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Heather McCormack
05-12-2007, 09:53 PM
Hello everyone,

Any news yet!!!!!

How did Miss. Dolly do? (Kerry Lavin)


05-13-2007, 12:05 AM
Qualifying results from the Sacramento Valley trial (Saturday).

1st: # 10, Jax, Barry Cruickshank O/H. This is Jax's 2nd win.
2nd: # 7, Belle, George Darrow O/H
3rd: # 26, Smoke, Vern Cooney O/H
4th: # 21, Iceman, Dennis Hayre O/H
RJ: # 13, Gunner, Dick Ellis O/H
JAM: # 1, Whip, Cheryl Jones O/H
JAM: # 5, Fargo, Debbie Crawford O/H
JAM: # 12, Deuce, Trapper Barnes O/H
JAM: # 14, Casey, Cheryl Jones O/H
JAM: # 23, Roux, Ellen McNeill H. Ellen McNeill + Barry Cruickshank O
JAM: # 25, Pocket, Alice Woodyard O/H

Don't have Derby results, except it went to a 5th series. Anyone have them?