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: Long Point Retriever Club Bayfest "Bay Dog Classic"

09-04-2006, 08:33 AM
Just wanted to thank the Long Point Retriever Club for holding the Bayfest "Bay Dog Classic" on Saturday Sept. 2nd -- thanks to both judges, all the gunners, and everybody that came out to run their dogs despite the weather -- real duck hunting weather -- really enjoyed seeing Harry Loyens run Maggie (who at 11 years showed those young dogs a thing or two!!!) -- and Vera Aherne with Dana (Dana thought she might be able to beat another dog to the duck again but I guess Maxx was too quick for her!!!!) -- the "Bay Dog Classic" was really just a demonstration for the Bayfest at Port Rowan -- unfortunately the rain kept the crowds down (mostly other handlers watching) -- it was a great event though as there were both field triallers and hunt test people there; lots of good dog work too -- special thanks to Purina for the dog food every handler got (not a bad deal for a $5 entry!!!) -- again thanks to all involved -- it was lots of fun