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05-04-2005, 09:47 PM
Chattanooga Retriever Club-Open entries

1. Trace of Trouble-Harp
2. Hurry Time?s Wasting-Earley
3. FC Candlewood?s Ruffian-Fine
4. Booty Raider-Horsley
5. Ajax The Greater of McLean-Fogg
6. Riparian Windson-Harp
7. Shadow?s Blue Chip-Ledford
8. FC Zip It Up-Long
9. Espirit The Price Is Right-Faulkner
10. Landover?s Who?s Your Daddy-Faaborg
11. Round Valley?s Iron Mike-Harp
12. Alpha Minnie Pearl-Kemp
13. Nitro?s Live Wire-Long
14. Ida Red?s Uncloudy Day-Pickering
15. FC-AFC JB?s So Rude-Kaiser
16. Fifty Five Blue Liner-Ledford
17. Lauren?s Delilah O?Riley-Harp
18. Ebonstar Gotta Zoom-Earley
19. Booty In The Shotgun-Horsley
20. Riparian Windfall-Harp
21. Ante Up?s Straight Flush-Long
22. FC A & D Wild Wind Tasha
23. RSC?s Susie of Fox Hollow-Chiras
24. Karen?s Alabama Abbie-Horsley
25. Ida Red?s Tequila Sunrise-Pickering
26. Duk Dawg of Nickajack-Russo
27. Eagle Ridge Fullback-Harp
28. Took A Chance On You-Long
29. Mr. Smartypants-Faulkner
30. It?s All Over Now Baby Blue-Kemp
31. Winterhaven?s Naughty Jetta-Horsley
32. Julilashus Fast Woody-Harp
33. Dogriver?s Dixie Darling-Allen
34. Pata Loca-Fowler
35. Topgrades Just Do It-Earley
36. Topgrill?s Tear?n It Up-Faaborg
37. CK?s Unexpected Turbulence-Harp
38. Insider Information-Hughes
39. FC Brantley?s Lean Chena-Ledford
40. Miss Bee Havin-Faulkner
41. Luetch?s Fool?s Gold-Harp
42. AFC Dr. Copper PhD-Dodson
43. Ida Red?s Atalanta Challenge-Fogg
44. Riparian Gone With The Wind-Harp
45. Creekside Satchel Page-Ledford
46. FC The Man In Black-Kemp
47. ASA?s Maserati Jack-Long
48. Muskie?s Firefox Laser-Horsley
49. FC Theodore Mac Tre-Harp
50. Nilak New Opportunity-Wilcox
51. Keeno?s Callie-Luttrell
52. Ida Red?s Lucille-Pickering
53. Fox Hollow Waterstrike-Harp
54. Eno Run Jake-Ledford
55. JB?s Flower Power-Kaiser
56. Lacross Max Q Jake-Whiteley
57. Chesshar?s Mississippi Gambler-Harp
58. AFC Candlewood?s Airborne Allie-Ledford
59. Slippery Win Wet-Ahlstrand
60. JB?s Rude Attitude-Kaiser
61. Riverrock?s Redline Slapshot-Harp
62. Tremblin Earth?s Voodoo Chile-Farmer
63. Wild Chase For Blue-Ledford
64. Kericho?s Kodiak Gold-Baty
65. Revilo?s Expatriot-Harp
66. Eagle Ridge Phred-Horsley
67. AFC Creeksides Moses Malone-Kent
68. Otter Creek?s Tlk of the Twn-Ledford
69. Spindletop?s Iron Mike-Hughes
70. Ragin? Rusti Steel-Bell
71. Chavez Winifox?s Abigail-Harp
72. Lady?s Madelyn?s Holy Tara-Riffle
73. Butch?s Dream Code of TCR-Moody
74. Bayer?s Abigail Quiver Creek-Harp
75. AFC Watuaga?s Bull Gator-O?Connell
76. Moody?s Fast Willie Jet-Farmer

Chattanooga Retriever Club-Amateur entries

1. Ida Red?s Lucille-Pickering
2. Landover?s Who?s Your Daddy-Faaborg
3. Chesshar?s Mississippi Gambler-Batte
4. Candlewood?s Winning Colors-Fine
5. Lacross Max Q Jake-Whitley
6. Sonmar?s Zipper-Free
7. Otter Creek?s Tlk of the Twn-Parrish
8. Topgrades Just Do It-Earley
9. It?s All Over Now Baby Blue-Kemp
10. JB?s Flower Power-Kaiser
11. Creekside Satchel Page-Kent
12. Miss Bee Havin-Faulkner
13. RSC?s Susie of Fox Hollow-Chiras
14. Booty In The Shotgun-Park
15. High Mileage Hilltop?s Hustle-Kress
16. Cold Gin Time-Hughes
17. Fox Hollow?s Waterstrike-Schaeffer
18. Hurry Time?s Wasting-Earley
19. RSK?s Working For A Living-Russo
20. Nitro?s Live Wire-Anderson
21. Ida Red?s Tequila Sunrise-Pickering
22. Jubilashus Fast Woody-Ragle
23. Jake?s Maximum Speed-Wilson
24. FC The Man In Black-Kemp
25. Eno Run Jake-Parrish
26. AFC Dr. Copper PhD-Dodson
27. Sadie?s Thundering Rocket-Whitaker
28. Nilak New Opportunity-Wilcox
29. FC-AFC JK?s Creekside Hey Paco-Kent
30. ASA?s Maserati Jack-Anderson
31. North Star?s Crown Jewel-Baxter
32. Keeno?s Callie-Luttrell
33. FC Candlewood?s Ruffian-Fine
34. Insider Information-Hughes
35. Ajax The Greater of McLean-Fogg
36. Slippery When Wet-Ahlstrand
37. Wingmaster Choupique Java-Watson
38. AFC Ida Red?s Uncloudy Day-Pickering
39. FC-AFC JB?s So Rude-Kaiser
40. Took A Chance On You-Anderson
41. FC Brantley?s Lean Chena-Holloway
42. Ford?s Buzzin Thru The Brake-Wood
43. Winterhaven?s Midnight Train-Gentry
44. Tommy Tess-Stuedeman
45. Booty Raider-Park
46. High Mileage Firestorm-Kress
47. Sonmar?s Rambunctious Max-Free
48. Ida Red?s Atalanta Challenge-Fogg
49. JB?s Rude Attitude-Kaiser
50. Wild Chase For Blue-Parrish
51. FC A & D Wild Wind Tasha
52. Kericho?s Kodiac Gold-Baty
53. Trace of Trouble-Schaeffer
54. FC Zip It Up-Anderson
55. Ebonstar Gotta Zoom-Earley
56. Duk Dawg of Nickajack-Russo
57. Esprit The Price Is Right-Faulkner
58. AFC Watuaga?s Bull Gator-O?Connell
59. Spindletop?s Iron Mike-Smith
60. Ragin? Rusti Steel-Bell
61. FC-AFC JK?s Creekside Top Paws Pepe
62. Alpha Minnie Pearl-Kemp
63. Topgrill?s Tearin? It Up-Faaborg
64. AFC Candlewood?s Airborne Allie-Parrish
65. Austen Cyber Hawk-Pharr
66. P.P.?s Whack-O-Halie-Previte
67. Mr. Smartypants-Faulkner
68. Lady Madalyn?s Holy Tara-Riffle
69. Round Valley?s Iron Mike-Taylor

Chattanooga Retriever Club-Qual entries

1. Pekisko?s Bear Down and Relax-Fowler
2. MB?s Playtime Blackdiamond-Whitaker
3. Carolina?s Augustus Maximus-Harp
4. Morris? Auggie Busch Doggie-Moody
5. RSC?s Tornado Ally-Chiras
6. Luke?s Ike-Hughes
7. Dogriver?s Georgia Rebel-Allen
8. Candlewood?s High Mileage Hope-Kress
9. Wham Bam Bess?s Joker?s Wild-Harp
10. Took A Big Chance-Long
11. Stephen?s Southside Slim-Farmer
12. Ida Red?s Roly Poly-Pickering
13. May Bodacious Wade-Hughes
14. Plano?s Bluegrass Five-String-Harp
15. Hardscrabble Feathr Fetchr-Moody
16. Black River?s Ace-Fowler
17. Baypoint?s Lean?n Abe?l-Ragle
18. RSK?s Working For A Living-Russo
19. My Gal Sal-Long
20. Cold Gin Time-Hughes
21. Hardscrabbles Full Throttle-Ledford
22. Waxlake?s Let ?Em Land-Faulkner
23. Little Bit of White Lilly-Fowler
24. Berger Lake?s Cosmo K. Rascal-Moody
25. Wingmaster Choupique Java-Watson
26. Wild Win-Holloway
27. Plano?s Renewed Independence-Harston
28. Lord Bentley Tweed?s Revenge-Fowler
29. Mack The Knife XI-Gentry
30. Tommy Tess-Stuedeman
31. Candlewood?s Shot of Rebel Pride-Painter
32. Tremblin? Earth?s Voodoo Chile-Farmer
33. Kaney Bayou?s Perfect Ten-Cox
34. Black Horse?s Select Vintage- Harp
35. Highmarks Little Wild Man-Fowler
36. P.P.?s Teton Black Rock-Previte
37. Donna Anns Drake-Horsley
38. Two River?s Black Magic-Harp

Chattanooga Retriever Club-Derby entries

1. Tyah?s Vegas Girl-Long
2. Shadow?s Sweet Something-Luttrell
3. Atlasta Winner-Harp
4. Little Miss Can?t Be Wrong-Hughes
5. Cody Cut A Lean Grade-Baker
6. Teal?s Cosmic Flyer-Chiras
7. Bonner?s Black Coal-Hughes
8. JK?s Gun-Laying Radar-Fowler
9. Riparian Makin? Tracks-Harp
10. Waxlake?s Let ?Em Land-Faulkner
11. Moody?s Medicine Man-Moody
12. Up The Crooked Creek-Long
13. High Octank-Wood
14. Magnolia Run?s Lily On The Loose-Farmer
15. Jack Of The Trade-Hughes
16. Backwater?s Black Molecule-Pharr

Keith Griffith, FTS....my judging conundrum has been solved! Kudos to Mr. Joe Cooper of the Atlanta Retriever Club for coming through in a pinch to do the Derby and Qual with Karen Kemp! Joe, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

05-05-2005, 08:01 PM
Just an interesting observation....11 titled dogs in the Open out of 76, 11 titled dogs in the Amateur out of 69, and they aren't the same 11.

I'd say the odds are at least even that somebody is gonna title and/or qualify for a National next weekend. I've just got that feelin'........


05-09-2005, 12:58 PM
Everybody coming to Chattanooga this weekend, bring your raingear, boots, and stay on the roads....it's gonna be WET Sat. and Sun.


05-10-2005, 09:28 PM
Looks like #11 is the starting number for both the Open and Am at Chattanooga this weekend!

Good luck to all!