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: Ben Vallin Training/Handling Seminar

02-01-2006, 11:22 AM
Four Points Retriever Club will be hosting a training and handling seminar presented by Ben Vallin on April 22 and 23. It will be held at RJ's Rooster Ranch in Lonsdale, Minnesota.

Ben Vallin, head professional with Strongline Retrievers, a former long time assistant to Mike Lardy, puts on an excellent program. I attended one he did in Iowa in 2005 that was very valuable to my own training program.

More information is available at
or email "Papa" Troy Tilleraas at

Larry Willson

03-01-2006, 06:38 AM
Looking forward to attending. Judged with Ben last summer and found him to be a very knowledgable dog man. Good guy with the right attitude and approach to producing some fine dogs. Price is $75.00 for this 2 day seminar - can't miss for that price! Whether you are interested in training a top level trial dog or an outstanding hunting companion, Mr. Vallin has much to offer.

Travis J. Lund
President - Four Points Retriever Club

03-28-2006, 10:50 AM
A few spots remain for Master level dog/handler teams @ $125.00. A few spots for participants without their dog at $75.00. This is a great price for a 2 day seminar.

See postings above for contact information or PM me.

Larry Willson