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: Thunderbird-Etchmark Maintenance

10-11-2006, 09:02 AM
I recently had a problem with the Etch mark misfiring- I took it apart and verified the TS4000 still ignited, put it back and all worked fine for a bit but it started to misfire again. I swapped TS4000 with another Etch mark and the misfire then followed the second launcher. I assumed the TS4000 was bad, although during testing out of the launcher it fires every time. I bought a new TS4000 to replace the suspected bad unit. There is a difference in nozzles between the New TS4000 and the old one. The new nozzle has restrictors within it and the old nozzle has no restrictions. The old nozzle will not allow it to be used like a torch yet the new restricted nozzle allows a torch to be lit.

I have placed the new TS4000 with the restricted nozzle onto the launcher but have not field tested yet, I am just curious if anyone has experience in these nozzle differences and if this may be an issue.

I am also wondering if it is common for the misfiring while within the launcher, but fires every time when taken it out of the launcher.

Thanks, Shaun