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: Training Day

Doc & Nash
07-19-2005, 01:27 PM
There is a New Club AKC club in Oxford Ole South Rebel Retreiver Club

They will be putting on a seminar/fund raiser/ membership drive on August 13th on Oxford. J. Paul Jackson will be onsite, doing demostrations with Achellies and also going thru each level of the AKC hunt test including Master, Senior, and Junior.

This seminar will book fast pre registration is required. PM me for details cost is ONLY $40.00 and limited to a maximium of 30 people/dogs.

This type of opportinuty does not come around very often, so don't miss out!!!!



Troy Williams
07-19-2005, 02:24 PM
Hunt test or FT club? or both?


Doc & Nash
07-19-2005, 03:00 PM
Hunt test,

Marty N.
07-19-2005, 06:21 PM
Glad to see you guys are getting your new club off the ground, I know it has been alot of work. Wish I could be there on the 13th but it is my birthday and my wife has plans. Probable cleaning the gutters, sweeping the drive or cleaning up the garage. I am sure that J Paul will do a great job for you guys. Hope you have a big turn out.
Marty N.