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: Pikes Peak???

07-21-2006, 09:49 PM
Anyone know how its going?

07-21-2006, 10:35 PM
Open stopped at dog 83, I think. Tough delayed quad with 1 in 4 doing it.

Qual finished land series today with 30 called back for land blind in the morning.

Paul Rainbolt
07-22-2006, 09:33 PM
Hello up there.

07-22-2006, 10:07 PM
The qual just finished waiting on results. !2 dogs went to the last series.


07-22-2006, 11:01 PM
Qual Results

1st - #39 Cadillac's Fender Bender O/H Dennis Bath

2nd - #29 RockErin's Red River Ruckus O - Judi & Kent Carter H - Joseph McCann

3rd - #44 Mad River's O'Lucky, O-Mike Molthan H- Mike Cicero (I think)

4th - #6 Third Creek Shake-N-Shootum, O-Michael Comito H-Paul Knutson

RJ - Bar Ten's Herby Husker, O- Doug Bloom H- Bart Peterson

Jams - #1 Top FLight's Wind River Breeze MH, O- Dave Alvarez H- Lonny Taylor
#22 RockErin Toa Wai Kuri, O-Chris White H-Joseph McCann
#30 Howln Duck's Spurofthemoment, Owner Mike Molthan, H-Mike Cicero #40 Hardscrabble Ride The Wind, O/H Sydney Gardave
#48 Gunbarrel's Jesse James "JJ", O-Jim & Pamela Williams, H- Paul Knutson

Congrats to everyone as this was a very tough test from all accounts and especially to Judi and Kent Carter and the Red Dog!!!

Paul Rainbolt
07-23-2006, 05:33 AM
Congratulation to Kent and Judy Carter, Joesph McCann and their Rockerin gold dog. Well done.

Patrick Johndrow
07-23-2006, 10:19 AM
Congratulations to Red, Judi and Kent on getting QAA :!:

Poppa Bart has to be proud!

Suzanne Burr
07-23-2006, 01:08 PM
Red dogs are doing okay in the Qual this weekend. Congrats on the QAA and the JAM, too.
Suzanne B

Trevor Toberny
07-23-2006, 09:13 PM
anyone have the derby results?

07-23-2006, 09:34 PM
All I know is that 4th place in the derby went to Joseph McCann with
Rs King-O- The Hill By RockErin owned by Richard Cheatham. That's two 4th's in 3 trials.


Gunners Up
07-23-2006, 10:25 PM
Congrats to Judy, Kent and Red on the 2nd Place finish becoming AAQ and to Richard Cheatham and Hank for the Derby 4th!

A nice showing by the Team RockErin Goldens and Joseph McCann!

Richard Davis
Gunners Up

Patrick Johndrow
07-24-2006, 07:20 AM
Anyone hear how the Open or Am ended up?

Paul Rainbolt
07-24-2006, 09:15 PM

Trevor Toberny
07-24-2006, 11:04 PM
I cant believe no one has the rest of the results.

07-25-2006, 08:31 AM
I marshalled the Qual and half the Derby - Qual results are up cause some silly golden named "Red" has a following - geeze! :wink: :lol:

Have no clue about the rest of the stakes - there were only a handful of members at the trial and the FTS did not stick around and we are trying to get all the results pulled together. It was a tough trial to pull off due to it's size - please have some paitence. I don't think everyone has recouped.

I talked to the Marshall of the Open last night and his brain was so fried he did not want to give me poor information. Sorry.

Lainee, Flash and Bullet

Patrick Johndrow
07-25-2006, 03:36 PM
Open Placements but I have no idea what dogs:

1st Eckett
2nd Eckett
3rd Trott
4th Trott