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: SDR&FTC FT Results

02-26-2006, 09:28 PM

1st Northern Dancer II - Jim Harvie
2nd AFC CFC AFC Harvans Foxhall's Rascal - Chris Allaire
3rd FC AFC Wood River's Franchise - Don Remien
4th Vollwood's Angel - Jack Vollstedt
RJ Biggun's Jet Stream - Don Remein

JAMs: Timber Town Trifecta - Patti Kiernan, AFC Glen Lake Yankee Clipper, MH - Scott Seward


1st Suncrest Wild Oats - Linda Erwin (Qualifies for Nat Am.)
2nd Try - Mel Milton
3rd Foxfire's Slight of Hand - Lind Kolstad
4th Fish Trap Fever - Ray Bly
RJ AFC Absaroka Sioux Not Afraid - Joe Skaggs
JAMs: Volwoods Angel - Jack Vollstedt, Rockcliff's Dakota Wrangler - Paul Foster, AFC Glen Lake Yankee Clipper, MH - Scott Seward, FC Espirits Double Whammy - Robin Christianson, Harney Hill Husky - Gordon Powers, Waterborn's Gypsy Rose - Don Simpson, Ida Red in the Zone - Glenda Brown, AFC Hilltop's Boondocker - Alan Catey, Mallard Lake's Liberty Belle - Chris Allaire.


1st Bonsoir - Patti Kiernan
2nd Elk Run Sundance - Don Remein
3rd Fish Trap Heidi - Ray Bly
4th Jazztine's Dust Devil Max - Diann Miller
RJ Shadowpines Chabasco - Bob Byrum
JAMs Homeboy - Armand Fangsrud, Justin Time Alibi - Patti Kiernan, Chena Riber Calypso CallGirl, SH - David Kirker, Picabo's Magic Marker - Don Remien, U.S. Air - Mike or Kareen Tierney, P and A's Blk Rook - Tony Massahos, Hidden Bay Primo Pix - Chris Willet, Freight on Board - Frank O'Brien, Armagh's Irish Roisin - Don Remien.


1st Volwood's Big Ol' Rex - Jack Vollstedt (Rex DOB 3/27/2005)
2nd WGNTLS' Patton Pending Waggs - Patti Kiernan
3rd Midnight Sun Southpaw - Joe Braverman
4th Jazztime Empty Wallet - Larry Calvert
RJ Island Acres Ditto - Patti Kiernan

JAM's Shadowpines Chabasco - Bob Byrum, Nightwinds Thunder Talking - Marie Doherty, Absaroka Peace Pipe - Joe Skaggs, Island Acres Gold Fever - Patti Kiernan, Fox Haven's Chantilly Lace - Terry Scott, Fargo's Cash Deposit - Chris Willet, Hiwood Hi-Roller - Roy McFall, Come By Chance - Mickey Rawlins

02-27-2006, 08:56 AM


1st Volwood's Big Ol' Rex - Jack Vollstedt (Rex DOB 3/27/2005)

Wow...took a win in the derby before the age of 1.....This looks like one dog to watch..............

thanks for posting the results....