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: South Louisiana FT Results

10-02-2006, 06:03 PM
AKC Licensed Field Trial
Norco, Louisiana ? September 29 ? October 1, 2006

OPEN: (55 S) Judges: Keith Griffith and Creg Jones
1st: FC-AFC Trumarc?s Pudgie Mac, L.M., Mike Kammerer and William Bowen (Ryan Brasseaux)
2nd: Gray?s Creek Go Gabby Girl, L.F., William Bowen (Ryan Brasseaux)
3rd: FC-AFC Fordland?s Bored Out Ford, L.F., Sam Milton (Sam Milton)
4th: WRS Bugs Black Mist, L.F., Wayne Stupka (Wayne Stupka)
RJ: FC Mad River?s Maggie McBunn, L.F., Michael Cicero, Frank Baird (Mike Cicero)
JAMS: Nobody Moves Nobody Gets Hurt, L.M., Irving Marie B. Patin, (Ryan Brasseaux)

OWNER-HANDLER AMATEUR: (32 S) Judges: Larry Anderson and Bobby Bordelon
1st: Jamestown?s Perfect Ten, L.F., David Morange
2nd: Seaside?s Cutty Stark, L.M., Frank and Rita Jones (Frank)
3rd: Bayou Bays Bodago, L.M., Wendall Williams
4th: FC Tiger?s Goodness Gracious, L.F., Steve and Jan Helgoth, Joel Harris (Steve)
RJ: Moody?s Poor Larry MH, L.M., Bobby Lane
JAMS: Brier Lakes Southern Comfort, L.M., Timmy Junneau and Mark Sehon (Timmy), Mallard Brake Pale Rider, L.M., Wayne Nissen, Zippers Jayhawk at Carolina, L.F., Larry and Linda Ann Bozeman (Larry)

QUALIFYING: (27 S) Judges: Wayne Stupka and Robert Lane
1st: Sea Biscuit Itchin To Go, L.M., William Kearns (Ryan Brasseaux)
2nd: Gray?s Creek Skeeter Bo, L.F., Rick and Joan Mock (Rick)
3rd: Oakley?s Blackness, L.M., Luke Barras
4th: Willmark?s Country Boy Eddie, L.M., Chris McCall (Carl Grimmett)
RJ: Watermark?s Instigator, L.M., David Sandstrom (Chris La Cross)
JAMS: Rocket-Man To The Moon, L.M., Tom Watson (Ryan Brasseaux), Shadows Lots A Lottie, L.F., Stephen Van Cleve (Carl Grimmett), Cosmo?s Lady Isabelle, L.F., Mike Noel (Chris La Cross)

DERBY: (19 S) Judges: Robert F. Kennon, Jr. and Bob Boudet
1st: Trial Lawyer, L.M., Rickey Edge
2nd: Mjolnir?s USMC Amphib Assault, L.M., Greg and Mary Lee (Greg)
3rd: Nettie of Buffalo, L.F., Rick and Joan Mock (Rick)
4th: Timberpond?s Scarlet & Gold, L.F., Gregory and Mary Lee (Greg)
RJ: Dude?s Quick Draw, L.M., Ricky Elston
JAMS: TopBrass Wags To Riches, L.F., Eugene Evans (Frank Jones), Fordlands Tax Collector, L.M., Sam Milton

10-03-2006, 08:28 AM
In the Derby Topbrass Wags to Riches was handled by Renee Evans not Frank Jones. This is her first dog, it is total Am. Trained and was her first ever FT.

Anthony Heath
10-04-2006, 10:32 AM
Monster Congrats to D. Maronge and Bo. Getting it done between house reconstruction and long hours helping to rebuild NO.


10-04-2006, 07:40 PM
Congrats to Wayne S. on his 4th in the Open with Misty!! :D