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: West Miss. HRC test

10-02-2005, 08:31 PM
Anybody go? I have spoken to several folks--handlers and spectators-- who really had some bad things to say about it. Actually, bad things to say about a couple of the finished judges / tests. Wondering if there were any others who had different or similar experiences.

10-06-2005, 12:44 PM
I am Rick Daughtry Pres of WMSHRC. I am here to appologize to anyone that had a bad time at the test. Do not hold it against the club or members. We are a young club and learning the ropes. As for the judges I got what I could get. ! I called every judges in the MS LA TN AL AR and half of TX. They were either going to be out of town , at a test , hunting, retired or never returned my messages. There is always going to be something but we are trying very hard to please as many people as we can at a test. It was hard to add a flight of Finished 5 days before the test. There were dogs that needed to run before the grand and we tried to help out. Mother nature dealt the test in the area a bad blow this year.( no pun intended). We promise to have a better line up at Mahanna WMA in Feb. We want this test to be a huge success. It is going to be a Huricane Relief Test and may be filmed by MS OUTDOORS. If ANYONE owuld like to talk to me about the test you can reach me at 6016194925/H or 6015297141/C. Thanks again and hope to see ya at more of our test.