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  1. These Guys are in Charge???
  2. Rush in Hospital,
  3. A solution for all.
  4. Mayo Clinic in Arizona to Stop Treating Some Medicare Patients
  5. Government screws up big time in Blackwater case
  6. Global warming? Not in NC
  7. INTERPOL trumps the US Constitution?
  8. Lighten Up Time Again
  9. With little better to do, here FYI...
  10. So much for "Housing Recovery" Plan A...
  11. Global warming - a big, healthy dose of reality here:
  12. FINALLY!! The answer to....
  13. No Rise in CO2 in 150 Years
  14. Son of ex-KKK grand wizard renews effort to join Palm Beach County GOP
  15. food stamps again!
  16. Investor's Business Daily - 1-4-2010
  17. Universe 13.7 Billion Years Old "Happy B'Day"
  18. There's more "change" in the air...
  19. Marine in Iraq
  20. Bye Bye Dodd!!
  21. Where do you stand Politically??
  22. Dissension in the ranks?
  23. 7 lies in less than 2 minutes
  24. Vote YES on this USA Today gun poll
  25. Felons Voting
  26. Top scary terrorist held agaisnt her will
  27. Educate to Innovate
  28. Roger Bush is at it again...
  29. How knowlegeable of Muslims are you?
  30. Please Reveiw and Comment!!??!!??
  31. Mark this Date & Time!!
  32. When in doubt, blame Bush
  33. Time to De-Stimulate
  34. A little historical info for your edification.
  35. Another 'classic' reminder.
  36. Amendment 28 anyone???
  37. Harry Reid shows his true "colors"....
  38. Battle of Saipan - our future without innovation?
  39. Can anyone explain to me why...
  40. Health Reform & The States
  41. McCain aide: Palin said fame was ‘God’s plan’
  42. Holy Smokes Roger is going to blow his top!!!
  43. The peoples seat - Massachusetts
  44. Who will it be?
  45. For those that never found the time to read....
  46. New Tax Without A Vote
  47. sorry you voted for obama
  48. White House changes rule for counting stimulus jobs
  49. The 'numbers' are in....
  50. Is the POTUS forum a waste of time ?
  51. FINALLY....food stamp receipt
  52. Pay up sucka!
  53. Prayers for a fallen Trooper
  54. Rush shows colors
  55. Danny Glover blames quake on Global Warming
  56. Unions Excluded
  57. Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
  58. who has received a dollar from the govt?
  59. The DR is looking for corporate candidates...
  60. We must stop global warming!!!!
  61. Paying for the New York Times online
  62. Ever wonder why the MSP is dying?
  63. The REAL Consequences of Today's Election in Massachusetts!
  64. More Do As I Say, etc
  65. Report: FBI Illegally Collected Phone Records
  66. Awful Quite Tonight
  67. Republicans for more Taxes???
  68. Thank You Massachusetts!!
  69. NC opt out
  70. Haiti hit again- 6.1 this time
  71. Did the message win in Massachusetts or the method?
  72. Brown elected. What Now? Reform health care.
  73. "Hate."
  74. Yo Hew...
  75. As tax time rolls around...
  76. PERFECT timing!!!
  77. So whats the deal with pickup trucks?
  78. The World Bids Farewell to Obama
  79. UN climate chief admits mistake on Himalayan glaciers warning
  80. Been on a plane recently?
  81. some humor....
  82. It's OVER!!!
  83. Not sure how many of you are NRA members...
  84. Here Ya Go Roger...Tea Party Scam
  85. Legalized buying of candidates?
  86. Air America Going Out Of Biz Sale!
  87. WSJ.com - The Fall of the House of Kennedy
  88. Phenomenal Quote!
  89. Gitmo again
  90. Campaign finance ruling reflects Supreme Court's growing audacity
  91. Obama's options, in a post-Massachusetts nation
  92. Marines pulling out of Iraq
  93. Very Interesting Article
  94. Gather 'round "Lefties"...here's what you've been waiting for.
  95. If you are getting quesy...
  96. Bumper Sticker Fun
  97. Have you watched this one?
  98. This is a real 'stunner'...
  99. Hey Roger Perry, expain this one ???
  100. Dem's loss in Mass causes uproar
  101. A REALLY stupid idea
  102. Hitler Learns that Brown Wins in Massachusetts
  103. I'm looking for....
  104. Neil Barofsky: Bailout Investigator
  105. A Limit to Time in Elective Office
  106. I,
  107. Fox, the most trusted news???
  108. Does the President have the right to assassinate American citizens
  109. Hey Chad Ratt, Explain this
  110. State of the Union Drinking Game
  111. You Think Danny glover is an crazy....
  112. Dennis Miller on O'Reilly
  113. My father...
  114. State of the Union
  115. How many times did Nancy
  116. World leaders plot exit from Afghanistan
  117. Will DOW dip below 10K again
  118. Unprecedented cheap shot and lack of class
  119. What is the State of the Union?
  120. Buying off the Taliban
  121. Roeder's Justified Murder Defense
  122. Obama's Answer for America.......
  123. Just in case...
  124. High Speed Rail
  125. Tony Blair faces ‘pivotal day’ at Iraq inquiry
  126. Greece's Debt
  127. 2034: China & the U.S.
  128. Economy grows at fastest pace in 6 years
  129. Dems May Loose Illinois Senate Seat!
  130. Any Rock & Rollers Here??
  131. What's wrong with this?
  132. Field Trial Stories
  133. UN climate change panel based claims on student dissertation and magazine article
  134. A little Transparency at last
  135. If,like me, you are fed up...
  136. Sen.-elect Brown backs abortion rights
  137. When did America offend Tampa?
  138. Obama meets with the Queen of England
  139. From a Guy What Knows!!
  140. Peace!!!
  141. Now we know...
  142. GM, Ford, Nissan see double-digit jumps in sales as economy strengthens
  143. Retarded
  144. Al-Qaeda ‘certain’ to attack U.S. within months
  145. IRS Hunting Ducks?
  146. Mark it on your calendar
  147. Fair & Balanced??
  148. Michelle Obama and Big Bird on Sesame Street
  149. i like this one:
  150. Man dies in rare fatal shark attack in Florida
  151. What the (&*$ happened to the child tax credit?
  152. The paradox of Terrorism
  153. So we got this going for us....which is nice...
  154. Obama’s Auntie Still Freeloading
  155. Sarah Palin Tax Cheat?
  156. Our (Former) President Has Spoken!
  157. Obama: It's not easy to run a small business
  158. In Sarah Palin administration, her spouse was active in state business
  159. A couple informational tidbits.
  160. What's up with Wells Fargo?
  161. Shelby is a tool, and McConnel carries his water
  162. This is strickly a JOKE !!!GDG
  163. Why give Julia bimbo a say
  164. If you wonder what the 'press' across the pond may be thinking...
  165. Wow! Wonder what Algore thinks of this?
  166. This post should have been included...
  167. I can't believe they are doing this in the White House!
  168. Palin: Won't close door on White House run
  169. The Next President of the United States
  170. Republicans wary of Obama's public health care summit
  171. FBI Wants Web Records Kept
  172. Iran to "Punch the Arrogant West" on feb 11
  173. College Exam... :)
  174. Video Editorial -PC'd to Death
  175. Speaker of The US House of Representatives
  176. CD Rates
  177. White House Presses Anthem Blue Cross on Rate Hike
  178. Stimulas money at work
  179. Even more stimulas money going......
  180. More global warming shenanigans?
  181. A Very SERIOUS Problem
  182. Wow, just wow...
  183. yup - better look out for glolbal warming!!!!
  184. Taxpayers paid for Blackwater strippers, prostitutes
  185. Your Sources -
  186. Iraq one of Obama's 'great achievements'
  187. Some of the RTFers wondering...
  188. Realizing some of you find fault with this lady...
  189. A what if or When if question
  190. "Breaking" news-Our debt will be unsustainable...
  191. terrorist attack Obama to blame!
  192. World may not be warming, say scientists
  193. Performance Tax
  194. Bye Bayh?
  195. Taliban’s 2nd-in-command nabbed in Pakistan
  196. Starbucks & Guns
  197. Your Tax Dollars Wasted on Zulu ?
  198. Should obama be re-elected?
  199. Heaviest Known compound discovered -gdg
  200. One way or another
  201. how much do you really know about global warming??
  202. How I was Not Algored into Submission (Music Video)
  203. Mitt Romney on Lindsey Vonn medal gdg
  204. Big Brother has a field day....
  205. Assassination of Terrorist/Real Life Spy Story
  206. What's Hilary Going To Do?
  207. How The Govt Spends Your Money
  208. OBAMA Acronym
  209. How about that "Temple Grandin" movie on HBO! GDG
  210. Housing Far From Fixed
  211. John Mellencamp replacement for Bayh???
  212. Great Potential Debates!
  213. Another method of Income redistribution
  214. I need a stick
  215. Health Care - Another View
  216. Nook --GDG even for potus
  217. Ron Paul tops CPAC straw poll
  218. 3 Navy New Ships !!
  219. Reconcilliation- the Nuke option
  220. Who's the Hero???
  221. Balanced teaching of global warming in public schools
  222. Two Obama voters on an escalator
  223. Jindal Gives Obama Advice
  224. Time To Legalize it?
  225. Earning our paychecks
  226. Credit Card Reforms
  227. Republicans Voting Against Stimulus Then Asked Obama for Money
  228. Fishermen March Washington..2/24/10
  229. Hey Uncle Bill...
  230. In the absense of the IHOP Oracle...
  231. The Death of American Capitalism and Democracy?
  232. White House Health Care Proposal
  233. KO slips Up?
  234. shame on the parents
  235. ESPN Kornheiser gets suspended for critique
  236. Are You Kidding????
  237. The time is at hand....
  238. Avatars
  239. Health care Summit- what a joke
  240. FEMA a Fiasco?
  241. Awarding Govt Contracts
  242. Finally some sense?
  243. Congressional Reform Act of 2010
  244. SH-H-H-HH! Don't tell anyone......
  245. Al Gore is Gone Gone
  246. Non-Partisan
  247. Where is the list?
  248. Some more 'serious levity'...
  249. Political Class or Lack Thereof
  250. college tuition