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: Eye, CNM & Microchip Clinic - Horicon WI - September 15,

09-06-2007, 04:06 PM

Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club - Horicon, Wisconsin
Saturday, September 15, 2007 – 12 Noon to 7 PM

The Clinic is held in conjunction with an AKC licensed Field Trial
Canines do not have to be entered in the WAFTC Field Trial to participate.

For a map and more information, visit: (http://my.voyager.net/waftc/)
Dr. Jeff Schuett, Pewaukee Veterinary Service
DNA test for Centronuclear Myopathy in Labradors, formerly called Labrador Muscular Myopathy
And Microchip Identification Insertions

Dr. Keith Collins; Board Certified Canine Ophthalmologist, Animal Eye Specialists
CERF Examinations

The Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club is pleased to sponsor this Public Canine Health Clinic. The services of
Dr. Schuett and Dr. Collins are greatly appreciated. Both the CNM and the CERF exams require AKC registration numbers and microchip or tattoo permanent identification. Dr. Schuett will have Avid microchip kits available and your dog can be chipped prior to either exam, if needed. See the pricing section for costs.

Ophthalmologist Eye Exam for all Breeds

The eye examination will provide a document that can be used for CERF certification. The eye exam will require drops in the dog’s eyes. If a dog is entered in the field trial, please come after you have run. The eyes will be non dilated and normal again in 2 to 8 hours. The cost is a discount from charges at most canine ophthalmologist offices.

DNA test for Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM) in Labradors
formerly called Labrador Muscular Myopathy

For detailed information on this genetic disease and the test, please go to WWW.labradorcnm.com.
This disease has been seen in Labradors since the 1970’s. Due to many famous Labradors having been carriers that were bred extensively, CNM has become a more serious problem. There is now a simple and reliable DNA test offered by the Alfort School of Veterinary Medicine to determine whether your dog is a carrier or clean. It is a cheek swab that is non-invasive and will not upset a typical dog if sampled prior to running at the trial. The test is offered at a discount.

Electronic application forms for the CNM DNA test are found on www.labradorcnm.com. To create an e-form, open the web site and on the left menu go to Testing Your Dog and then to a tab called Step by Step. You need your dog’s registration name, registration number, permanent ID (microchip or tattoo), date of birth, color, sex, and call name of the dog. Follow the directions and it will take you page by page through the steps. When you get to the payment page, use “check” since we will be giving you a discount. At the end of the submission you will see a page that tells you the completed form will arrive soon on your computer. When it arrives, print it and bring it with you to the clinic. If you need help submitting the e-form, write to Marilyn Fender at cnm@athenet.net or info@labradorcnm.com . She will do for you (free) if you get the information to her at least five days before the Clinic. If you want to do a handwritten form at the Clinic, it will cost an additional $7 to have it converted to an e-form after the Clinic.

Checks or cash only – no credit cards accepted at the clinic.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to have your dog’s eyes tested, a CNM test, or need a microchip inserted, please write the Clinic Coordinator, Marilyn Fender at cnm@athenet.net and let her know how many to plan for. The veterinarians need to know the amount of supplies to bring. If numbers become excessive, those emailing ahead for reservations will have priority. If you do the e-form yourself, please bring with you. Note in the health section of the e-form that you should NOT be sent a Kit as we will have it for you.

Prices on page two -

Cost and Savings Summary

Service Clinic Cost Normal Cost

Microchip insertion and registration

CERF Eye examination


CNM DNA testing (Labrador Muscular Myopathy) cost for individuals bringing their own completed e-form. Charge includes Kit, postage for mailing, and veterinary services

Note that Marilyn will do the e-form for you FREE if you make arrangements prior to September 10. Contact cnm@athenet.net

CNM charge for transcribing hand written forms for people not arriving with printed e-forms from www.labradorcnm.com
Blank forms for handwritten applications will be available.


Additional $7


Checks or cash only – no credit cards accepted at the clinic.