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: Dog Food Question.

01-11-2006, 04:17 PM
I have always fed Euk. Premium, but living in Canada we pay about 20% more than US for the food and Ontario has an additional 8% provincial tax and a 7% federal tax on dog food (and many other items!). Also with a recent increase in price from the manufacturer, it is very expensive to feed 3 dogs this food.
I have been introduced to Joy dog food and find the price much more economical. Have switched the dogs over, but it is too early to notice any difference.
I would appreciate some PM from field trialers who have some experience with this food either positive or otherwise.
I do not believe that I want to promote a discussion of a private company on a public forum and would therefore request a PM. Anyother recommendations would also be appreciated. But please do not recommend that I go to one dog. Even I understand that would cut my food bill by 2/3 !