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: TT vs. Dogtra & other brands

09-03-2006, 08:28 AM
I've owned/trained/tried 'other brands' including Dogtra and SportDog. And I like both those collars for different reasons. I would put Dogtra quality up against any other brand if you're talking about dropping it in the mud and accidentally running over it with your truck. It seems to me it will just keep on going.

But my experience has been that if you want to use your collar / transmitter as a communication device between you and your dog. As compared to just a 'shock collar' then the TT is / has been the only collar that I have found anyway that can do this.

Because the TT has the ability to (1) adjust the dial in predictable increments (non rheostat) you can change your setting mid-stream so to speak without looking down and thinking about the setting. Sometimes this might be frequently if hunting and sometimes it might need to be quick and precise. (2) with TT not only can you dial in a certain number setting without looking or thinking about it........but you then typically have a low, medium and high setting as well at your fingertips.

I find I can communicate non-verbally to my dog 90% of the time with only an occasional need for correction or "shock therapy" so to speak.

While trying to use other collars I find that I have to make a conscience decision and calculate many of the setting changes. I've owned several Dogtras and one SportDog. I loved both those brands. But tring to dial in a rehostat spontaneously I just could not do and THEREFORE.......I had no communication OTHER THAN........just shock the dog. Most of the time it was either too little or too much. And there was no guarantee you were giving the dog a stimulation vs. a correction.

That's my take.

I am surprised that this is not the common experience with everyone.

No one would argue (I hope) the issue of quality and/or dependability or reliability. But the whole "how do you use the system while training or hunting" is something that seems cut and dried as to which is best or not.

I think the thing is........if you bought a Dogtra say and got used to using it. Then you would naturally say that's the best collar made and it works great. It's just that if you also tried all the brands it's possible you might then see otherwise.

I don't know. I'm just surprised it's not obvious the advantage incremental stimulations are when you can dial them in exaxt (TT) without looking down. That plus the low, med, high.


Keith Stroyan
09-11-2006, 07:20 PM
I am surprised that this is not the common experience with everyone.

The one mile Dogtra 1800 has clicks and a momentary and continuous button for two instantaneous levels. I prefer it to the continuously variable Dogtra 2000, too, but my 2000 has been a very dependable collar.

I didn't find my TT Flyway much better than the 1800 for on the spot changes - maybe a little with 3 momentaries and a continuous - but it also didn't hold up. (Maybe the new G2s are better.)