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: TT Field 90 G2

04-18-2007, 04:21 PM
Anyone use this collar and wish they had more than the 6 M&C levels?
I find once I figure a dog's "working" level, the collar usually stays on that level for that dog. If I want a more intense correction, I go with a burn (longer duration) rather than a nick, instead of increasing collar intensity. I was just wondering if anyone had tried this collar, and wished they had more. Or conversely, had a pro series (500,200,100) and noticed they didn't need all the "versatility". Curious...

Keith Stroyan
04-19-2007, 08:17 AM
When my older TT Flyway gave out, I bought a Dogtra 2000, then the other TT (that one very old) died and I got a Dogtra 1800 with 8 C & M. It's plenty and you can dial down fairly easily. I like the 1800 as well as any collar I've had and so far (starting yr. 3) it's durable. (The 2000 is OK, but I like the clicks on the intesity of the 1800 better. The 2000 is continuously variable from low to VERY HOT. There's a newer one in the classifieds

IF the TT 90 holds up it should be fine. A Flyway or 200 might be a tiny bit nicer, but I don't know how these new models are holding up.

Kevin Hannah
05-02-2007, 05:03 PM
I have a 90 now and really like it. I used a flyway first and then moved to a pro 200 for years because I wanted the 2 dog feature. I just got a field 90 G2 EXP to replace the 200. I have found that it does everything I want or need it to do. Dial usually stays put and I use the nick and then step up to longer continuous corrections if needed.

Also like the little bit of money I saved over a pro series model.