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: Joint Supplements & Ramps

03-16-2006, 10:24 AM
I'm looking for any feedback anyone can give me on Doc e's joint supplements and Cosequin. It seems to be narrowed down between the two and just trying to see if anyone has used either and had success. Also, I'm debating buying a ramp in the future and am curious if it is really worth it and what brands are least expensive but effective. Thanks!


yelm labs
03-16-2006, 10:38 PM
Costco is selling the orginal yellow, folding plastic ramp here for $89. Cheapest I have seen. My 75-85 lb males have bounced up and down it now for two years and it has not broken yet, shows some wear, but I like it. Puppies ( the 5-6 month olds) tend to think it is a jungle gym and will come down it and turn right around and go up it, just for fun. It saves wear and tear on me and the dogs.

Doc E
03-18-2006, 10:35 AM
The biggest majority of folks who have used my stuff for their dogs would be at the Refuge. Feel free to go to the Refuge Gun Dog Forum and ask your question there. I think you'll be impressed by the replys.