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  1. No Way Obama GDG
  2. RTF Income Distribution Poll GDG....
  3. Censorship
  4. General Douglas MacArthur this election day GDG
  5. Have you been to the polls? NON PARTISAN GDG
  6. GDG SNL presidential bash
  7. Our tax system in terms of beer GDG
  8. Voting News GDG
  9. Well its over GDG
  10. What are you going to do? GDG
  11. What's the Matter With Kansas? GDG
  12. GDG Question for the Dems GDG
  13. Announcing POTUS Place
  14. GDG - Share the Wealth
  15. Did anyone see the commie flag on Fox News video?
  16. Last Night
  17. Name a Good Looking Republican for 2012
  18. i don't have to pay my mortgage anymore
  19. post turtle
  20. My take on this Election Cycle
  21. Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly etc
  22. Usga Rule Changes!
  23. Commie bashing
  24. Here's your "change"
  25. Obama's Election and Wall Street
  26. In Praise of George W. Bush
  27. Funny
  28. Poll - The Dow on E-Day - 2008-2012 - Poll
  29. Thank You Obama Fans!
  30. Not sure who I saw last night....
  31. So Long
  32. This could get ugly
  33. NC Majority voted AGAINST Obama
  34. So I went to the barbershop to face the shoe shine guy post election
  35. One Conservative's Take on the Election (Pretty Typical)
  36. Interesting ..the Islamic way of war.
  37. Would you take the president elect duck hunting?
  38. Seems McCain was none too pleased with Palin. Off Topic
  39. So much for governing from the center
  40. Government teat
  41. okay conservatives
  42. What Can We Do?
  43. Obama Cat guy
  44. Yo, Marvin. Some professional 'advice'..
  45. Your 401K...or theirs?
  46. Are Fox News viewers LESS informed?
  47. For all the Palin bashers
  48. National Alert!
  49. Thank you Obama!
  50. Did I Hear Obama Right?
  51. Obama Bumper Sticker
  52. let the gaffes begin
  53. More Praise For President Bush
  54. Just a small thing, Chris.....
  55. Supreme Court Asking for Obama's birth certificate
  56. Happy Thanksgiving
  57. Turing It All Around
  58. Obama pulls agenda from web site
  59. How to Fix the Republican Party
  60. The Obama economy...next year
  61. Anyone notice that both campaigns...
  62. Interesting Link
  63. Hey conservatives ..this is a good one to bookmark
  65. New Security Force?
  66. Make Your Point
  67. Teacher tells children why they should support Obama
  68. Insppired by political talk...
  69. Sarah Palin story a scam GDG
  70. Auto Bailout
  71. Bush throws SHOCKER
  72. What does BHO’s Election Mean for Race Relations
  73. Hannity, Limbaugh and the "Obama Recession"
  74. global warming
  75. Vote!!! Again!!!
  76. Pledge of Allegiance...
  77. And So It Begins
  78. As expected...
  79. Hey Remington....
  80. GDG - Is it just Me? - GDG
  81. Jeferson's Wall of Separation
  82. Up against this as well
  83. The latest from the MG.
  84. GM_Ford_Chrysler Bailout
  85. Who are the marxists/socialists
  86. Cut & Run
  87. Coleman vs. Franken ?????
  88. Obamas new dog
  89. Terrorist spin on Obama's Presidency
  90. Now on E Bay
  91. Change? Really??????
  92. Anti-Gunner Eric Holder for Attorney General? (GDG)
  93. From USSA: Sportsmen Dismayed by Overthrow of Congressman John Dingell
  94. Poll citing Obama supporters as uninformed challenged
  95. Sec of Ag Appointment
  96. Welcoming Soldiers Home
  97. Question: Bigger issue for sportsman
  98. Wanna hear a good one???
  99. Understanding the "WHY" of it all.
  100. Funny ...Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job
  101. "Whale Wars"
  102. Surprise! #1
  103. Bailout thought
  104. Is it true??
  105. Playing Games at Gitmo
  106. Bailout: AWNA legislation--how can it help you?
  107. Anybody on this BB see this?
  108. I suspect this may fall under the heading of political...
  109. A modern parable....
  110. What Would Jesus Do?????
  111. Since all the PC folks are on this 'place'...
  112. Ok ...a little spooky.
  113. Tue political humor GDG
  114. Obama ditches widfall profits tax on the oil companys
  115. Nekked Bicycle Riding
  116. GDG.. The Boss
  117. Tis the season....
  118. Energy issues
  119. Are they going to cannonize him next?
  120. Doesn't this scare gun owners or at least raise an eyebrow!
  121. Whats that smell ????
  122. Good news in Iraq
  123. Looking ahead to 2016.....A woman will be voted in
  124. Merry Tossmas 2008
  125. Thanks New Orleans!
  126. Barsck Obama change
  127. Let'em do it.....sept 11th ...GDG...
  128. Obama says: No need to stock up on Guns...
  129. Sad but true (GDG)
  130. The war on Christmas (overseas edition)
  131. Illinois Governor Arrested--Go Figure
  132. Torture music
  133. Our next Secretary of State
  134. GW's got some rope a dope skills..
  135. ALL USERS PLEASE READ! Potus Place Culture...
  136. Ken Salazar to Interior
  137. Home Invaders going to Inaguration on tax payers
  138. VP admits knowledge of Waterboarding
  139. Definition of PC
  140. One Man's Response to letter from GM
  141. HSUS's Happy Statement on SecAG and SecDOI Appointments
  142. Barack on speaking.....
  143. Load Of Bulls>>t!!!!!!
  144. Be The First On You Block!!!!
  145. Sure didn't take long
  146. Battle Lines Being Drawn in Fight Over Fairness Doctrine
  147. Heading south, see you in the spring.
  148. Census data shows 8 states could lose House seats
  149. Bail these guys out??
  150. Franken leads re-count
  151. Check Your Ammo -- somebody is after it!!
  152. Allegations against Coleman
  153. I B Back, with salutations...
  154. On Christmas day 2008...
  155. Rumsfeld and Ashcroft in legal Jeopardy
  156. Bailout it's not the First
  157. 1 more from GW
  158. Hate US = Hate Bush = Hate Obama
  159. How can this B????
  160. Illinois Senator turned away at Capitol
  161. Political GDG - The More Things Change - Political GDG
  162. Letter From The Boss...
  163. Brady Bunch's latest gun grabbing ideas
  164. Time to dust off an oldie.
  165. This really makes me question the new POTUS
  166. Should Bush and company be held accountable?
  167. The Obama Dog
  168. Federal Firearms License introduced
  169. Obama Appointee for Dept of Ed, Bussed Kids to Gun Control Rallys on Tax Dollars
  170. Obama 'Regulatory Czar' has Secret Animal-Rights Agenda, Says Consumer Group
  171. POTUS elect named' gun salesman of the year'
  172. Obama appointee forgot to pay taxes
  173. Does todays FISA court ruling vindicate Pres. Bush?
  174. Role of education/infrastructure in US leadership
  175. 115 Groups Ask Obama's Ag Secretary to End Wildlife Killing
  176. Fair tax
  177. With all the innauguration hype...
  178. inauguration
  179. I could be wrong, but......(IRS GDG)
  180. What media bias???
  181. Presidential Pardon
  182. Comical
  183. Obama supporters, Euphoricide watch
  184. Oath Of Office
  185. Hopey Changemus
  186. Satellite photo of coronation, er inauguration
  187. Military mindset
  188. Someone get this guy in DC to do the right thing!
  189. Great.
  190. "Quit Listening to Rush!" shrieks BHO."I won, I will trump you on that!"
  191. How much is a Trillion?
  192. What do you think about this
  193. Obama wants to ban weapons in space.
  194. Blag.. er Blojg..uh, the Ill. Gov (however you spell his name!)
  195. Energy Policy
  196. We're about to find out what change really means....
  197. The rubber meets the road
  198. It's official Tax Cheat head of IRS
  199. How did we get in this mess?
  200. Sodding our way to prosperity.
  201. Congress Is Not Qualified!
  202. Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009
  203. Hooray For The Republicans
  204. instead of bailing out....
  205. I gotcher stimulus package right here....
  206. Blagojevich Gone
  207. National Symbol being changed!!!!!
  208. The Anointed One, Chosen One, The Messiah
  209. Obama Skips Medal of Honor Ball
  210. Irish Obama
  211. GDG Delicious Super Bowl Food GDG
  212. Public Opinion Shift
  213. What a great analogy!
  214. Are there ANY appointees....
  215. Pelosi's 700 bilion bailout
  216. New Bills in Oklahoma Legislature
  217. Stimulus package
  218. “Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all,
  219. Oboma's efficiency expert gone-Tax problems
  220. H.r.45
  221. Daschle Out
  222. For those that just might be concerned...
  223. You will soon be a Felon,... It has started... Prepareyourself
  224. Obama, is he over his head?
  225. Democrats, I have to ask...
  226. Anther ???? Obama appointment
  227. Change is Good
  228. The Horse's mouth...
  229. Subject: It's Started ----- Obama to take guns
  230. Obama picks another winner
  231. Time to split
  232. Thanks from the Middle East
  233. National Socialist
  234. Bailout food for thought...Part 1
  235. "The Dissenter Who Changed the War"
  236. The politics of fear
  237. Grammy worship services
  238. Praise the Lord, the Messiah is coming to save my town
  239. We are a republic not a democracy
  240. Stumbling, bumbling
  241. Well here's one difference between Obama and Bush
  242. Black-Death-kills-al-Qaeda-operatives
  243. Do you think BHO will take credit for these jobs??
  244. Surplus Population
  245. Party Politics aside......
  246. BHO says only government can fix economy
  247. Scariest part of the stimulus is that those voting don't know what it says!
  248. RINDIP's or RINO's?
  249. Is the USA the greatest country in the world?
  250. To be like Lincoln