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: 2006 Virginia Retriever Benefit Results

David Barrow
07-02-2006, 06:51 PM
The 3rd Annual Virginia Retriever Benefit was held this weekend on Sunday July 2, 2006. Grounds were again provided by Nick and Debbie Elam. Thank you to all of our Sponsors, Bird Throwers, Judges, Participants, and Spectators.


Puppy Stake: Judges Ronnie Dixon and Bill Bertlson
Preemie- Jam Wonder Bill Hale
Jam Sterlin Betsy Madden
3rd Flapjack Julie Reardon
2nd Usher Julie Reardon
1st Buddy Nick Elam

Junior- Jam Rusty Mike Hatcher
4th Box Joe Wirt
3rd Chase Martha Glenn
2nd Uno Jennifer Wallace
1st Ella Steve Brieley
Senior- 2nd MyDonna Linda Downey
1st Magic Dickie Dickerson

Novice: Judged by: Bill Hale and Linda Hall
Jam Jack Sandra Daisey
Jam Magic Dickie Dickerson
Jam Kelsie Betsy Madden
Jam Ready Sandra Daisey
Jam Rennie Ronnie Dixon
Jam T.J Chuck Mezera
R Jam Zack Sally Hall
4th Blue Nancy Thomas
3rd Sage Rob Cherry
2nd Spenze Jim Bryson
1st Chester Jim Bryson

Gun Dog: Judged by: Bill Hale and Linda Hall
2nd Piper Sally Hall
1st Callie Steve Brieley

Open Gun Dog: Judged by: Joe Wirt and Ron Samuals
Jam Quest Joan Benson
Jam Callie Steve Bireley
R Jam Cody Jeff Buttoph
4th Cricket Chris Johnson
3rd Q Pat Quisenbury
2nd Titan Chuck Mezera
1st Cannon Martha Glen

O/H Amateur: Judged by: Jeff and Gail Stoneman
Jam Duece Jennifer Wallace
Jam Chester David Barrow
Jam Jack Lee Elam
Jam Magic Nick Elam
Jam Sassy Ronnie Dixon
Jam Crunch Sandra Daisey
Jam Honey Ann Griffith
R Jam Gracie Nancy Thomas
4th Holly Nick Elam
3rd Emmy Linda Downey
2nd Jake Betsy Madden
1st Nutmeg David Barrow

Thank you again and there will be more update as we prepare for next year.

07-03-2006, 05:30 AM
Thanks for taking the time and effort to put on this event. It was fun and well attended and the cause it good. Good training grounds in our area are disappearing at an alarming rate. It would be nice to secure some permanent grounds that won't succumb to suburban sprawl.

Steve Bireley

Julie R.
07-03-2006, 07:27 AM
Congrats Steve for cleaning up with your 2 dogs!

07-03-2006, 07:57 AM
Of the events at the VRB yesterday, perhaps the most fun event was the Open Gun Dog, with 12 entries.

Judges Joe Wirt & Ron Samuals, are from the days of "Gun Dog" events, where there were no "rules"; just tests that really simulated things that happen while hunting!

There was only one series, as is the case at these events, which is designed to raise money for procurement of training grounds for retrievers in the state, and socialization with a large outdoor lunch, under massive shade trees.

Anyway, the Open Gun Dog test was as follows.

A large hunting blind was set up for the judges and handlers, to hide in. Many goose decoys were set up in front of the blind to simulate a goose hunt. The dogs had to run through the decoys for all blinds and marks.
An electronic caller, with a goose calling tape was played, followed by goose calling from the judges. A judge says "take'em", and both judges, armed with 12 ga. pump guns, stand and fire 3 shots apiece. Naturally the dog cant see a thing from inside the blind. Only one dog broke and tore down a large portion of the blind.
The handler and judges exit the blind, and the dog is lined up to a winger station about 80 yards on the right. A duck in the winger, has a very long thin rope attached to the duck. Gun station shoots a popper, and the duck is launched into shallow running water and water weeds/plants.
The dog is called off of this mark, and directed to run a land blind on the far left, in an open field, marked by a dark green clump of weeds, about 100 yards away. Most dogs had little trouble with this, although several did do poor jobs.

While the dog was doing this land blind, the bird boy on the far right, first marked bird down, pulls in the bird, remember a long rope was attached to this duck, to an area where another duck was hidden in the tall grass.
The object of course, was to see the dog go out for the mark, not find it, and follow the trail of a crippled duck trying to get away and hide in the weeds. There were a large number of hunts on this, but generally the dogs worked it out pretty good. Few had been trained on this concept, but the dogs desire and noses, rose to the occasion, as you would expect.

Next was another land blind, to the far right of the first land blind, but this time through knee to waist high cover, about 110 yards out, to an orange blind state. (which I believe I left in the field.) Some dogs got this blind with a couple of whistles, others had many whistles, especially smaller dogs.

Since it was hot, about 96 degrees, the judges decided that the last bird, a sindle mark, thrown from a boat, again about 100 yards out, would be the "cool down" mark. The bumper was thrown from the boat, right to left, into lily pads in the water. The dogs had no trouble with this mark, and many were seen, upon delivery, to approach the judges and shake hands with them in appreciation of the water mark! :D

After all dogs had been run, the judges were heard to remark,
"These dog trials are killin' me! :D

David Barrow
07-03-2006, 03:51 PM
:D Thank you Steve, and great job. Julie, those Chessies looked good. Dick, that Open Gun Dog lived up to the expectations of anyone who hunts, and the Winner will be the first Golden on "The Trophy of Virginia Champions". If I can figure out how to post these pictures, I'll post them.


Keith Midgette
07-06-2006, 09:52 PM
Great benefit- fun test, great food, great company, what more could you want! Congrats for a job well done- BZs all around!