriff can proceed, judge rules
  237. Global Warming - another perspective.
  238. Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year
  239. Legal woes for former Republican Party of Fla. finance chair Harry Sargeant
  240. Gun Control -- circumventing the constitution
  241. I am surprised this isn't already up!!
  242. Yet another Global Warming thread.
  243. Long-Term Care Coverage: Part of Health Reform
  244. Two al Qaeda Leaders Behind Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot Were Released by U.S.
  245. Jesse Ventura Conspiracy theory
  246. Are We at War??
  247. "Fellow Travelers"
  248. i am really awakened.....
  249. My dog
  250. Senator Nelson, how's it going?