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: Missouri Valley Hunt Club, NE - Final Results

05-08-2005, 05:02 PM
Here are the Final Results of the Missouri Valley Hunt Club spring Field Trial, held near Valley, Nebraska, May 6-8.

A big Thanks to all the Judges, Marshals, BirdBoys, Club members & Handlers, who make the trial such a success.

1st: Barton Creek's O Mustad (h) Bill Eckett
2nd: Blackstar Shark SFR (h) Jay Stine
3rd: Blackwater BeBe (h) Bill Eckett
4th: Hidden Bay Independence (h) Brick Hjlik
RJ: Joey's Zoom Zoom (h) Bill Eckett

1st: Snap's Dough Boy (o/h) Carol Morehouse
2nd: NFC-AFC Dewey's Drake of Moon Rivers (o/h) Gary McIlwain
3rd: Candelwwod's Ruler of the Sky (o/h) Joanne Wilbanks
4th: Revilo's Technical Independence (o/h) Cirky Krollman
RJ: Redgate's Ms Blue (o/h) N P Larson
J: TKO's Elvis (o/h) Jim Haller
J: Joey's Zoom Zoom (o/h) Jim Carlisle

1st: Fat City Freeride (h) Bobby George
2nd: Salty Paws Midnight Missile (h) Bobby George
3rd: Lil Bit's Blanc De Noir (h) Bobby George
4th: Mrs. Sweetie of Setiranap (h) Bobby George
RJ: K's Lakeview J.A.G. (o/h) Norm Karuth
J: Yankee Hill's Mucho Gusto (o/h) Ed Schulenburg
J: Castlebay's Night Robber (o/h) Dave Sievert
J: Midnight's Rainy Hilltop (h) Bobby George
J: Flying Dogs Lucky Lindy (h) Bobby George

1st: Lucy's Sky is Full of Diamonds (o/h) David Hoke
2nd: Westwood's Sunday Silence (h) Bobby George
3rd: High-Low Jick Jack (o/h) Richard Horn
4th: Bigfoot's Rebel Yell (o/h) Robbi Jouben
RJ: Castlebay's Night Robber (o/h) Dave Sievert

05-10-2005, 07:09 AM
Congratulations to Joanne Wilbanks for getting a thrid in the AM with Zeus. What a great mother's day present :D :D :D :D

KC Steve
05-10-2005, 03:28 PM
Kudos and congrats Joanne! Way to go!


Jay H. Miller
05-10-2005, 08:53 PM
Congrats to Joanne, that is a nice weekend for both you and Zeus.