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: Del Bay Picnic Trials

john fallon
01-07-2007, 06:27 PM
Picnic Trial Season will soon be upon us, traditionally it's Feb/ Mar then some again in the fall, But..................
After a lot of good years the wind, it appears, has gone out of our Picnic Trial's sails.

Attendance was lackluster at best and sometimes dismal, causing the club to eat a lot of Fliers, and the Chair and his assistant to do a lot of unnecessary wheel spinning

Until/Unless there is a marked improvement in the interest, which can be demonstrated by contacting the officers of the club and expressing it, and some form of advanced entry and payment can be devised, I am sorry to say, the event could become just a fond memory.

Those RTF members who plan to attend the events if they happen can use this Forum as your method of contact.

One problem was the dog to handler ratio.
This year one method being considered to address this, is an owner handler event, with a limit on the number of dogs an owner can run. Three is the number under consideration at this time

Your thoughts???


Miriam Wade
01-07-2007, 09:07 PM
I've only been to one or two-obviously distance is a factor & I know one I attended with Steve Hamel as we were traveling on a training excursion. I do remember one as being very well attended and while I ran on the HT side, had wished I could have also seen the FT setups.

I can't believe that w/ such great grounds & experienced people providing setups that folks wouldn't flock to attend. As I said-distance is a huge factor for me, but I'd still be interested this year & if a date worked for me, I'd have no problem pre-registering and paying at the time. Also happy to sign up for a winger station, etc.

I hope you continue to have these!