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: Trained Retrieve (Force fetch) Seminars

Sharon Potter
03-19-2006, 08:18 PM
Force Fetch Seminars: Learn the process, hands-on with your own dog, under supervision and get your dog started the right way, and see other dogs at different stages of the FF training. If you've never FF'd a dog, or if you are having problems and are stuck, or have a dog with mouth issues (hard mouth, munching birds, rolling, etc.) this can help you work through it.


May 5-7, Ronnie Smith Kennels, Big Cabin, OK
June 2-4 Rosewood Kennels, Larned, KS
June 9-11 Sporting Dog Training Center, San Diego, CA
July 14-16 Mead Wildlife Area, Junction City, WI

Contact me for more info: Sharon Potter, (715) 282-5558