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: Remote Retiring Gunner Recommendations

06-11-2005, 01:14 PM
I am looking to purchase some remote retiring gunners. I have been looking at those that un-retire (maxwell, malcolm) as well as those that don't (zinger, train rite). Since I only use tri-tronics releases (pro RL), I am not interested in bumper boy products. No offense to BB, I just don't want to have to operate and keep up with all of the extra remotes. I will more than likely use these with etch-marc thunderbirds and/or zinger wingers. Any thoughts/recommendations on the products that are available would be appreciated. I am looking specifically for pros and cons of any that have been used/tested extensively. I will probably end up purchasing some of the un-retiring ones to use in teaching my young dogs, and maybe some that don't un-retire for easier marks or more experienced dogs. I know there is a large price difference. I am more interested in reliability, ease of use, training effectiveness, and support from the seller (if needed).