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08-04-2006, 10:58 PM
The Yankee Golden Retriever Club's hunt test is coming up on August 19
and 20 at W. Thompson CT, and we need lots of volunteers -- bird boys,
throwers, poppers for each gun station, blind planters, traffic control,
and other jobs.

No experience required -- we'll match you up with veterans to show you
the ropes. And if you're running a dog in the test, we'll make sure
you'll have plenty of time to get yourself and your dog ready.

Volunteering at a hunt test is a valuable way to learn about how
retrievers work. Even if you're not interested in field training, it's
great fun to see the dogs' genetic heritage.

Of course, since this is a Yankee GRC event, there'll be some good food
and great company.

If you can volunteer, please contact the chief marshals --

Karen Scotti klscotti@sbcglobal.net klscottiATSIGNsbcglobal.net 860
Jill Moffett, muddypawsgr@mindspring.com
muddypawsgrATSIGNmindspring.com603 539-2617

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