View Full Version : American Chesapeake Club Natl. Specialty WD/WDX/WDQ Oct. 16

Julie R.
09-15-2005, 07:52 PM
ACC National Specialty show is Oct. 11-16. ENTRIES CLOSE SEPT. 21 for all events, including the WD/X/Q stakes. Open to all CBRs to earn the working certificates. Entry fees $30 and $35 (what a bargain!!) $5 extra for non ACC members. We will have a puppy stakes also for pups under 6 mos. Location is at the Armstrongs' farm in Monrovia MD, just east of the show site in Frederick MD.

PM me if you need a premium or information. Rules for each level are on the ACC website www.amchessieclub.org

Don't forget the ACC FT specialty also--Oct. 18-20 in nearby NJ.