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: C&D Canal Clean up Day

john fallon
06-19-2006, 10:12 AM
Those who use this facility should make every effort to be there.

On July 8, the same day as the eye clinic will be the C & D CANAL CLEAN UP


This day is run in cooperation with the State of Delaware. It is important
to have a good turn out as it demonstrates to the state the committment our
club and sport has to the Canal. Now that the Parks dept wants parts of the
Canal it is even more important to have a good showing.

It is also a chance to give back to our sport. The C & D Canal is one of
the best public training areas on the East Coast. This is our chance to keep
it that way. This is a volunteer event. There are several jobs to be done.
I leave it up to individules to decide what they want to do.

Jobs include:

-Working with the state to remove large piles of dumped trash.

-Walking the roads, picking up small trash.

-Trimming and mowing the pond.

The club will provide trash bags, 5 gal buckets and cold drinks. Workers
will provide their own tools. Suggested tools include, gloves, mowers,

We will meet at Mitchel Pond at 8 AM.

You may email me any questions.



john fallon
07-08-2006, 05:16 PM
To the 15 or 20 people, both Pros and Amateurs, Members and Non alike, who despite of the fact that it would have been a beautiful day to train, came out today to give back to the sport by assisting with the DEl Bay annual "Canal Clean Up Day".

On behalf of the Club I give you our heartfelt Thanks.

To those who are more than just occasional users but did not feel compelled to come out, (one group in particular was said to have been going to train there but changed their plans rather than just come anyhow and help with the effort), consider this an invitation to them to post up and explain your rational.

Made Book on it regards.