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: Collar Problem....

Ricky Elston
10-07-2005, 10:34 PM
I have a Tri-Tronics Flyway Special XLS that has recently started giving me inconsistent stimulation on all levels. For example, if it is set on level 2 and I hold down the continuous button, it might initial start out at 2 but then have a sudden surge up to 4 then go back to 2. Same thing with the nicks, it might be right sometimes, but other times it different. Has anyone ever had this problem and if so what was the problem with it??? I was thinking about changing the batteries, as they haven't been hold a charge very long and thought that might be the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I started to collar condition my pup and had to stop because of it. Thanks.

4 Labs
10-08-2005, 04:45 AM
I would try 1 of 2 things...get new batteries and replace yourself...It is easy, or send the whole system back and let them figure out what is wrong. Cost you mare but you will know it is fixed.

One other thing you can try, call them and explain the problem it may be something they have encountered.

Bob Gutermuth
10-09-2005, 04:56 PM
I don't have a degree in electrical engineering, but I don't think its the batteries. It sounds like its the rehostat or whatever type of device they use to control the amperage. If that is the case, its a problem for the pros to fix. If its out of warantee, is about $40 cheaper than TT.

Ricky Elston
10-09-2005, 05:34 PM