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: Echo Calls Video: Mallard Madness (Good Ole' Boys)

Matt G
09-06-2007, 03:59 PM
Echo Calls Video: Mallard Madness (Good Ole' Boys): A must have for your hunting video collection (

By far the best duck hunting video that I've watched to date. Lots of footage aside from "ducks on final approach. Illustrates the day to day of the duck hunting culture in the south...from loading the truck, to runnin' out of dip, to working dogs, to launching boats, easing through the woods, etc. Also, the don't dub the footage with cheesy music, so you can appreciate the calling, whsitling wings, and splashing of water. I've watched a bunch of duck hunting videos, and this BY FAR surpasses the quality and reflection of day to day hunts that is found in your typical "drag a camera along on a hunt" money making video. Rick Dunn and the Echo crew, along with Freddie King from Landslide Productions do an OUTSTANDING job on this video.